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Comments for 2021

29th November 

Oliver Stannett - Unknown from Australia 

Hello, I would love a copy of his autobiography, if it exists in electronic copy. I am Oliver's grandson, (son of his youngest daughter, Rosalyn).


Hello, please leave another message and let me have your detail so that I can let you have a PDF of the auto biography. We have only publish Oliver’s Eton Wick years.


20th November

Annie Susan CROXFORD - Philip Murphy 

My names is Phillip MURPHY, from Australia.
My great grandmother was Annie Susan CROXFORD, the daughter of George and Sarah (MIDDLETON) CROXFORD, of 10 Prospect Place, Eton Wick (1881 census), and a family of 10, at 9 Eton Commons, in the 1871 census, 7 Prospect Place in 1861 census.
Prior to that in the 1861 census, George was recorded as the son of William and Mary (MOSELEY) CROXFORD at 1 Prospect Place, and they are recorded at CHALVEY in the 1841 census.
In the 1881 census, Annie Susan was a 13 year old servant in the house of Alfred STEVENS, Ivory Turner at 9 High Street.
North Queensland.
Soon after Annie Susan migrated, alone, to Australia, landing at TOWNSVILLE,

I hope to make contact with others who might have connection this family.
I do have other, earlier ancestry information as well.

Thanks very much

All the Best


23rd November 

Hello Phillip,

Thank you for your comment about your gr. grandmother, Annie Susan Croxford. You may be interested to read the description of Prospect Place given in the article about one of the Eton Wick men who is remembered on the village war memorial. He was Ernest Jordan who had been born in one of the houses.

24 November

G'day Steve,

Thanks very much for your welcome, greatly appreciated.
I visited Eton Wick in 1998, and was guided by a Mr. James Bond, and shown the Prospect Place location, and he described the buildings.
My thoughts immediately went to that probably was why my great grandmother emigrated. One external toilet for 10 separate lodgings, and, in winter ......
Sadly, i had only the day, and got a bit lost then looking for Boveney and Dorney (I did find the church).
I have MIDDLETON and ANDERSON ancestors from there (maternal side of CROXFORD).
I will search those maps. William CROXFORD was an ag. lab., so, no much clearer about the manor farming

I should really try to get back and explore more.

Thanks again

All the Best

10th November

The Cock Pit postponed talk - Unknown 

Hi is there any plan for the talk that was planned for 28th October 2020 and was Cancelled due the Covid-19 Pandemic to be rescheduled?

‘The Cock Pit, Eton: an archaeological exploration’
with Mr Tom Wilson


It is hoped that this talk will be rebooked in the future. Sadly the it will not form part of the 2002 programme. 

31st October 

Great read, very clear in explanation of Lammas, Common and Manorial lands in Eton and Eton Wick.

1st October 

Great post. I would be interested to see more pictures of pupils at the school from 1935-1939 when Peter Reynolds attended.

15th October

The Boveney New Town Census of 1891 lists my grandfather Thomas Shurville, his parents and siblings all living at 3 Bell Cottages Alma Road. My OS Explorer map of Windsor etc. does not show Boveney New Town. Is Alma Road actually in Eton Wick? My great grandfather, also Thomas Shurville is listed as a tailor. Would he have worked locally?


16th October 

Thank you for your comment. You will find several articles on this website that explain the history of Boveney Newtown and its initial separation from Eton Wick.

I hope that this is of assistance with your family history investigation.

13th October

I remember I used to walk past Mrs Dowsons house everyday she always had stuff on her wall for sale I bought an old pair of army boots off her for 50p my mates all took the micky out of me but my dad taught me how to shine the toecaps till you could see your face in them and I ended up swapping them for a 2 week old pair of doc Martins.

12th October 

Mrs Dowson - Steven Denham 

I recall that Mrs Dowson's son, Alan was the Scout Troop leader in the 1060's.

1st October

Great post. I would be interested to see more pictures of pupils at the school from 1935-1939
when Peter Reynolds attended.

21st July

Anita Richardson - Chris Wolfe

Just found a comment posted by Anita Richardson dated 7th March, 2009. She asks if anyone knows the identify of the soldier in the locket. I believe this is my great uncle George F Percy who died in WWI, aged 18. The locket was the property of my grand mother Nellie WOLFE (nee Percy) and gifted to her daughter Betty (not Elizabeth), my aunt. Betty was married to Alf SAVAGE and lived in Chiswick. 

Nellie married Bertie Thomas WOLFE in 1921 and lived in Sommerville Road. He worked at Eton School for Boys and served as a local councillor and Mayor of Eton Wick during his lifetime. 

Percy Raymond WOLFE is Betty's brother and my father. He worked with Tony Richardson as a mechanic in Slough. My father tells me that Anita was Tony's sister and she and Betty worked together at a Television shop in Slough and that she introduced her to her cousin Alf. They married some time later. He was divorced with two daughters at the time. My father says he met Anita at their home one day when he called round to see Tony. Tony went on to play football for QPR. Betty died in the 80's and we have not seen uncle Alf since then. My father is 90 and still going strong. 

I am Chris WOLFE and I was born in Inkerman Road, Eton Wick in 1958. We moved to Oxford in the early 60's but have fond memories of returning to Eton Wick to see my grandmother every other week. She was a lovely lady and loved her bingo. I still have my grand fathers clock, the one that was given to him by his friends at Eton School when he retired in the late 50's. It has been more than 10 years since you posted the article and maybe I'm too late. If not, I would be delighted to get in touch.

If you can help Chris please leave a comment  as he has provided his email address.

12th July 

"The Blue Bus Service" - Unknown from the USA

I took the Blue Bus every Wednesday from Windsor to Eton Wick. It stopped at The Grapes where we got off. My family lived on Common Road and at Saddocks farm. The one drive I remember well had a large mustacho, his name was Ron. Not sure of his last name maybe Cooley? Fond memories of days gone by. I now live in USA.I took the Blue bus every Wednesday from Windsor to Eton Wick. It stopped at The Grapes where we got off. My family lived on Common Road and at Saddocks farm. The one drive I remember well had a large mustacho, his name was Ron. Not sure of his last name maybe Cooley? Fond memories of days gone by. I now live in USA.

7th July 

Stanley Bond - John Bond

Just read the article on Stanley Bond. He would have been a relative of mine. Those two brothers that came from Hazlemere in the late 1880s were my Great Grandfather Thomas and his brother Roland. They formed two families in Eton Wick and about 8 businesses. Robert or Bob Bond will be known to many. He lived on Dairy Farm and held Gymkhanas there. He was also the host speaker at the Scout fete when it was held at the Wheatbutts field.

26th March

Eton Trades Index - Didcot Bob

Just restoring a Regency clock. One of the repairer's marks is "Alexander Eton" date .../72. This is clearly 1872 and 4 Market Street from the above. Great! Thanks!

23rd March

Norman Kirtland - Nigel Marsh

Interesting to read. In 1939 my uncle Norman Kirtland was working at HDA ‘ making propellers for spitfires’ He played football for the company team and also Windsor Swifts. In the early 1960s he went into business for himself. He used to make heads for garden rakes in the shed of his Council House on the Bulkley Estate, Windsor before renting a railway arch and starting with lathe and shaper before going into partnership and forming Windsor Engineering in rented premises on the nascent Vansitart Industrial Estate. He brought his partner out of the firm and transformed the engineering business into Microblast, specialist shotblasting

22nd March

Thelma E. E. Kirtland - Nigel Marsh

Hi I am writing to you in connection to a message I read on your site asking for input to the Eton Wick site and wondered if we might help each other. I cannot presently submit anything as hitherto my energies have been focused upon researching my mother and father’s families. My mother’s family had been Windsorians since the 1860s. She was Thelma E. E. Kirtland. b 1929 d. 2012. According to family legend, in 1946 her elder brother bet her that she would not enter a beauty competition. She entered it and became Miss Windsor at the Clewer carnival of that year. This is probably of little interest relevance to Eton, but her second husband was Peter Reynolds b. 1928 d. 2011. who spent the first ten years of his live in with his family in one of Emlyn’s Buildings near the bridge at Eton. Apparently Peter’s mother, Elsie Katherine Wilson (nee Custerson) b. 1900 used to be in service to one of the Masters at Eton College. As a servant I think it is unlikely that It is possible to determine which Master and in what capacity, but I wonder if can advise me how I might research this matter further? 

Although I wrote that the Kirtland’s were Windsorians, there are other avenues that I want to investigate that have more direct connection to Eton. My grandfather’s elder sister Ada Edith b. Clewer 1872 married coffee importer James Edwards at Uxbridge in early December 1904 but were living at 24 Oxford Road, Windsor by 1911 I remember my grandmother taking me to see aunt Ada, and, my late uncle telling me that she ran a cafe about five doors up the eastern side Eton High Street from Windsor bridge. It seems to me that my great grandfather had other links with Eton as his wife Emma’s Will, of 1916, which I have an the original of, was signed in the presence of Edward Hicks and David, A. Lipscombe at 73 High Street Eton. I have not yet investigated the reason why that Emma used an Eton solicitor as opposed to a Windsor one. I think that her maiden name Lipscombe has something to do with it. My stepfather Peter told me that he went to the Porny School at Eton and the went on to Thomas Grey at Slough. At the time of the 1939 Register his parents would be living at 3 Waterbeach Road at Slough on the newly built Manor Park housing Estate, Slough, then one of the biggest in Europe, at 3 Waterbeach Road. Also, that his mother worked in the workers canteen at the Horlicks factory at Slough and had Communist ideals. She died 10th October 1966 in the Canadian Red Cross Hospital at Taplow, Buckinghamshire, at the age of 66. Before I finish this message I would like to take the opportunity of reiterating that I am particularly interested in making contact with anyone who has further information about the bonded warehouse at Chalvey that was used to store American War Aid material. Best wishes Nigel Marsh

25th February

Emma Willis - John Batt 

Emma Willis owned and ran a coachbuilders and wheelwright in Eaton from 1870’s early 1900’s. Her address was 24High Street Eaton though the workshops may have been elsewhere. Is there any information and photographs of this business. My Grandfather, her nephew, worked there as a boy from 1881 to 1886. Any help greatly appreciated.

Eton Wick History Group  replied

With regard to your request for help about information about Emma Willis. John  Denham, one of the founders of the History Group investigated the street directories for Eton for the period starting in  the 1770’s through to 1939 for a talk that he gave in March 1997. There is a reference for Willis and Son; Wheelwrights/Coach builders at 124, High Street, Eton for the years 1877, 1881, 1883 and 1887. The photos that he collected to illustrate his talk do not include any for that address of business. The script for the talk is sadly not in the extensive archive that he collected together before his death in 2014.

12th February

Peter Reynolds - Nigel Marsh 

Hi, I thought that I succeeded in joining the group a short while ago and may have made a post. However, I can find no trace of it. My reason for wishing to join is that I am in the process of conducting family research. There are dozens of things that I would like to know the answer to. Apparently there was a bonded warehouse at Chalvey that stored US War Aid Material. I should like to know of its location. My stepfather Peter Reynolds went to the Porny School before WW2. He lived at Emlyn’s Buildings and his mother used to be in service to one of the Master’s at the Eton College. I wonder if it is possible to find out their identity?  

If anyone can assist N. Marsh with his research please click here  and send a message from this websites contact page. N. Marsh has provided his email address.

28th January

William and Emily Pickering - Lambdog

Do you know if Strugnell's Buildings are still there, if so where are they? My great-great grandparents, William and Emily Pickering lived there in 1881. Thank you.

26th January

Peerless Cars and Motors - Nigel C

Hi EWHG, I wonder does anyone have any photos or information on the Jaguar dealership that was on the Slough Trading Estate? I'm the registrar for the Peerless GT sports car that was made on the estate and we believe they took this dealership over as their showroom/sales etc. Peerless Cars was on Farnham Rd and Peerless Motors was on Bath Rd. Any info on any of these points would be most welcome. 
You can reach me on:

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  1. Just read the article on Manor Farm published on 29 December 2023. As a kid in the 1950s I did small jobs for Jim Kinross at Manor Farm. He was a lovely man. I believe one of the German POWs stayed on after the war. I also knew Andy Skeels who demolished the Red Barn. He lived opposite me in Colenoreton Crescent.