Wednesday 25 February 2015

Dorney history on the internet

Dorney History Group 

Dorney History Group is for local residents who love Dorney village and the surrounding area and respect and enjoy the history of the area. They say "We want to research the history and share it with others around the world who might be interested. Providing access to the facts, figures, people and places is what we want to do. Sharing this through this website and social events is, we believe, the best way of bringing it all together."

Dorney history on Wikipedia Dorney is where the first pineapple in the UK was grown[citation needed] and so it has a public house named The Pineapple, Grade II listed for its age, dating half to the 17th century and half to the 18th century.

Dorney Court on Wikipedia  A full history of the descent of Dorney Manor from pre-Conquest times is traced in the Victoria County History of Buckinghamshire s.v. Dorney (vol 3, 1925) pp 221–225. Dorney Manor is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086, as having been held before the Norman Conquest by Aldred, a man of Earl Morcar. In 1086, it was among the lands of Miles Crispin, and his tenant was a certain Ralf. From here it passed successively to families named Cave, Parker, Newnham, Paraunt, Carbonell, Scott, Restwold, Lytton, Bray, and Hill. In 1542, James Hill sold Dorney to Sir William Garrard, later Lord Mayor of London, and ancestor of the Palmer family which still owns and occupies Dorney Court today.

Dorney Rowing Lake  Dorney Lake was conceived as an idea by Eton College rowing teachers in the 1960's. They felt a still-water rowing course offering greater safety than the River Thames, with its fast currents, varying widths and increasing traffic, and having an all-year safe facility was important. Over 40 years later their dream came true.

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