Monday 29 May 2023

Photographic History of Eton Wick and Eton - The End of Arnolds and Bonds shop.

The Bonds hand over their family greengrocery business and retire after trading in the village for over 90 years. The photograph shows Bob McGrath (on the left) taking over the business from Frank Bond on July 4th, 1988. Next to Frank is his sister Edith Stacey and Joan, widow of brother Albert Bond, who died in 1986. Joan ran the Bond's Eton shop. Bob McGrath formerly managed a Burnham supermarket. 

Roy and Joan Arnold retired in 1998 from their Butchers shop opened in 1951 by Roy's father Ted in the then newly built parade of shops. With Roy and Joan is daughter Julie. 

This article was first published in A Pictorial History of Eton Wick & Eton.

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