Monday 24 February 2020

World War 2 Eighty Years On - February 1940


It was with great sadness that the village learned of the death of Mr E.L. Vaughan on 8th February 1940. He had been a great benefactor with his gift of the land on which stands the Village Hall. Over the years he had given his support to many village activities. Highly prized by the recipients were the illustrated copy of the New Testament he presented to each confirmation candidate after the ceremony. To his memory a plaque, erected by the Village Hall Committee, was unveiled on March 2nd. 1942. The unveiling by Mr Hope-Jones attracted a large gathering to whom Mrs Vaughan expressed her thanks for their words of appreciation of her husband.  

The plaque and photograph to Mr Vaughan is located in the village hall. 

February 25th.      
To maximize the use of daylight hours, clocks were advanced one hour of GMT for the duration of the war and two hours ahead during the summer months. This re-adjustment of daylight hours allowed farmers to harvest late into the evening, whilst during winter months school children returned home from school in daylight.

This is an extract from Round and About Eton Wick: 1939 - 1945. The book was researched, written and published in 2001 by John Denham. 

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