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The Royal Windsor website

This website is a collection of links to the websites about Windsor, past and present. The website includes a forum covering a wide range of topics.

Windsor, Berkshire - History

Windsor has a long and colourful history. Thanks to the royal connection there are lots of first hand documentary sources available for those interested in the history of the town of Windsor, Berkshire.

Windsor Local History Group

WLHG was founded in 1976 as Windsor Local History Publications Group. It was started by a small group of WEA students and tutors with the aim of fostering research in the field of local history and publishing the results. The name was changed in 2004.

A brief history of Windsor

Windsor began as a Saxon village. The name Windsor is believed to be a corruption of the Saxon words 'windlass Oran' meaning a bank with a windlass. After the Saxons founded the settlement it grew into a town because of its position by a river. In those days it was expensive to transport goods by land. It was cheaper to transport them by river. The Thames was an important artery between London and the heart of England. It was inevitable that a town would grow up on the site of Windsor.

History of Windsor in the Royal County of Berkshire

Windsor is, of course, best known for its castle, home of the British Monarchy for almost a thousand years, and the largest inhabited castle in the World. It has been suggested that it was built on the site of a Celtic camp where King Arthur or one of his subordinates lived as the town is mentioned a couple of times in Arthurian literature.

Windsor, Berkshire on Wikipedia

The early history of the site is unknown, although it was almost certainly settled some years before 1070 when William the Conqueror had a timber motte and bailey castle constructed.[2] The focus of royal interest at that time was not the castle, however, but a small riverside settlement about 3 miles (5 km)downstream, possibly established from the seventh century.

Website of the British Monarchy

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Over a period of nearly 1,000 years it has been inhabited continuously, and altered and refurbished by successive monarchs. Some were great builders, strengthening the Castle against uprising and rebellion; others, living in more peaceful times, created a palatial Royal residence.

Windsor on British History Online

The authentic history of Windsor Castle cannot be carried back beyond the 11th century. The romantic legends told by Froissart of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table at Windsor lack the foundation of prosaic record, but are interesting as representing the traditions as to the early history of Windsor which were current in the 14th and 15th centuries

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead website.

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