Monday 13 September 2021

The Eton Wick Newsletter - Our Village Collection

The Eton Wick History website is a project born out of a friendship between John Denham and a former Slough Librarian, Alison Davies. In the early years of the Eton Wick History Group John used the Reference Section at Slough Library on a very regular basis for his many research projects. When Alison returned to her native Scotland she offered to set up a website as a way of staying in touch, that was in 2003. 

John Denham was a founder member of the History Group and also its Archivist. For more than 20 years he brought together a significant collection of village memories, books and research material about the village and local area. The varied content of this website reflects this archive. This website currently has 370 articles and over 150 further pages of supporting documents.

History doesn't stop and the History Group are most grateful to have the permission of the Eton Wick Village Hall management committee to hold the Our Village Collection on this website. Three times a year since 2008 the Eton Wick Newsletter has recorded the activities of the village, its recent history. You can find the Collection by clicking on this link and the August 2021 edition can be found here.

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