Monday 15 May 2023

Tough Assignment - Chapel Officials in 1986


Church Stewards

Messrs Michael Tierney


Peter Morris,


Vernon Wigmore


Mrs Joyce Stevenson and


Miss Daphne Hogg.

Property Stewards

Miss Daphne Hogg and


Mr Neville Thorman

Communion Stewards

Mesdames Pat Allanach,


Margaret Ball and


Valerie Morris.


Mr Philip Clack


Mr John Gidney


Mrs Kathleen Wigmore

Assistant Organist

Mrs Joyce Stevenson

Class Leaders:

Mrs Mabel Reynolds,


Mr Neville Thorman,


Mrs Beulah Tierney


Mrs Ivy Hogg


Sunday School Superintendent

Miss Betty Ison


Mr Peter Morris


Mr Neville Thorman


Mr Philip Clack


Paul Morris,


Miss Betty Ison,


Mrs Valerie Morris.


Jane Dowell,


Bill Brown

Sisterhood President

Mrs Joyce Stevenson


Mrs Hilda Paice


Mrs Edie Harman

Thrift Club

Mrs Margaret Ball

Sick Visitor

Mrs Yvonne Webb

Women's Work Secretary

Mrs Edie Harman


Mrs Joyce Stevenson

Home Missions Secretary

Neville Thorman

Overseas Missions Secretary

Mrs Joyce Stevenson

JMA Secretary

Mrs Laura Clack

Ladies Club President

Miss Betty Ison


Mrs Anne Mitchener


Mrs Laura Clack

5.50 Youth Group Leaders

Mr Vernon Wigmore


Mrs Kathleen Wigmore

Mums and Tots Club Leader

Mrs Laura Clack


Pastoral Committee Secretary    Mrs Beulah Tierney

Representative                                 Mrs Margaret Ball

Family Committee                           Mesdames Esme Slade and

Representatives                               Edie Harman

Neighbourhood Committee        Mesdames Laura Clack and

Representatives                               Pat Allanach

Caretaker                                            Mrs Elizabeth Ansell

Chapel Membership - 43;              Sunday School Scholars - 24 

The Eton Wick History Group is most grateful for the kind permission given by the Eton Wick Methodist Chapel to republish this history, Tough Assignment on this website.

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