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  1. Hi, I remember Fred & Nel Bennel. They lived in the first house on the left in Tilstone Ave. Fred had a gammy leg. He was always a bit grumpy. I liked him> He took David and I to football matches. I was friends with David but we fell out in later years over a silly matter. I regret it. If you see David pass on my regards. Hope he is doing well.

  2. Is there any way you could set up a data base of email addresses so former residents of Eton Wick could get back in touch with previous friends? I attended Eton Wick C of E school from 1956 till 1962, in the same class as Gary Rainer, Barry Royal, Chris Low, Kim Skeels, Andrew Denham, Ken Woodley, Kim Sumner, Richard Reeves, and many others I have lost touch with since I moved to Canada in 1980. It would be great to touch base with them again. My email is

  3. Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society

    From : Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society :
    c/o Francesca Jones, Publicity,

    Dear Eton Wick Local History Group

    Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society
    I am writing on behalf of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society, which covers the three counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire although meetings take place in Reading.
    I would be very grateful if you could bring this Society to the attention of your members, some of whom may be interested in attending various of the lectures about Ancient Egypt, but may be unaware that the Society exists.

    I would also like to offer your Society the possibility of a lecture on Ancient Egypt; we have a team of lecturers on the Committee who would be more than happy to visit your Society to talk to members on a requested topic.
    Regards, Francesca Jones (TVAES Committee)

  4. I notice your treasurer is P Hodgson. I wonder if this is Paul, who was one of my classmates at Eton Wick School.
    On another subject, I attended Slough Grammar School until 1970, and they have a web site, the Old Paludians, that includes some pictures and names of the whole school. Do you have anything similar for Eton Wick School?

  5. The Elizabethan Star Chamber Project, hosted by AALT at the University of Houston, is putting county names on cases in TNA STAC 5 (Records of the Court of Star Chamber in the reign of Elizabeth). 

    There are now sufficient cases identified to make the web site interesting to local historians, and I would be grateful if you would inform your membership of our existence. Secretary hand is not for everybody, but the documents are all in English. Most of the cases are completely unknown to historians, and this is because of their chaotic storage at TNA (cases may have up to twenty different references) and the previous inadequacy of finding aids. All the cases are social history of one locality or another. 

    Helen Good

  6. Thames Valley ancient Egypt Society (TVAES) was founded in 1994 to meet the increasing local demands of a growing interest in Ancient Egypt. The aims of the Society are to promote the study and public dissemination of the culture, religion, art, language, life and death in ancient Egypt.

    As part of this remit the TVAES committee members are offering to present one off lectures on various aspects of Ancient Egypt to all the Historical Society groups in the Berks, Bucks and Oxfordshire area.

    If you would be interested in making one of our lectures part of your ongoing programme for either this year or next year please contact me, Anne Roberts, on or telephone 07840716262.

    Regards Anne Roberts TVAES Committee Member

  7. OK so not sure if I got this right first time over a week ago. I noticed a 2010 comment post that someone was looking for information on Samuel Dyas who died in Eton Wick in 1912. I believe the person looking for info is called George Tarrant. My email address is Thanks - if you would be kind enough to confirm receipt is appreciated.

  8. 25-10-2017 So happy to have found this site. As a lad l helped my late father on his Drycleaning round (John Wallis Drycleaners) knocking on doors from Eton High Street, Eton Wick, Dorney, Dorney Reach, Datchet, Old Windsor, Windsor, Dedworth through to Fifield.
    I have very fond memories of those times, for Eton Wick, Dorney & Dorney Reach it was Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays; Datchet, Old Windsor was Monday’s, Wednesdays & Fridays that he would visit and I’d meet him after school to help him.
    I have seen several names here that have triggered memories.
    My dad found my Late Uncle Phil & Aunty Con (Perring) their house 43 Victoria Road back in the early 1970s from one of his customers.
    I always found Eton Wick a very friendly community back in the 1960s in 1970s and look forward to reading.
    Would love to hear from anyone remembering Ceddy (Dick) Dixon of John Wallis Drycleaners or me his son Michael though many knew me as Ken, the family name. I do remember Mark Tarrant who was a mechanic who also worked near my parents home in Dedworth Green from the 1960s l think he also worked for Motorola in Winkfield with electricals on cars.
    Michael Dixon

    1. I am researching my family tree and have found i had relatives living at 16 lodgefield cottages in 1939.
      William bellis (?)
      Thomas bellis
      Alice bellis
      Kenneth massingham (school boy)
      If anyone has any memories or recognises the names id love to hear from you

  9. Christine Stannett, My Brother has done a lot of work with family tree. My Grandfather was Percival Stannet from Eaton Wick born about 1890

  10. I notice that my letter in the guestbook refers to me as Chris Cowley, where it should be Chris Cowland. Probably a Spellcheck correction!

    1. Thank you for pointing this out Chris, the error has now been corrected.

  11. COronation Tea Party 1953.
    The lady with the kettle is Mrs Pass.

  12. I attended Elton Wick school in 1957. We lived in Boveney and I remember walking to school with the Batiste children from the Lock House. We would often hear the school bell ringing as we crossed the fields. I remember sports day and winning a yellow bucket for the egg and spoon race. I clearly remember walking down the road to the hall for lunch. We moved away from the area over the summer holidays. My sister and I have returned to Boveney a number of times and attended an event at Dorney Lake. Esther Fletcher (then Sherry)

  13. Hi

    A small correction to the article on Lance Sergeant Caesar. He is not buried in a double grave. The site is called Guards Grave because it is exactly that - a collective grave, as confirmed in the CWGC document included in the article. All those buried are named on headstones around the collective grave but they do not mark the point of burial. The CWGC records could be a little clearer on this point which is understandably the subject of some confusion.

    Denis Ayers

    1. Thank you Denis for contacting the Eton Wick History Group. The caption regarding the double grave has now been removed.

  14. Hello,

    I am currently looking into the history of my grandfather. I know he was put into a children's home in the mid 1920s somewhere in the Windsor/Ascot area.

    I have managed to find him on the 1939 census (he'd be around 22) and his address is listed as 2 Prospect Place, Windsor.

    He appears to be living with 4 other people who seem to be unrelated.

    I was wondering if you thought this would be a place that children who left a home would be placed.

    Would you have any idea on what childrens homes were around this area in the 1920/30s.

    Thank you,


    1. I also have a relative listed as living with a family with unknown connections and i wondered the same thing although i dont think my relative was in a state of care although he was a school boy at the time.

  15. I am researching the Sedding family and connections to Eton.My great great grandfather Edmund (b 1836) and his brother John Dando(b.1838) lived in Eton High street and attended the Eton Porny school where their father, Richard Sedding was schoolmaster. I am trying to find out where they went to secondary school after the Eton Porny school as it is(was?) a primary school.

    1. Hello, thank you for contacting the History Group about your family's connection with Eton Porny School. We will publish an extract from 'Old days of Eton Parish' by the Rev. John Shephard that gives explains how the school came into being. This page will give you information as to how education developed in the UK,

  16. Dear Sir

    I wonder if you are looking for speakers for your history group?

    I have recently moved into Eton Wick having stood down as editor of 'Britain at War' magazine in September of this year. The magazine is Britain's best selling military history monthly.

    I am still involved full-time in military history research and writing and have authored over 20 x books mostly on aviation subjects. I also work regularly on TV and film projects (on screen and off) - one of most recent being the BBC's 'RAF 100' documentary with Euan and Colin McGregor. I am also about to move on to editor another military history magazine.

    I regularly give talks to history groups as well as more formal after-dinner talks for RAF mess nights etc, or for the Imperial War Museum etc.

    If you think I might be a useful speaker, please let me know.

    What are your speaker's fees if you wanted to take up my offer, by the way?

    Yours sincerely,

    Andy Saunders (

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  18. Hello, the Eton Community Association is being welcomed to an evening at Eton School Library for a talk on the Fisher Brothers, two old Etonians who were RAF pilots in World War Two. Basil was killed and is buried in Eton Wick. Their story is fascinating.
    The event will be held on Thursday 14 March at 7 pm. Please contact me if you are interested. katiebroady110@btinternetcom

  19. Hello, Im trying to find the burial place of my 2nd Gt Grandmother and all I have to go on is as follows "Eton Burial Register 1898 - 1938 (CBS Reference PR 72/1/24)". Any help would be appreciated.
    Graeme Wheeler

  20. Hello Graeme

    Thank you for your message, it would help if you could provide some more details about your 2x Gr. Grandmother including her name and the years of her life. Your email address would also be helpful.

    Regards Steve

  21. Hi,

    Would you have any information regarding the location of Eton Registry office c1950-52, it appears my parents were married there.

    Unfortunately, my searches seem to mostly return information on Eton College, and Slough registry office.

    A location and if possible an image would be great.

    Many thanks

    Peter MacDonald.

  22. Hi Peter, go to
    You can find UK marriages records instantly. Regards Tom Stannett.

  23. Hi, I am trying to locate Farm Cottages, The Common, Eton Wick. I am the great grandson of Herbert Pithers, mentioned on the war memorial in the church.
    Hoping you are able to point me in the right direction. I expect they have been demolished, if so the location of where they were. Many thanks, Paul Grainger.

    1. Hello Paul
      Thank you for your request regarding where your great grandfather, Herbert Pithers about where he lived in Eton Wick. The Eton Wick History Group founding chairman, Frank Bond researched the lives of the men whose names appear on the Village War Memorial and published their stories in Their Names Shall Be Carved In Stone, now out of print. These biographies have been republished on this website and you can find your gr. grandfather’s here biography with this link,

      The Farm Cottages that you mention as the Pithers’ home, Mr Bond states were on the western side of Little Common and part of Little Farm. He adds that the cottages were demolished and replaced with a bungalow for Mr and Mrs Cooley.

      Google Maps’ Streetview does not include a close-up image of Little Farm or the bungalow. There is a view across from the Common Road approach to Long Close Farm, here is the link.,-0.6268849,3a,36.1y,331.69h,87.92t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sZsuuH5EyEgl8mMy9FUw75Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en-GB?utm_source%3DGoogleMaps-en-GB

      Kind regards

      Eton Wick History Group

  24. Sir: is there anyone who would be happy to undertake a little research on my behalf?
    I have found that my Gt uncle moved to Eton following his marriage in 1919, I am not sure where they lived but 1930 record notes he and his wife live in Eton, Berkshire, he later died in 1935 at King Edward V11 Hospital.If unable help maybe you could be directed to where i could find help, Unfortunately i reside in North Cheshire, so carrying out personal research is not a convenient choice, thank you & Regards Paul Houghton

  25. Hello my Name is Aaron Lynch i am born in eton wick but currently living in cornwall. i am doing family history and i wonderd if you know anything about my Granfather Francis John Garraway he lived at 11 Broken furlong.

  26. Using the email address results in a rejected message. Is there another that can be used please?

    1. Thank you for bring this to our attention. We will bring our email address back on line soon. In the mean time, if you leave a comment and wish a reply do include your email address, this will not be publish on our website unless it is specifically requested.

      Eton Wick History Group.

  27. Hello there..

    My name is John Bird

    I have a history book online if you would like to read it for free, or pass it on to
    your visitors and staff. You can see my book at

    You can see the cover of the book on the Google image search if you type
    in the words DUDLEY CASTLE JOHN BIRD.



  28. I would like to contact this lady, as I am a Crowder, and my family came from Langley Marish.

    April 20th, 2006

    Clare Richardson

    The Willow Tree Pub

    I spent many a childhood day playing in and around the Willow Tree Pub in Eton. My grandparents Jack and Barbara Forster were the landlord and landlady for years. Freddy used to work behind the bar and Des used to lodge there. My mum and dad Alan and Diana Crowder helped out at weekends and Aunty Lynne lived at the pub as well and myself and my two sisters just used to have lots of fun.

    Although this was over 30 years ago i still have wonderfully fond memories of the place. I am interested to know if anyone remembers my grandparents Jack and Barbara Forster (grandpa passed away about 30 years ago) granny is still going strong and will be 100 years old on the 27th of May 2006.

    Also does anyone have any pictures of the Willow Tree Pub i would love to give granny a picture of the pub on her birthday and any messages anyone has for her. Thank you

  29. Hi EWHG,
    I wonder does anyone have any photos or information on the Jaguar dealership that was on the Slough Trading Estate? I'm the registrar for the Peerless GT sports car that was made on the estate and we believe they took this dealership over as their showroom/sales etc. Peerless Cars was on Farnham Rd and Peerless Motors was on Bath Rd. Any info on any of these points would be most welcome.
    You can reach me on:

  30. Hi

    I thought that I seceded in joining the group a short while ago and mak have made a post. However, I can find no trace of it.

    My reason for wishing to join is that I am in the process of conducting family research.

    There are dozens of things that I would like to know the answer to.
    Apparently there was a bonded warehouse at Chalvey that stored US War Aid Material.
    I should like to know of its location.

    My stepfather Peter Reynolds ain’t to the Porney School before ww2.
    He lived at Emlyn’s Buildings and his mother used to be in service to one of the Master’s at the Eton College. I wonder if it is possible to find out their identity?

    Yours faithfully

    N. Marsh

  31. Hi
    I am trying to trace some family members one John Walter Judd who died in Eton in 1956, he lived in Slough and had a Confectioners shop with my grandmother Georgina Judd (Horsfield). Also I am trying to find out any information about the Spanish Bit riding school on Dorney Common, I used to go there when I was a teenager about 1969-72, I’m trying to find the owners name at that time, I think there was some connection to my grandmother Georgina. I would be very grateful for any information, thanks

  32. Emma Willis owned and ran a coachbuilders and wheelwright in Eaton from 1870’s early 1900’s. Her address was 24High Street Eaton though the workshops may have been elsewhere. Is there any information and photographs of this business. My Grandfather, her nephew, worked there as a boy from 1881 to 1886. Any help greatly appreciated

  33. Just read the article on Stanley Bond. He would have been a relative of mine. Those two brothers that came from Hazlemere in the late 1880s were my Great Grandfather Thomas and his brother Roland. They formed two families in Eton Wick and about 8 businesses. Robert or Bob Bond will be known to many. He lived on Dairy Farm and held Gymkanas there. He was also the host speaker at the Scout fete when it was held at the Wheatbutts field.

  34. The Boveney New Town Census of 1891 lists my grandfather Thomas Shurville, his parents and siblings all living at 3 Bell Cottages Alma Road. My OS Explorer map of Windsor etc. does not show Boveney New Town. Is Alma Road actually in Eton Wick? My great grandfather, also Thomas Shurville is listed as a tailor. Would he have worked locally?

    1. Thank you for your comment. You will find several articles on this website that explain the history of Boveney Newtown and its initial separation from Eton Wick.

      The key divide was that Eton Wick was part of the Parish of Eton and Boveney was within the Parish of Burnham until July 1911.

      from 1894 to 1934 they each had a civil Parish Council.

      I hope that this is of assistance with your family history investigation.

  35. Hi is there any plan for the talk that was planned for 28th October 2020 and was Cancelled due the Covid-19 Pandemic to be rescheduled?

    ‘The Cock Pit, Eton: an archaeological exploration’
    with Mr Tom Wilson

  36. G'day,
    My names is Phillip MURPHY, from Australia.
    My great grandmother was Annie Susan CROXFORD, the daughter of George and Sarah (MIDDLETON) CROXFORD, of 10 Prospect Place, Eton Wick (1881 census), and a family of 10, at 9 Eton Commons, in the 1871 census, 7 Prospect Place in 1861 census.
    Prior to that in the 1861 census, George was recorded as the son of William and Mary (MOSELEY) CROXFORD at 1 Prospect Place, and they are recorded at CHALVEY in the 1841 census.
    In the 1881 census, Annie Susan was a 13 year old servant in the house of Alfred STEVENS, Ivory Turner at 9 High Street.
    North Queensland.
    Soon after Annie Susan migrated, alone, to Australia, landing at TOWNSVILLE,

    I hope to make contact with others who might have connection this family.
    I do have other, earlier ancestry information as well.

    Thanks very much

    All the Best

    email -

    1. Hello Phillip,

      Thank you for your comment about your gr. grandmother, Annie Susan Croxford. You may be interested to read the description of Prospect Place given in the article about one of the Eton Wick men who is remembered on the village war memorial. He was Ernest Jordan who had been born in one of the houses.

    2. G'day Steve,
      Thanks very much for your welcome, greatly appreciated.
      I visited Eton Wick in 1998, and was guided by a Mr. James Bond, and shown the Prospect Place location, and he described the buildings.
      My thoughts immediately went to that probably was why my great grandmother emigrated. One external toilet for 10 separate lodgings, and, in winter ......
      Sadly, i had only the day, and got a bit lost then looking for Boveney and Dorney (I did find the church).
      I have MIDDLETON and ANDERSON ancestors from there (maternal side of CROXFORD).
      I will seach those maps. William CROXFORD was an ag. lab., so, no much clearer about the manor farming

      I should really try to get back and explore more.

      Thanks again

      All the Best

  37. No1 janes cottages eton wick buckinghamshire
    hi there, I'm looking for information on, or the location of the above cottages Mr Edward Chaulk lived there in 1939 a family member. Would be great if anyone could assist and shed some light on what happened to them. Many thanks d. wickens