Monday 27 February 2023

Photographic History of Eton Wick and Eton - Businesses - Moores Lane Petrol Station

Sibley and Moores Lane petrol pumps.

 Bill opened the Moores Lane filling station 1958, converting the end house of Primrose Villas to a newsagent/confectionery The row of houses comprising Primrose Villas were built for James Moore in 1885. His house, with a distinctive bay window facing onto the Alma Road side, being the one converted to the shop. During the 1930/40 period before establishing the shop, Bill sold newspapers on College Corner, Eton, and delivered papers throughout the village, from his then family home in The Walk. The petrol pumps are now dry, and the shop is by John Prior. 

This article was first published in A Pictorial History of Eton Wick & Eton.

Note John and Pat Prior closed their business and retired in August 2005. The premises were converted into residential accommodation.

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  1. Petrol was about 4shillings a gallon roughly about 23p in todays price .hahaha.