Monday 13 February 2023

From the Parish Magazine - Eton Wick History Group Meeting - 'The Changing Face of Eton'

'The Changing Face of Eton' was the topic explored by Dr. Judith Hunter at the History Group's Meeting on the 12th March; and, as is always the case with Dr. Hunter, the Group was treated to a fascinating blend of interesting and amusing facts and on this occasion, she covered a time span from the 16th to the 20th Century. We were told of wharfs which no longer exist, of tolls on bridges (the Turnpike Trust Act); and have you ever noticed the stone memorial outside Baldwin's Be which commemorates the death in a fire of two boys at that house? 

Some of had no idea that Eton had a thriving pipe making industry for 200 years; but were not surprised to hear that The Cockpit is the oldest surviving house in Eton, dating back to 1442, although the stocks outside came from Clever in 1920. We also heard of the various celebration archways and colonnades designed by Alfred Young Nut for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee - on which there will be much more at the next meeting on Wednesday, 30th April, a evening devoted to '100 YEARS 1897-1997 'Queen Victoria's Jubilee. This topic was previously scheduled for the 25th June but the June and April meetings have been reversed. 

Mr. Bond was pleased to announce that the Group is to award a book and certificate to pupils of Eton Wick School; it will be known as the "Eton Wick History Group: The James Kinross Award". 

During the 1990's the Parish Magazine of Eton, Eton Wick and Boveney reported on the meetings of the Eton Wick History Group. A member of the audience took shorthand notes in the darkened hall. This article was published in the April edition of 1997.

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