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2nd December, 2012

Nigel Marsh

Family Research

The remit of the nature of my reasons for this my first post on this forum is too wide to ask specific questions, therefore, If there there is anybody that reads this notice that can remember any of the following I would be grateful if they would indicate so and I will take steps to get in touch with them via PM.

A lady named Ada Edwards (nee Kirtland) who I am told used to run some tea rooms about five doors down on the right as one would look down Eton High Street towards Slough from Windsor bridge.
Her father Thomas Kirtland who lived in Windsor and Middlesex was a pub landlord and hotelier and one of the founder members of the Windsor LV Association.
Any other Kirtland who I understand lived I the vicinity of Eton Wick or Dorney. (Many Kirtland's lived in Windsor)
Walter James Reynolds who lived in the watermans cottages near Windsor bridge on the Eton side upstream.
His wife Elsie nee Wilson (1900-66) who was once in service and went on to work for Horlicks in Slough in the mid 1950s or early 1960s.
His son Peter (Louis) who went to The Porney School in the 1930s then on to Slough Grammar before joining the BISN Co. in the mid 1940s.
Best wishes

Nigel Marsh

If anyone can help Nigel with his research, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

27th September, 2012

Christopher Hall

Eton Wick

All of my family siblings went to Eton Wick Primary School.
MARK HALL..In New Zealand

All alive and doing well. Remember so many people from the time I was at school...we travelled in from Dorney Reach always late for School because of the bus
Mr V.C. Moss head master....Ms Winder...Mrs Miles (sweetie)...Remember Stuart Newcombe Manning Howard, Reeves brothers - the list is endless. Loved Dorney Reach...lived as boy and man...Mother and father still alive living in Marlborough Wiltshire...86 and 87.

Loved the fetes in Eton Wick and playing shinty. Loved the Christmas Carol singing at the church and the nativety play. So glad I found this site...going to look for the Dorney site. Have returned to Dorney this year to manage aspects of the Olympics at Eton and Dorney Lake.(first time in 30 years) Have had a wonderful time...mail me if you remember that tall skinny know it all from Dorney Kindest thougts fondest memories.
Christopher Hall aged 59

If you would like to get in touch with Christopher, please send a message using the link at the top of the page and we will forward it to him.

29th August, 2012

William Jeffreys

Great Great Grandfather

My Great Great Grandfather William Buckthorp Jeffreys was a Police Constable who lived in Eton Wick in 1891 and became the School attendance officer on the 1901 census and is buried in Eton Wick Church.

24th August, 2012

Martin Swadling

Fond memories of Eton Wick

Lived in the wick from 1960 to 1970. Eton Wick school. Mr Moss. Mrs Miles. Mr Nash. Newly built outside swimming pool. Clearing stones off new football pitch. Explosion at swimming pool in boiler house. Canadian log roller. Shinty competitions. Rounders. Wicko carnival Tug of war Piano smashing competion. Lived next to the Seddons in Victoria road. Happy days.

24th August, 2012


Lynch / Cox Family

Hi wondering if anyone remembers Annie Cox, liked to be called Ann, married to Ernest Lynch. Sadly she passed away giving birth to a boy. They had 3 girls together, Monica, Shirley, Suesan (Sue). My grandad Ernest lived next to the pub in Eton, was always outside his house in his wheel chair.

23rd August, 2012

John Walton

Working for Jimmy Ireland

I find it amazing looking through the Eton Wick History pages from time to time. I had a message added in 12th December 2009 as I once worked for Jimmy Ireland at 41 Eton Wick Road as an apprentice carpenter between 1959-1964/5. I worked with carpenters Eddie Wilkes, Viv Williams and Jock Lockhart at different times during my apprentice years.

21st July, 2012

Mark Copeland

Eton Porney School

My mother and father left London at the start of the W.W.II and moved to Dorney where my father had job working for a Colonel Palmer, who lived in a large house at the end of Dorney village where the road bears right heading towards the Bath road. I remember an army tank smashing into his brick wall, it seemed everybody in the village came to have a good look. Us kids were well impressed.

We lived in the Colonel's " Gardeners Cottage " which is still there, there was my sister Fay who was 4 years older than me ( Mark ) and my mum Queenie and dad Frank. My dad worked for the Colonel until he got his call up papers. My sister and I went to the local Dorney school, where the head teacher was a fierce battleaxe who every body called Gaff Bennet, her grave stone is in Dorney church grave yard just inside the gate on the left. I remember Dorney post office and the baker with the tantalizing smell of freshly cooked bread, happy days!

After Dorney school I had to go by bus every day to Eton Porney. Eton high street in those days was a busy place with the bus from Windsor driving over the bridge which it does not do now. Wednesday was half day closing and the bus stopped at Eton Wick, poor little me had to walk across Dorney common on half day closing to get home from school, nobody in those days gave it a second thought!

I do remember at the Dorney village end of the common was a large shallow pool which sometimes froze over in winter, us kids had lots of fun sliding across it. I can remenber a couple of my Dorney mates, Phillip Watson we used to call him Pippi and Kenny Jacques whose family had a farm in Dorney. After the war we were moved to Cippenham while waiting for a brand new council house. Happy days all right, lots of fun roaming over the fields to the river with not a care in the world.

7th July, 2012

John Bond


Hi, I joined Eton Wick cubs in 1957. In those days the scout hut was in the Wheatbutts field. Access was from Bell Lane. The scout hut was later burnt down by some local youths I believe. My claim to fame was earning the most on bob a job for two years running. I did have one unfortunate mishap when a dog jumped straight through a window at me when I knocked on the door of a house in Eton Wick Road. I was the other side of the gate before he could recover. I believe it was a Margaret Fennell who was Arkela.

5th July, 2012

Amanda Crawshaw (nee Ross)

Scouting in Eton Wick

I am a Cub leader in Eton Wick and have been for over 17 and a half years now. I was just reading one of your books and came across something that I think is quite a remarkable achievement. Scouting has been a part of Eton Wick's way of life for 100 years this year. As far as I can tell from the book, the first Scout troop was formed in 1912, with the Cub section in 1930. Remarkable, don't you think?!

It's a shame there is no Scout troop now, but thankfully the Cub and Beaver sections are alive and kicking! Long may it continue :o)

11th June, 2012

David Johnson

Eton Wick Primary School

I attended Eton Wick Primary School from 1938 - 1944. I lived at No 76 Eton Wick Road (Formerly 1 Palmer place.) My parents were Harry (Henry) John Johnson and Nancy Johnson. I had 3 sisters - Doreen, Kathleen and Eileen and 2 brothers Tosh (Tony) and Nicky. I would love to hear from anyone who can remember me or can share a few memories. Many thanks.

If you want to send a message to David, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to him.

12th May, 2012

Susan Thomas nee Humphrey

Broken Furlong

What a fantastic site. Mum and Dad (Emily and Ron) moved to 18 Broken Furlong in 1960 when I was 2yrs old. Just seen the comment from Robin Vincent and have fond memories of his parents Florrie and Arthur and the sandpit in the garden which we used as a frog prison after collecting them from the common at the bottom of the garden.

Remembering many names from the past, Nanny and Poppy Dobson, Adrian Beck, The Redrupp family, Eileen and Jack (Francis) Shaw, Albert and Lillian Sable, Ann Sable, Pat and Mary Weightman, Mr and Mrs Bunce, the list is endless. Anyone remember Uncle Pagett and his donkey derbies.

5th May, 2012

Joanna-Kate Tarrant

Tarrant Family

I have been researching my family history and have traced them back to Eton Wick. My 6x greatfather was a Robert Tarrant and I am descended from his son Joseph and his son Phillip.

Is there anybody else who is descended from Robert's children or even Joseph's or has any information about them, it would be a great help :)

Thanks, Kate

If you can help Kate, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

Kate, we need an email address for you so we can forward any replies.

9th April, 2012

Yvonne Davies

Holtum Family

I visit Jean Stevens (nee Morris) regularly in Derby. Having told her about the message posted by John Holtum, she has indicated she would love to speak to him. My Grandmother and Aunty Jean's Mother, was Helena (nelly) Holtum.

John, if you read this message please get in touch using the link at the top of the page, as we don't have an email address for you.

7th April, 2012

Dennis Rowse


My ancesters came from Eton Wick, in this case the Tarrants. I have found a Robert Tarrant, 2 Joseph Tarrants, my link is a William Tarrant who was the son of a Philip Tarrant. William was born in Wroughton Wiltshier 1791, he was my ggreatgrandfather.

kind regards dennis rowles

12th March, 2012

Peter Stanley

Old Buildings in Dorney

Has anyone got a picture of any of the blacksmiths in Dorney and the house of Jeremiah Dell?

If you can help Peter with these pictures, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

23rd February, 2012

Joan Spouse

Mills / Spouse family

I am searching for my 2nd cousins, Sarah Jane Mills, born 3/4 of 1969 in Eton, & her sister Deborah Mills, born 4/4 of 1972 in Eton. Their parents were George B. Mills & Jennifer Lanz. George Bernard Mills, 44 years of age, died 1988 & was the only child of Allison Joyce Spouse & George B. Mills. Spouse is my maiden name & I would very much like to contact either of my cousins to exchange some family history & photos.

Both of our Grandfathers, John Spouse & William Thomas Spouse, were Engineers in W.W. I. My grandfather John Spouse was killed in Arras, France however William Thomas Spouse survived. Any help would be very much appreciated.

If you can help Joan, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

12th February, 2012

Clare Gaboury-Stevens

Coronation Photograph

(See message below) My mother, Maria Stevens, is the woman on the far right, looking directly into the camera. My brother, Paul Stevens, is the little boy below her, he is looking to the right of the photograph. I belive the gentleman at the back of the photo, wearing the cap, is Mr. Pass. Hope this helps.

11th February, 2012

John Bond

Photograph of Coronation party

I've just been looking at the photograph of the coronation party. It was held opposite my grandfather's green grocery yard on Common Road. Not far from the Greyhound Pub. It would have been in 1953 not 1952. (This has now been corrected!) The lady on the far left is my mother Kathleen Bond and next to her Betty Hood nee Bond. The small fair haired girl behind the boy with the cap is my sister Pat Bond. Directly opposite her is a small fair haired boy with his face looking down. That is Steven Blay. Can anyone else identify those in the photograph?

Click here to see the photograph.

4th January, 2012

John Noble

Alma Road Street Party

The photo of Alma Rd street party (click here to see it - 3rd picture on the page), I have that photo hanging up in my house, as I am the little boy in the front row, and my mother on the right, is Alice Maud Noble. My sister Sheila Noble is there too.

2nd January, 2012

John Holtum

Holtum family

My ancestors lived in Eton Wick and Eton since the early 1900's.

We'd love to know more about your family connections to Eton and Eton Wick - tried to contact you but the email address you provided didn't work.

2nd January, 2012

Harold Budinger

1946 to 1948

I was in the RHG's [Royal Horse Guards] and always remember the Saturdays & Sunday afternoons, with crowds of people picknicking, swimming, and just enjoying being there beside the Thames, I am 83yrs old now, but what I want to know is? can one still do those things, or have it all stopped.

People still picnic on the Brocas, but do they swim there? If anyone knows, please get in touch using the email link at the top of the page.

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