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World War 2 Eighty Years On - September 1941 - A Change of Head Teacher at Eton Wick School.

Tuesday. September 30th.

Christina Plumbridge, who had been Head Teacher at the Eton Wick School since 1935 relinquished the post and Ida M. Rooke became the new Head.  

This is an extract from Round and About Eton Wick: 1939 - 1945. The book was researched, written and published in 2001 by John Denham. 

This article is somewhat limited in its scope, but while preparing the repairs have been made to an article added in 2015 that had lost its images.

Eton Wick School - gallery of class photographs / pupils' recollections

If you know any more about the pictures on this page, please let us know. Or you might have some other class photographs from Eton Wick School which we could add?

A photograph of Eton Porny School taken around 1907.

Barbara Spicer believes the boys were aged between 8 and 13. Her father, Edmond Robert Janes, is in the second row, third from the left. If you can help with the names of any of the other boys, please let us know.

Kim Devonshire has commented: I have looked closely at the Eton Porny picture from around 1907 and would like to hazard a guess that the pupil in the second from back row, three in from the left [handkerchief in pocket] is my grandfather Bill Devonshire. I guess there is no way of knowing for sure, but strong family resemblances would indicate some likelihood.

A photograph of Eton Wick School taken between 1903 and 1906. At this time the older boys attended Eton Porny School. Very few in the photograph have been identified but the teacher is believed to be Miss Stern, the Head teacher.

Barbara Spicer wondered if three of the children could be her 2 aunts and 1 uncle: Mary Ann Janes aged 11, Lily Janes aged 8 and Jack Janes aged 5. They lived in Gordon Place. Boveney New Town.

Miss Rooke's class, standards 3 & 4 (10 and 11 year olds), 1950.
Thanks to Jean Tyler for the following:

Back row -left to right: Barry Wilcox, Maxton Clark, Ken Wilkes, Keith
Huse, Terry Harman, Conway Sutton, Alan Dowson.
Third row (Standing)- left to right: Pat Mitchell, Pat Wilcox, Jean
Ireland, Margaret Western, Judith Mayne, Margaret Drake, Dorothy Bright,
Jacqueline Alder.
Second row (sitting) - left to right: Pat Day, Fay Kirby, Gillian North,
Miss Ida M. Rooke (Form Teacher and Headmistress), Sylvia Robertson,
Kathleen Johnson, Daphne Johnson.
Front Row - left to right: Tom Foster, Leslie Hood, Alec Benham, Daphne
Cooley, Roger Wilcox, Tony Johnson.

Miss Rooke, with another class.

Stoney Stratford camp, 1955

Ken White sent in these two pictures with the following comment:

Pupils of Eton Wick Junior School packing up after a week at the Stoney Stratford camp and play acting on the penultimate night. The cost of this experience was five pounds and for some children, this was the first time away from home.

School class - 1956?

Hazel Rees (nee Pygall) has written about the date of this photograph:

I do not think this can be 1956 as I passed the 11 plus with Bobby Moss in 1956 and went to Slough High School and I think I look younger than 11 in the photo.  I recognise Lenny Milton, Margaret Scarbrough, Joan Benham to name but a few perhaps they can clarify the year.

Monica Peck and Ken White both sent in this picture, 
which shows the cast of the school play in 1956/57.

A group of teachers at the summer fair, Eton Wick School playing fields, in 1974.

Left to right are: Mr and Mrs Nash (+ baby); Mr and Mrs Moss; Mr and Mrs Pearce; and Mrs Smith. The small girl is Stephanie Nash, and the taller girl is Mrs Smith's daughter, Nicky.

The picture was taken by Derek Smith. Mrs Smith taught at Eton Wick school from 1960 - 1974.
(Thanks go to Mrs Smith and Nicky for these details)

Mrs Moss with Class 7, 14th July 1969

Class 7 children on "The Climbatron", 1969

This picture was taken on the occasion of Mrs Miles's golden wedding 
and shows (left to right): 
Mrs Miles, a teacher at the school for many years; 
Mr Moss, the then headmaster; and Miss Rooke, former headmistress.

Miss Rooke, who became Head Teacher on 30th September 1941.

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  1. Great post. I would be interested to see more pictures of pupils at the school from 1935-1939
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