Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Eton Wick Over 60s Club are looking for World War 2 memories

Memories of WW2 

If you are a local senior resident this could concern you. Please read on. There are no longer any people around with memories of the Great War 1914 - 1918, and of all the hundreds of books written about that terrible conflict we know of none that record the memories and experiences of various members of any particular community of that time. It is now too late, as they have all gone. We still have time - only just - to record our memories of the Second World War 1939 - 1945; the approaching years from mid-1930s to the aftermath into the late 1940s. If you were a child of that time you will remember the sweet rations; sirens; air raid shelters; gas masks; evacuees and so much of the population in uniform. There were 'special' firefighters, air raid wardens, police, blackouts and much more. 

The Eton Wick Over 60s Club hope to compile enough 'Memory Lane Tales' to either be serialised in 'Our Village' magazine or perhaps, with enough material, to produce a special edition. This project is extended to anybody with a few memories they would like to share. Not necessarily of Eton Wick but of the locality, or concerning some connection with the area. The articles can be short or long; the grammar or spelling of no consequence. If necessary, adjustment can be made. No material will be used without reference to, and permission from, the donor. To date we have about six articles plus one from a lady in the West Country who as an evacuee was bombed out in the College (1940) also another from a man in Sweden who was an Eton Wick boy actually enjoyed the excitement of standing at Round Moor Ditch (Dorney Common) as the anti-aircraft guns on the Common roared into action during raids. 

Hopefully you will make this a project to participate in. You can add your stories in the comment box below and we will pass them on to Iris and Charlie Tyrell . Thank You.

From Our Village magazine.

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