Monday 20 February 2023

Eton Wick United FC 1919 - 20

Arthur Ernest Benham, Arthur V. Woolhouse, William J. Woolhouse, A. Bryant, 
F. Bryant, E. Bond, George Newell

William Bond, W. Percy, V. Elkins (Capt.), N. Lane, Albert Richards


The men in the photograph with first names in full were living in Eton Wick at the time of the 1921 Census.

We have been able to find the records of two of the players featured in this photograph who saw service in the British army during the First World War. These men were recorded as living in Eton Wick in the 1921 census.

Arthur Ernest Benham volunteeered for Army service on 2nd July 1915 and was demobbed on 21st May 1919.

George Newell was attested into the Royal Regiment of Artillery on 10th September 1908 and was demobbed on 9th September 1920.

There are likely to have been other players who served but records have not yet been found.

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