'A Photographic History of Eton Wick & Eton'

191 pages of photographs and information on Eton Wick and Eton, recording the village life of:
 Agriculture and Farm Houses; Businesses; Characters and Families; Churches and Schools; Community Organisations and Social Life; the Eton Cattle Pound; Herberts Supply Store of Eton; High Days and Holidays; the Parish at War; the Thames and Floods; and Then and Now comparisons.

Contact the Ewton Wick History Group Honorary Secretary, Teresa Stanton Teresa Stanton 

Recall 60 Years On:

Eton Wick WWII Ex-Service Men and Women
by Eton Wick History Group, 2005.

The book records the war service and lives of 53 men and women now living in Eton Wick.
Unfortunately, we no longer have copies for sale.

Frank Bond says in his introduction to "Recall 60 Years On":
" The experiences of the ex-service personnel varied considerably, some more remarkable than others, depending on their posting. Even so, they all had one thing in common: from the day they enlisted they all went where they were sent and did what they were ordered to do."

'Their Name Shall Be Carved In Stone': 

the war memorial at Eton Wick and Boveney, its story and that of the men whose names are there recorded.

by Frank Bond

Now out of print

Price £5.50 (a few copies remaining)

Eton Wick History Group e-book collection

Since the Eton Wick History Group was founded in 1992 members have undertaken many research projects. There have been a number papers that were presented at meetings. Some of the papers are too long to publish on this website so will be published as e-books over the coming months. 

The first one to be published is by Dick Harding.

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