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The 5 a-side Football competition

Juvenile Challenge Cup
presented by
Boveney, Dorney and Eton Wick
Discharged Sailors and Soldiers
When the First World War ended on 11th November 1918 the British Army had a strength of nearly 3.8 million men. A year later over nearly 75% of these servicemen had been returned home and demobbed. Eton Wick received its share of these former soldiers as well as demobbed sailors. As they returned to the normality of civilian life one of the events that they added to the village calendar was an annual 5 a side competition. 

Originally this was open to boy under the age of 15 who lived in the villages of Boveney, Dorney and Eton Wick. The Cup was played for annually from Easter 1920. In recent years it has changed to a 6 a side competition with the event taking place in July.

If you played in this village tournament or have photographs and further information about the competition please let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this article.    

This is a list of the WINNING TEAMS from 1920 to 1994.

Easter 1920. Frederick Binfield (Captain), William Mitchell, Edward Watson, Henry Slaymaker, William Pardoe. 
Easter 1921. W.Mitchell (Captain), A.Young, E.Slaymaker, H.Harman, W. Jones
Easter 1922. H.Harman (Captain), R.Martin, T.Willcox, W.Pardoe, T.Barnett.
Easter 1923. H.Cooley, Captain), F.Willcox, G.Green, E.North, C.Hutton.
Easter 1924. E.Woodley Captain), G.Green, B.Cavenaugh, E.Benham, E.Pardoe.
Easter 1925. A.Benham (Captain), D,Martin, R.Prior, L.Clark, B.Adams.
Easter 1926. T.Barnett (Captain), M.Benham, J.Oxlade, O.Brown, L.Clark.
Easter 1927. D.Martin (Captain), F.Reader, E.Coke, W.Lunnon, J.Lane.
Easter 1928. E.Coke (Captain), W.J.Benham, G.Prior, S.Marks. W.Neal.
Easter 1929. G.Prior (Captain), J.Benham, H.Binfield, L.Chamberlain, A.Bryant.
Easter 1930. R.Hood (Captain), F.Huse, F.Slaymaker, J.Stannett, J.Slaymaker.
Easter 1931. G.Bright (Captain), D.Martin, J.Ling, J.Cox, M.North.
Easter 1932. S.Bond (Captain), B.Bavin, A.Bryant, R.Huse, M.North.
Easter 1933. J.Stannett (Captain), C.Chamberlain, M.Benham, M.North, N.King.
Easter 1934. A.Rryant (Captain), J.Cox, R.Huse, D.Slade, W.Gell.
Easter 1935. R.Huse (Captain), W.Pates, D.Slade, A.Bond,
Easter 1936. H.North (Captain), H.Wilson, M.Young, J.Newall, K.Hewitt.
Easter 1937. E.Lynch (Captain), D.Slade, D.Hailey, K.Hewitt, T.King.
Easter 1938. J.Newall (Captain), A.Robson, C.Paintin, R.Mortimor, C.Brown.
Easter 1939. J.Newall (Captain), A.Bond, G.Attride, E.Bond, G.Budd.
Easter 1940. R.Wilson (Captain), J.Butt, G.Budd, P.Mitchener, H.A.Prior.
Easter 1941. A.Bond (Captain), L.Pardoe, F.Wells, K.Bloxam.


The recreation ground where the tournament took place was ploughed up for wartime food production. Frank Bond remembers that the ground was very stony and not very productive.

Easter 1948. D.Robson (Captain), W.A.Swain, J.Bass, M.Tarrant, J.Alder.
Easter 1949. J.Webb (Captain), N.Sherman, B.Hessey, L,Hood, D.Glibbon.
Easter I 950. D.Swain (Captain),J.Bond, P.Webb, M.Rayner, T.Foster.
Easter 1951. D.R.Swain (Captain), D.Springford, A.Lewis, D.Glibbon, A.Dowson.
Easter 1952. M.Collins (Captain), A.Lewis, A.Benham, A.Johnson, R.Harman.
Easter 1953. A.L.Lewis (Captain), J.O.Flarerty, A.Dowson, B.Wilcox, W.Stacey.
Easter 1954. T.Harman (Captain), A.Benham, J.Weston, R.Harman, J.Stacey.
Easter 1955. T.Johnson (Captain), J.Sumner, R.Hood, W.Welford, A.Burt.
Easter 1956. M.Phillips (Captain), P.Goodall, R.Hood, M.Kelly, D.Price.
Easter 1957. B.Alder (Captain), R.Hood, R.Young, J.Marks, J.Alder.
Easter 1958. Rob Hood (Captain), J.Stacey, R.McNeish, L.Emery, D.Bennal.
Easter 1959. J.Marks (Captain), John Alder, A.Pardoe, F.Hatch, P.Sherwood.
Easter 1960. M.Bell (Captain), S.Durbin, R.Steele, P.Brennan, W.Meakin.
Easter 1961. L.Emery (Captain), B.Eaglestone, D.Pound, S.Blay, D.Hudson.
Easter 1962. S.Durbin (Captain), B.Hurlock, A.Whitrod, F.Emery, N,Crook.
Easter 1963. N.Frazer (Captain), N.Cundy, T.Skeels, F.Emery, G.James.
Easter 1964. S.Hatch (Captain), T.Skeels, R. Reeves, A.Rainer, C.Rigden
Easter 1965. P.Attride (Captain), T.Evans, G.Rainer, G.James, S.Maw.
Easter 1966. C.Seddon (Captain), F.Emery, D.Walsh, M.Swadling, R.Carey.
Easter 1967. M.Atride (Captain), P.Burt, M.Swadling, M. Rainer, P.Atride.
Easter 1968. G.James (Captain), M.Swadling, A.Hawles, R.Pethbridge, G.Miller.
Easter 1969. M.Dobson (Captain), R. Farrell, N.Short D.Bosher, M.Lynch.
Easter 1970. A.Piaseck (Captain), C.Paintin, J.Moss, P.Miles, N.Simpson.
Easter 1971. R.Farreil (Captain), P.Reader, M.Fearn, M.Lynch, C.James
Easter 1972. C.Paintin (Captain), P.Reader, A.Emery, C.Brennan, M.Goldswain.
Easter 1973. C.Lynch (Captain), N.Wright, G.Brennan, J.Morrell, C.Jaycock.
Easter 1974. T.Gyngell (Captain), C.Benham, C.Goldswain, D.O.Flarerty, K.Rhodes.
Easter 1975. C.James (Captain), S.Thorn, R.Pitcher, K.Knight, D.Ash.
Easter 1976. M.Fogarety (Captain), K.Weeks, S.Addaway, D.Ash, N.Groves. .
Easter 1977. M.Francis (Captain), J.Critchell, N.Goldswain, ',Traynor, L.Addinwell.
Easter 1978. J.Huggins (Captain), P.Jeffries, T.Cross, S.O'Flyn, L.Stacey.
Easter 1979. K.Morris (Captain), N.Atride. B.Pitcher, M.Emery, M.Hood.
Easter 1980. B.Pitcher (Captain), M.Ralph, D.Gale, M.Handcock, P.Ross.
Easter 1981. S.O'Flyn (Captain), A.Wells, N.Bamton, R.Keith, S.Pygall.
Easter 1982. L.Ansell (Captain), R.Armfield, J.Brown, J.Shiels, M.Stafford.
Easter 1983. L.Stacey (Captain), M.Emery, P.Steptoe, J.Wells, M.James. 
Easter 1984. N.Bampton (Captain), P.Ross, J.Wells, C.Beere, K.Woolly. 
Easter 1985. D.Coates (Captain),P.Steptoe, S.Minett, D.Pitcher, B.Tweddle. 
Easter 1986. M.Riddle (Captain), W.Lloyd, S.Cunnea, D.Stacey, J.Hood. 
Easter 1987. M.Coates (Captain), D.Lloyd, D.Pitcher, A.Murry, R.Sutton. 
Easter 1988. J.Alder (Captain), P.Riddle, G.Seaborne, W.Saran, A.Fitton. 
Easter 1989. P.Riddle (Captain), L.Daly, W.Pitcher, J.Coward, A.Gregory.
Easter 1990. J.Hood (Captain), W.Saran, A.Wigley, A.Everle, T.Lewis. 
Easter 1991. J.Hood (Captain), A.Wigley, D.Tull, P.Huggins, C.Jaycock.
Easter 1992. W.Pitcher (Captain), A.Everle, J.Bond, S.Pardoe, D.Crowe.
Easter 1993. W. Pitcher (Captain), G.Belson, A.Lucas, M.Fearnley, S.Lingham-Wood.
Easter 1994. L Niven (Captain), J.Tweddle, J.Oakley, K.Marks, S.Shueville.


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