The Story of a Village - Eton Wick by Judith Hunter

The Eton Wick that so many remember with pleasure and nostalgia was a long, straggling village divided between the two parishes of Eton and Boveney. Yet this pre-war village was only one of many faces the village had taken on in its long history of growth and change, though maybe the changes had never followed each other so rapidly as in the last two centuries.

Preface and acknowledgements

Chapter 1 - A village is born.

How Eton Wick got it's name

What evidence is there of Eton Wick from before written records.
Eton Wick: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
Eton Wick: The Norman's and the Domesday Book
A short history of the Manor of Eton cum Stockdale and Colenorton.
Extracts from the Court Rolls for the Three Manors 
An event in 1391
Eton Wick in the 14th Century

Chapter 2 - Under the shadow of Eton

Under the shadow of Eton

Eton College: Tudor rights and responsibilities
The Parish Boundaries
Charities of the Parish of Eton
The Baldwin Bridge Trust

Chapter 3 - Farmhouses and cottages

Farmhouses and Cottages
A note on the effects of the Civil War on Eton Wick
Farmhouses and Cottages part 2 

 Chapter 3 - Change - and all stay the same

Changes - And All Stay The Same
The Eton Inclosure Bill 

Chapter 4 - The village grows

The village grows
The Development of Boveney Newtown
Trade and Commerce Grows in the Late 19th Century

Chapter 5 - Time for reform

Time for Reform: A Church for The Village
Time for Reform: Nonconformists and Mrs Tough
Church of England at work in the village in the late 1800's
Village Community in the 1800's
The Impact of the Eton Union Sanitary Authority
Eton Wick and Boveney were part of Eton Rural Sanitary Authority

Chapter 6 - On their own at last

On Their Own At Last.
Work of the Eton Wick Council after WW1
Eton Wick: A Changing Village Before 1934

Chapter 7 - Eton Wick remembered

Farming practices around the village remembered
Eton Wick Remembered - The Common Ponds
Eton Wick Remembered - Home and Childhood
Eton Wick Remembered - Events and Treats

Chapter 8 - The post war years

World War Two and After
A Changing Community

The Story of a Village: Eton Wick 1217 to 1977 by Judith Hunter.

A report on the 1977 The story of a village exhibition.

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