Friday 8 May 2020

V.E. Day, a poem by Jean Amor


I'm glad I lived through all those years of great and bitter war, 
I saw a nation strive and pray like it never had before 
Its youth shone forth with valor, every boy a man, 
A unity between us, we fought as no other can. 
We worked the fields together while they fought high in the sky.
We saw the hand of death, but with spirits ever high -
Watched destruction to our land until nothing looked the same. 
Gallant heroes dearly loved within the halls of fame -
Gave their lives so freely, They only knew the Spring 
Side by side we toiled, only labour could soon bring -
An end to the fighting, an end to all the strife. 
How the years dragged on taking precious days of life 
But how we loved and shared our every hope and dream, 
Devoted to our cause. all together as a team, 
The ever tightening bond that joined each one of us 
How we faced all dangers without fuss 
Oh! yes I'm proud that I once saw the rising of this Nation 

Jean Amor, 
Eton Wick. 

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