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17th December, 2009

Dick Mylam

Living in the Wick in the 1930's

I was born in Eton Wick in Gallater Cottage in 1925. Lived in Shakspear Place till we moved to Colenorton Crescent after the war. The following are my thought about that time in a poem.

When I was ten 
That hamlet by the winding shore
 Of memories it holds a store
 Hard pews line the chapel room
 Harmonium playing out of tune
 Singing hymns ancient and modern
 Good English tunes, nothing foreign
 Preacher raised in pulpit lonely
 Eulogising homilies homely
 So many half-forgotten tunes
 A childhood that expired too soon
 Three places that upheld the rule
 Loving home, chapel and the school
 Homeward sucking sweet gobstoppers
 Through that school where boys wore toppers
 Released from lessons running free
 Pinning winkles for Sunday tea
 November's fire and jumping jacks
 Grazed knees and jamjared sticklebacks
 Friday's tin bath by the open fire
 Before to bed I did retire
 Grandmother's white hair brushed to her waist
 Then bound in a bun, Victorian taste
 Sticky cakes full of calories
 Kaleidoscope of memories
 Halcyon days- gone, I know not when
 That long lost world when I was ten.

Arthur F Mylam

12th December, 2009

John Walton

Eton Wick memories

Visited your webb site to-day and felt nostalga coursing through me.

I once worked for J.T Ireland at 41 Eton Wick Road, Eton Wick from 1959-64 and made many friends from the district, worked with Eddie Wilkes, Jock Lockhart from Colenorton Crescent I think it was and Viv Williams from Inkerman Road all three carpenters. We worked on many houses in the area near Queens Road and worked on the Scouts house. There was Charlie Benham the bricklayer, Norman Sherman the painter, Tom Pryor worked in the office with Bill Stanton who ran the works when J.T was away on business usually as J.P.

When you work somewhere like in the village, sometimes things come back to remind you of what happened although almost fifty years ago, like for instance a Punch and Judy show I saw some children watching on the television a few weeks ago, I mentioned Eddie Wilkes ( a carpenter ) he was a pupeteer on a Sunday afternoon when Salters Steamers used to travel between Windsor and Oxford he would take his gear and entertain the children along the way.

I remember Ron Reider a painter and Les the van driver both from Eton Wick and the Judd's who ran the Eton Bookstore just by the bridge, was it the Barnespool Bridge ?. I do belive he was a wing commander in the second world war. And of course there was Alfy Spain who worked at Taffler Antiques along Eton High Street who gave so much of his spare time as a swimming coach, who helped to shoot a german fighter plan down in WW2. I think there was a Miss or Mrs Bell who lived at Dorney who kept goats on the grass by her house, oh the memory wanders.

Is the Shepherds Hut public house still there, had many a hot steak and kidney pie there on a cold winters lunch time. I think Mr Moss was the headmaster at the small school in the village, Frank Bond worked in the greengrocers shop and Bob Bond rode his horse like the country squire.

Keep up the good work on your Eton Wick history.

5th December, 2009

Janet Morley (now Smith)

Eton Wick and Dorney Reach

What wonderful memories have come flooding back after reading all the contributions to this website.

I grew up in Dorney Reach but had many friends in Eton Wick and quite a few of the names on here are familiar to me - Monica Peck and Malcolm McIntosh who lived a few doors from me. John Bond who I went out with on a number of occassions when he owned a (quite ancient) Jaguar car...that I had to help push-start a few times in mid-winter (Oh Happy Days!).

I also remember Mr Bond from Eton Wick with his mobile fruit & veg van parking under the street light in Meadow Way, Dorney Reach and all the mums would go and buy fresh fruit from him.
Back in my teens I used to go horse riding at The Spanish Bit riding school on Dorney Common and afterwards would visit friends at Eton Wick....Sonia Outhwaite & Pat Carr.

I was at secondary school with Sheila Emery and also remember the Webb family.
My memories of Wicko was of watching the Tug of War teams, as my uncle normally took part and we all went along to cheer him on.

Another memory mentioned by someone else was of the old Blue Bus. The last one left Windsor at a ridiculously early time, which meant we were always the first to leave the pictures, coffee bar or Ye Olde Harte & Garter. I remember being on it one night when it hit a cow as we were crossing the common...the bus came off second best!

A great website and one that I shall re-visit. Well Done all who have contributed.

20th November, 2009

John Bond

Growing Up in the 1950s

I'm hoping this message may stir up a little nostalgia and promt a few more contributions.
I was born in Colenorton Crescent in June 1949. I was one of the many babyboomers that grew up in Eton Wick in the 1950s. As a result of the sudden increase in children the school had to have a new block built. When I started in 1954 the new block was under construction as I recall. Also new housing had been built comprising of Colenorton Crescent, Boveney New Road and Stockdales Road. There were kids about my age in almost every house. In Colenoreton Crescent we had regular football games outside our house. There were always kids outside the house playing something or other.

When I went to secondary school in Slough, I realised how privileged I had been growing up in a small village and being allowed to play out all day without any of the fears that are so common today. I had loads of mates, many of whom I subsequently found I was distantly related to. When my great grandma Rosetta Cox died, the school was kind enough to spend time with a whole bunch of us who were her great grandchildren.

Even now I meet up with a number of my old village friends who I have known for over 55 years. When I tell my younger workmates that I am going for a drink with someone I have known for 55 years and who was born 100 yards from me, they just cannot believe it. How different things are today.

2 November, 2009

Lorraine Baker (nee Bond)

Gillian and Chris Marshall

I remember the day my best friend, Gillian and her sister Chris moved to Canada. We used to have the run of her house in the Summer holidays. My Mums now lives in Victoria Road. We used to live at 71 EWR Road. We danced to the music of Camalot on the wooden floor in the lounge with Gillians Mums high heel shoes on, played Gymnakana in the Garden, baked cakes in the kitchen (perhaps I'm imaging that one as we were only 10ish). I also remember The Monkees had just started on the Tv ( Black and White Tv) and I remember pretending that we were married to them. I always choose Davy as he was my favourite.

Lots of good memories of Eton Wick, still feel its my home from home. My Grandparents Tom and Mary Bond had there own fruit and Veg wholesale Buisness next to The Greyhound and all of my Brothers and Sisters ( 7 in total ) spent many a good time with them. Boxing day was my favourite with all my Aunts ,Uncles and Cousins.

Wicko Carnival was another favourite. I entered my little Sister Sharon in the fancy dress as Miss Sports Veiw one year and she won first prize, a Tea set was given to her by a famous Boxer (forgotten his name). My older Sister entered Miss Wicko in the same year but alas only came second. I also remember The Wheatbuts fete and making tiny Gardens in a cake tin. I have been to many fetes in my time but nothing has come close to the Wheatbutts and Wicko.

My Dad Jack is a cousin of Frank Bond, unfortuanlly he has past away. He loved Eton Wick and was very keen Footballer. In his later years he used to manage and coach football in Eton Wick.

25 October, 2009

Barbara Spicer

Class photo from Eton Porny School

Barbara has sent in one of her father's school photographs, of his class in Eton Porny school around or just before 1907. If you can help identify any of the other boys in the picture, please get in touch. Click here to go the picture, which is on the School Gallery page.

21st August, 2009

B Jeffries

William Buckthorp Jeffries

I found my g-g-grandfathers grave in Eton Wick church. He died in 1914 aged 70. He had been a policeman and a schoolboard man in Eton. Has anyone any more information on him or his descendants that may live in the area?

If you can help with information about Mr Jeffries, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to B Jeffries. (B Jeffries, you will need to send another message with your email address so we can get in touch.) 

22nd July, 2009

Peter Dugan

Baldwin Family (see Rebekah's message 4th June 2009)

I do remember a Mr and Mrs Baldwin, 11 Sunbury Road. If I am right Mrs was a very big lady and Mr a little man. I seem to remember in the evening them going off to the pub with a jug to get some ale. Mrs used to wear a mans flat cap.

21st July, 2009

John Walsh

Richard Jordan

Nice to see the site is visited from so far away, I was married to Lynda Jordan and we lived in Stockdales Road near Richard brother and sister in law Bob and Maud who now live in Wexham not Britwell and if anyone wishes to contact them send me an e-mail.

If you would like to contact John please use the link at the top of the page to send a message, and we will forward it on to him. 

12th July, 2009

Malcolm McIntosh

Eton Wick memories

I have just discovered the website,it's great, I can't believe how many names suddenly come flooding back, I attended Eton Wick after the Dorney village school closed. It's great to see Monica Peck on there, we grew up together, she lived a cross the street from me, I used to work on her dads farm on the weekend and holidays,she was a real tomboy, was also in the cubs, was there a teacher called Ms Winter?

29th June, 2009

Kieron Sumner

Good Times

What a suprise when I googled my name to come across this site. Our family lived in Eton Wick from the early 1950's - I was born in 1955. Mum (Jean), Dad (Ben or Freddy), Kim and Kelly lived at 40 Colenorton Crescent. We moved away when I was 9 to live in Windsor - it seemed like a hundred miles rather than just across the river. Fond memories of Eton Wick and I still vividly remember the trips. Nan and Grandad lived at 60 Colenorton Cresecent with my Auntie Cathleen. Uncle Jerry and Auntie Nora lived in Alma Road. It seems that everyone celebrated St Patricks Day when we were young and many of my friends were also from Irish families - Francis Foggerty, Kevin Kaneely, Patrick Delaney. Great friends also with the Springford boys - Paul and Andrew and their mum who had the patience of a saint.

 Now the clan has moved away, although I have not moved far, settling in Burnham with my wife and the four kids. I still drive through the village on my way back from Windsor when I feel nostalgic.
 Dad died a few years back and I read through his wealth of press cuttings. It seems he had a long career playing football for the Wick and also running in the annual race from Dorney to the Village. Kelly is now in Somerset married with two daughters, Kim is in Cornwall married with four daughters a son and loads of grand children. Happy Days!!

4th June, 2009


Peter Dugan's memories of Eton

(See Peter Dugan's message of 19th April 2009, below, and his reply of 22nd July 2009, above) 
I wonder do you remember people named Baldwin who lived at 11 Sunbury Road? Thomas and Evangeline were my great-grand parents and their son Lemuel James (Jim) was my grandfather. He moved to Ireland in the 20's but he came back most summers with his son and daughter. Dad, now in his 80's, has very fond memories of those summers and has retained a very great love for Eton.

31st May, 2009

Barbara Spicer

The Janes Family

My connection with Eton Wick/Boveney New Town is that my fathers family live at 6 Gordon Place from 1890 to 1901. The Family is Janes and my father attend the Porney School; as a child we were taken to the Brocas for a day where we spent many happy hours with Mum while Dad visited relatives in Dorney. Dad's mother's name was King and his father John Janes who was a blacksmith on Court Farm, the manager's name was Mr White. If anyone has any knowledge of the family I would love to hear from them.

If you would like to get in touch with Barbara, please use the email link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to her.

17th May, 2009

Peter Dugan

Gordon Paintin

I remember Gordon very well. I believe his Father had a cycle shop in Eton where I made many a visit.

12th May, 2009

Roger Paintin


I lived in Eton Wick from 1958 to 1980. My dad - Gordon Paintin - is still there living in the same house for 60 years. My mum - Kath - died some 12 years ago. Found memories of wicko carnival where mum and dad ran the bottle stall. The 5-a-side football on easter monday. I remember working at Sibleys the newsagents and petrol station when petrol was 23p a gallon!! I also delivered the morning papers around the village and rode the trade bike to Broken Furlong. My sister - Jennifer - married and now lives in High Wycombe. Looking at these messages and i recall Andersons shop, Clarkes fish and chip shop, Barons and of course Sibleys. Happy days.

9th May, 2009

Lynette Williams

Ernest Lynch married Annie Cox

I was wondering if anyone would remember my grandparents or know where any of our relatives are today? My grandad Ernest Lynch (born 1923 Eton) married my nan Annie Cox (born 1922 in Easthampsted, she liked to be called Ann) in 1947, they lived at 132 Eton Wick Road, where they had 3 girls Shirley, Monica, and Susan, but Annie sadly died giving birth to a son in 1957, aged just 34, sadly the baby boy passed away as well. Ernest Lynch had 3 sisters, Hilda, Eilene, and Monica. We believe Annie had 3 sisters Rosina M Cox (born 1915) Lily F Cox,(born 1920) Doris M Cox (born 1925) and a brother William B Cox (born 1927, their parents were John and Rose Cox (maiden name Roth) we believe they lived in the Berkshire area, and would love to hear from anyone who may know their where abouts or any relative! My grandfather took over his parents house after Annies death, which was nextdoor to the pub called the Shepherds Hut. I'm going to try to put a old photo of Ernest and Annie on here which we believe was taken on the park green called the Brockers. If anyone reconise's them we would to hear from you, thank you. Lynnette

Ernest Lynch and Annie Cox

8th May, 2009


Just about Eton

hi my grandad Ernest Lynch used to own the house next to the pub in eton wick i remember the pub well as a child was always in there as a family my grandad died in 1997 i think and now some of my relatives still live in Eton.

19th April, 2009

Peter Dugan


My Father was a baker in Eton High Street and when I left Eton Porney School in 1936 I spent a couple of years delivering bread in the Wick, so I know the area well.

Served many of the parents of the lads and lassies I was at school with.Am in the two photos in the Photo History of Eton Wick @ Eton. One sitting next to Maurice North. Was in the Church Lads Brigade with Cyril Smith, Alf Fellows,George Birch and others. Band photo in the book left to right - ? Alder, Albe Haverley, Alf Fellows, Sgt Alder.

My aunt Mrs Tow lived in the Walk; I believe she delivered the mail during the war. Mary Gyngell (Tarrant) lived in Tangier Lane,also Rita Pidgeon(Ray)I was in Sunbury Road so knew them well.
During the war my wife worked at G.D.Peters with Jessie Hart - went to her wedding - we kept in touch and met occasionally until she died. Attended a few of the history club meetings at Eton church hall - met some people I knew in the old days. Had some connection with Frank Bond but cannot remember what - birthday or or something like that. Hope this has some interest to you. Now living in Derby 4 and 1/2 years.

8th April, 2009

Penny Wright nee Newcombe

My father

Our family came from Dorney Reach to live in Queens Road in the mid 1950s when I was about nine, my sister, Marion (who still lives in the Wick) was seven and brother Stewart about four. My Dad, Leslie, joined the Church choir straight away. He even got me in it when I was older and I remember us singing The Messiah. Dad was always involved with the PTA and he and Phil Hudson used to do a great deal of fundraising for the school. Dad used to sell raffle tickets for a cooked chicken and there was one to be won every hour at the fete. Dad called himself 'Chicken Joe'.They also were very involved with the whist and beetle drives enjoyed by us all. I remember all the hours spent at PTA committee meetings. Mrs Hudson used to be the school secretary too.

I remember Miss Rook who was very frightening to a small girl and Mrs Miles who was not and then there was Mr Moss. He took me on the front handlebars of his bike to Boots on Windsor Hill to choose my prize for being Headgirl and I helped him choose the books for the other prizewinners and he rode home again with me perched on the front and with the bags containing all the books swinging from his handlebars!!! When I started at the school I seem to remember that there were a range of ages in that one large classroom and we sat in our 'age' groups. Once or twice a 'big' girl came and showed us what to do in our workbooks rather like the old idea of a 'Dame'school. Maybe it was only when a teacher was absent due to illness etc but I'd like to know if anyone else recollects this.

We used to race from school to the Village Hall at lunchtime along the top of the fields and Mrs Dowson and Mrs Rivers would be the dinnerladies keeping us all in perfect check when we arrived.
I went to Slough High School and then switched to Burnham Grammar and in my teens I longed for the rather rare village 'hops' and as for that 'Blue Bus' - well it was years before I got to see the end of a film as the last one at night left just before the end of any film from the Windsor Bridge stop! I didn't find out what happened to 'Bonnie and Clyde' until I was living in London and saw it again!
I live in Westcliff near Southend now with four children and a just retired dentist husband but I do visit the Wick fairly often as Marion is still there. Sometimes we walk to the churchyard and Marion tells me who has died and it is strange to see these people from my memories and talk about them - it's as if they are still around.

Eton Wick is not a pretty village but it is a lively and well-lived in one and it is probably fortunate that it doesn't suffer the curse of the picturesque villages which are full of second homes and like ghost places in the week.

I love your site and will enjoy visiting it regularly.

29 March, 2009

Edna McDilda

Elizabeth Howse

Edna McDilda has sent in this picture of her grandmother, Elizabeth Howse, who was born in Portsmouth in 1853 and married Henry Coe. Elizabeth's father was James Howse, born in Clewer in 1820, and her grandfather was William Howse, born in 1792 in Chalvey. In 1861 Elizabeth was living at Bell Farm.

Elizabeth Howse

27 March, 2009

Margaret Bannister

Burfoot photos

Margaret has been in touch to ask if anyone knows who provided the Burfoot family photos in the W.I. Jubilee Scrapbook at Eton Wick library. We think it might have been local historian Judith Hunter, but if anyone reading this can help, please get in touch using the form at the top of the page.

9th March, 2009

Richard Jordan

Vaughan Gardens

Our family moved into no.5 Vaughan Gardens when I was six weeks old at the start ot the 2WW (I was christened the day war broke out). Being a four bedroomed house when evacuees arrived from London during the blitz we were expected to accomodate people. Our family then numbering 3 kids plus mum and dad took in Mrs Tyrell and Charlie, who still lives in the village and does a lot of good work around the place. We also had a lodger and regular visits from Aunts and Uncles from areas like Ramsgate which was in the thick of things during the Dunkirk withdrawall at various times we had as many as 13 or fourteen living in the house with mum preparing packed lunches for those in the work force.(No sliced bread in those days) Bikes had to be stored in the bathroom (for fear the Jerries would pinch them) and put away in the order that they would be required next morning.

I remember as a 4 or 5 year old laying in bed under the window of the front bedroom and when the guns on Dorney Common went off the black out curtains used to flap and you could see the flashes and the searchlights against the night sky. My clearest memory of the war was when a doodle bug hit the Dust destructor chimney stack over on the Dedworth side of the river. It was a Saturday afternoon and Windsor Races were on and I remember hearing the P.A. announcer screaming over the loudspeaker system for everyone to get down. The blast blew out the windows in Mr Woolhouses Bike shop which was opposite Haywards Mead.

Mrs Cawsey taught me in the infants classes at Eton Porney School and the times tables have been emblazoned in my mind ever since. As a five or 6 year old new entrant I was caned by "Brummer Frampton" for climbing on a disused coat rack. I was most upset and to console me Margaret Wilson (who was in the top class) stretched a lump of chewing gum out of her mouth and passed it to me while I was waiting to be caned. She was a friend for life.

Most of our family left the village in the 50s but brother Bob stayed on and moved out the Slough in the 70s. Myself, Sisters Rose and Susan now live in New Zealand where mum and dad spent the last years of their lives. I still keep in contact with various Eton Wick residents and have hosted several Wick people during their holidays down under.To demonstrate what a small world we live in, my wife Carol (nee Chamberlain) operates a Sunday market stall and was recently serving a customer and casually asked where he was from he replied Windsor so Carol said so am I, he said, well not actually Windsor, Eton Wick to which she replied, so am I, he said where abouts, she said Colenorton Crescent to which he replied so am I. She asked his name Chamberlain he replied, that was my maiden name said Carol. He apparently lives at 36 Colenorton Crescent, Carol grew up at number 3. Its a small world alright.

Best wishes to everyone with fond memories of the Wick

8th March, 2009

Maurice Wilkins

Charles Wilkins of Eton Wick

My great-great Uncle Charles Wilkins, who was born in Henley in 1863, was a butcher in Oxford Road, Clewer around 1891 and later on, according to various Kelly's Directories between 1907 and 1940, at 41, Stoke Road, Slough. This is still a butcher's shop, but now a halal butcher.

7th March, 2009

Anita Richardson

HMS Hermes and George Phillips

Anita Richardson sent the picture below, which is taken from the HMS Hermes website. She wonders if anyone knew her uncle George Phillips, and if so, whether they can identify him in this picture? If you can help, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your email to Anita.

Anita also sent in the picture of an unknown soldier, below, and wondered if anyone can identify him. The locket belonged to Nellie Wolfe of Eton Wick - Anita believes her husband was a Councillor or Mayor. Their daughter Elizabeth (Betty) Wolfe married Anita's uncle, who gave her the locket. If you can help, please get in touch.

11th February, 2009

Sheila Carrod (nee Emery)

Years gone by

Like many others, I too was born in eton wick just like my parents before me and their parents before them. I too fell on this site quite by accident, my what a trip down memory lane i've just had. It brings it all back, your childhood your youth and the more mature years. I have fond and lots of happy memories of my time in the village. I use to listen to stories from my parents and the laughs they use to have, i too told my stories to my children. I still have relatives living there so i still get to back every so often to visit. My family were the emerys/barnetts going back further to the stannetts,wilcoxs,clarks.

9th February, 2009

Michelle Hewett

The Prior Family

Hi, I am looking for info on the Prior family who lived in the village in the late 1800's to 1900's.
George Prior was born in 1883 and i believe he was a carpenter, his sons were called George Edward Prior, and Reg Prior, daughters were called Daphne and Ruby. I am still doing research on this and dont know much detail at the moment.


(If anyone can help with this enquiry, please let us know using the email link at the top of the page)

29th January, 2009

Sarah Akhtar

Painting of Saddocks Farm

I have an oil painting which has written on the back Saddocks Farm, Eton Wick. Painted by Allan Carr, no idea of the date, it could also say (in pencil) Spring Morning. Anyone interested in this? Anyone know why it was painted?
(If anyone can help with this enquiry, please let us know using the email link at the top of the page)

23rd January, 2009

Mr Ken White

Making contact with the past

I am still waiting to hear from ex-students who attended Eton Wick School during my happy five years 1953 - 1958 there. I am now approaching 87 so hearing from you soon would be great.
(If any former pupils would like to contact Mr White, please send a message to the website and we will forward your email to him.)

18th January, 2009

Tony Dyer

Messerschmitt 410 at Radnage

Found this site when researching the Me410, I have one of the engines. The farmhouse damaged had a young Ollie Reed plucked out of it. He was traumatised by the sight of the body crewman according to his biography.

(click here for the full story of the German air raid on Maidenhead, Feb. 1994)

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