Monday 3 February 2020

Crown Farm

Crown Farm is situated some 400 m east of St John the Baptist Church, and lies between the Eton Wick Road and the Great Common, with access to both. The house is believed to be early 17th century, with various alterations later in the same century. The west elevation is possibly timber framed and rough cast covered. The farm has been in the hands of several generations of the Tarrant family. It is still owned by Olive and Jamie (widow and son of Reginald H Tarrant). Surviving family members have seen Deeds for Crown Farm dated 1837 signed by a Robert Tarrant. A hand-written family record still exists in the hands of distant cousins in Utah, USA, referring to `grandfather Philip Tarrant', born on the farm on Eton Wick Common in 1805' (although not necessarily Crown Farm). The upper photograph of the Farm House, from the family collection was professionally taken. The three young girls may well be Charlotte, Minnie and Rosie, daughters of James and Julia (great grandparents of the current Jamie) which would date the photo to the late 19th century. The lower photograph, taken about the 1960s, shows cows exiting the farm to the common. 

To the east of Crown Farm there were originally other old farm dwellings. Among these were Common Farm House (the farm run by Mr Bunce) and Jersey Farm (run by Mr Bill Booty up to the 1950s). The modern residential estate of Bunces Close is situated in this area. 

This article was first published in A Pictorial History of Eton Wick & Eton.

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