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December 13th, 2005

Simon Moss

Well done to the History Group

I used to live in Queens Road with my parents next door to The Denham's, John Denham has talked about the history group and the website. It has been very interesting thanks to all the hard work that the history group have put in to it and making make it a success.

September 6th, 2005

Steven Denham

Men and Women of Action

Yet again the Eton Wick History Group have produced a great piece of social history research. Their latest book, Recall 60 Years On, is a remarkable group of biographies detailing the lives of the war time service men and women who now live in The Wick. The 50 or so people reveal glimpses of their lives before WW2, some of their service and what the past 60 years have brought them.

It is evidence of just how mobile our post war society has become and how different it is to the one that existed prior to 1939. It really does show just what the wartime generation did in delivering the freedoms that we all enjoy today.

Well done. 

September 5th, 2005

John and Pat Prior

Shop closing

We would like to say thankyou to all our friends and customers who gave us a truly wonderful send off. We were overwhelmed by all the gifts and cards we received. We had a most unforgettable day - thankyou

August 28th, 2005

Pauline George

Pat on the Back for Eton Wick

Good for you, Eton Wick. You're only little, but you have a great heart and a great realisation of where you stand in the history of England.

I am a history lover myself and in those dear past years when I lived in the village, a young wife and mother, I revelled in your past. What joy 'the dig' gave me. How annoyed I was that it was timed to coincide with my holiday. Perhaps that was lucky for them. 

Now you have your own site on the internet. Of course, Banbury, my present home, has a site, all big and brash and not half as informative. They seem to have no sense of their history. They have only just put up a statue to the Finnes Lady on a white horse, next to Banbury Cross, and they seem to have as much grip on the future as they have on their past. Eton Wick is there, fighting its corner all the way. Good for you. You make me proud. 

August 27th, 2005

Linda Maley

War time exhibition 27/8/05

I thought the exhibition excellent. The map showing world-wide areas where villagers were posted during the war is fascinating, and the "then and now" photos are lovely to see. The rationing table was also very good - informative and interesting to the eye, if not "fulfilling"! Exhibitions like these help make and keep people aware of the sacrifices made on our behalf and hopefully help prevent its horror recurring.

The History Group also needs congratulating on its extensive photographic records. Truly mesmerising! I could have spent yet another hour browsing more thoroughly. Maybe tomorrow!!

Well done to all concerned.

August 13th, 2005

Steven Denham

Prior's newsagents

As a fellow news retailer who started my career at Gowers, formerly Anderson's, on the Eton Wick Road as a paperboy in 1966, may I wish John and Pat Prior a long and happy retirement. The lot of a newsagent has changed greatly over the nearly 40 years that Pat has served the community of Eton Wick, and not necessarily for the better. 

I remember Sibley's from my childhood in the village as being somewhat exotic being over the other side of the Eton Wick Road from where I lived especially as it was also the  petrol station. The paper round that I did for Gowers covered Colenorton Crescent, Moores Land and Stockdales Road, so I went by the shop 6 days a week. I must admit though that I rarely went in. 

Customers rarely see the true dedication of an independent newsagent with the 7 day a week nature of the trade, the huge increase in weight of the papers over the years and the change in control of the business with the publishers having more control over the business than the retailer. And that does not even start to mention the early mornings. 

So well done to Pat and John, your shop will be missed, but do enjoy your well deserved retirement. 

Best wishes 

Steven Denham 

August 6th, 2005

G Blair

Prior's newsagents

A message from Pat and John Prior just to say that on 3rd September we will be closing the business. John has been in Newsagents since October 1979. Pat has worked there since leaving school in 1966. The petrol station had been in operation from 1954, however for thoose who remember him, Mr Sibley had been selling papers before that in Alma Road. The shop was extended in 1966. Mr and Mrs Sibley sold the business to John Prior in 1979. We would love for customers past and present to join us for a glass of wine on the 3rd between 11am and 2pm. Regards Pat and John Prior 

July 27th, 2005

Bryan Philips

Eton Wick Taxi Service

i was born in the wick 1940 [Alma Road] and have many happy childhood memories. Mum & Dad moved there from Windsor in 1937, dad run a taxi service from Alma Road which started during the war years, I understand he was granted a special licence due to the shortage of fuel etc.

Everybody knew him as Reg Philips remember that he was responsible for getting many a local girl to the church on time after my older brother Peter & myself helped by younger brother michael washed and prepared the taxi complete with ribbons just ironed by mother.

Dad changed from taxis to bike repairs in the late 50s,I can remember many a late night repairing punctures mums scullery. Bikes were in great demand then as most men & women of the village biked to their jobs on the Trading Estate.

I could go on and on, one more thing does anyone recall Constable Rayner, one of the best village bobby's you could wish to have. He lived in the original police house by the gate at the entrance to the slipes .Well done Frank & your group, my grand-daughter introduced me to this site and ironically now lives in Alma Road herself with her mother, my daughter. Thanks for the happy memories, a great site.

July 17th, 2005

Edna McDilda

G. Blair photos

I was quite impressed with the up to date photos of Eton Wick......especially Bell Farm stables and others prefix g.g.grandfather William Howse lived at Belle Farm, Eton 1861 Census. His father Charles Howse b 1763 lived Chalvey cum Upton...I was wondering if Bell Farm is connected to the Bells of your photography.... would be pleased to hear from you...Have a good day     

Mrs. Edna McDilda 

July 6th, 2005

David Lewis

Family history


My grandmother Edith Eliza Edgington nee Howell taught at Porny School until August 1911  she started as a pupil teacher then as mistress. She married a James Archibald George Edgington at St John the Baptist on April 18th 1899. Her father lived at 6 Hope Cottages Eton in 1881. If any one has any information of above would love to here from them. 

June 27th, 2005

G Blair

Today's photos

Well as a new comer to the village I have no memories but I like the place as does everyone has stated so far. So if you want to take a little trip down the memory lane by looking a what the "wick" is like today then I have uploaded some pictures on my website. 

If anybody wants any pictures of any special place their old house etc etc then please send me details and I will try and get back to you as soon as time permitting.

June 26th, 2005

Sandra Mills (Wilson)

Born in Eton Wick

Born in Victoria Road in 1947. Many relatives come from Eton Wick - I have a cousin still living there. I attended the C.O E. First School before moving to Austust 1953. Most of my Mum's family from the 'area'. Returned in 2000 and loved the village.

April 25th, 2005

David Mitchell

Memories of the Wick

My wife Margaret & I moved into 55 Alma Rd when we were married in 1964, (I had my stag party at the Sheppard's Hut), and lived there for about 5 years. We bought the house from Edna & Dennis Nelson and I remember spending hours repointing and cement coating the front and back. We emigrated to Auckland New Zealand in 1973 where we have lived ever since with our 2 children and now 3 grandchildren.

My first memories of Eton Wick were in the forties, walking with my father, through the fields from Chalvey to go fishing for gudgeon and roach at the iron bridge.

I believe their is a connection to the Tarrant Family through my Grandmother, Emily Ruth Blay who I believe was involved in Domestic service at College in her early days, and my mother Dora Mitchell who both lived in Ledgers Rd. Chalvey. I seem to remember visiting them, as a child, at their house on the Eton Wick Road.

David Mitchell 

April 8th, 2005

Maurice Wilkins

Eton Cottage

On 31st March I called into Eton Wick library to see if anyone could help me find Eton Cottage, where my great-great uncle Charles Wilkins lived around 1901. I knew only that it was near Saddock's Farm. By sheer good luck I was introduced to John Denham who happened to be conversing with the librarian. As a result I was directed to the farm where four friendly ladies at the stables, after considerable discussion, pointed me in the right direction. I was delighted to find Eton Cottage, complete with plaque saying 'Eton Cottage 1871', close by.

Charles was a butcher in Oxford Road, Windsor at the end of the 19th century and later carried on the same profession in Slough, at 27, Stoke Road, which was taken over by his son, Frank, I believe. Frank died in 1979.

John Denham kindly agreed to keep an eye out for any further information, but I would be delighted to hear from anyone else who may have memories of Wilkins the Butcher!

Many thanks to all,
Maurice Wilkins, Arduaine, Argyll.

March 14th, 2005

Pam Ley

A Visitor from long ago

Hello all,

Gosh, finding your website has brought some memories flooding back. My parents ran a guesthouse in Combe Martin, Devon, and the Tarrant family were regular visitors each year. I was especially friendly with Peter, as we were close in age, and I visited Eton Wick in the early 1960's. I can remember at the time the motorway was going to be constructed, and it was going to go right through the farm land, which was a worry to them. Of course I also vividly remember first seeing the boys from Eton College when being shown around the area. I've often thought of The Tarrant family over the years, as we unfortunately lost touch. I shall now add this site to my 'favourites' and check it again soon. 

Do please pass on my good wishes if anyone is around who remembers me. I was called Pam Darch in those days.

March 2nd, 2005

Barbara Spicer

Just saying hello

Hello there! 

Hello to all in the History Group its a long time since I was in your company. My dad was born in Gordon Cottages. My grandfather John Janes was one of your History Groups tragedies, which I spoke about when I visited you several years back. I have been through your site and thought it great as I recognised the pictures. Good luck

February 13th, 2005

Helen Cash

Hammer Stannett

Hello there! 

I am researching my family history and my Grandad came from Eton Wick. His name was Oliver Stannett and he married his childhood neighbour, my Grandmother, Mabel Brewer. They lived at no 11 & no 9 Clifton Cottages, Eton Wick, as children.

My Grandad's Father was Henry Stannett - Does anyone know if there is a connection with Hammer? 

February 8th, 2005

(formerly) Edna Killick


i lived at 1,Bangor Place, Inkerman Road until 1948 when I was 10 years old. I went to school in the village, My mother was Doris Killick. Does anyone remember me? I now live in Staines, phone no.01784 453926.

January 7th, 2005

Steve Blay


Not sure why and how I stumbled across this website this evening but must say how interesting I found this.

I first lived in Common Rd. then moved to Haywards Mead where I first experienced a bath that did not have to be filled up in the "Scullery"! I left the village in 1974 when I got married. Jean and Eric (Mum & Dad)still live there. I must see if I can find an old photo of a Shinty game!

I am surprised there was no mention of Bill Mitchell (My Grandfather)who drove the "Blue Bus" for many years. I often had a free ride on his bus to Saturday morning pictures in Windsor! I also remember working in the summer Holidays on the Farms for Kinross (Painting a combined harvester by hand!) and Bill Cooley (Getting his cows in!)Anyway, well done to the EWHG. for this excellent site. 

Reply from The Eton Wick History Website, this omission was corrected in November 2015 when the article first published in A Pictorial History of Eton Wick and Eton was added to the website. There are new other articles that also mention the Blue Bus Service available and can be found using the search facility on this site.

January 6th, 2005

Graham Williamson

Down memory lane

Was told about the website after seeing Frank Bond over Christmas, and what a great website it is!
I have many happy memories of the 'Wick' living at 53 Alma Road from 1955-1984 and then moving 2 doors down to no.49 before moving to Woodley in 1989. Your picture of Primrose villas are now 49-59 Alma road, my mother has lived at no 53 since 1954.

Mr Moss, Mr Nash and Mrs. Smith were just some of the teachers at the primary school. I saw the new school extension being built in the 1960's and those in class 1 were allowed to go on site with 'Fred' the foreman to see the building work on Friday mornings. I still treasure my winners school Shinty mug. My uncle, Johnny North drove a blue bus.

During my teenage years, weekends and school holidays were spent like so many other Wick boys happily employed by Albert and Frank Bond either on the round, in the shop and going to market. I was secretary of the Allotment association in the 1980's and on joining the Woodley horticultural association bumped into John Carpenter, formally of The Walk, another ex-pat!

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