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21st July

Anita Richardson - Chris Wolfe

Just found a comment posted by Anita Richardson dated 7th March, 2009. She asks if anyone knows the identify of the soldier in the locket. I believe this is my great uncle George F Percy who died in WWI, aged 18. The locket was the property of my grand mother Nellie WOLFE (nee Percy) and gifted to her daughter Betty (not Elizabeth), my aunt. Betty was married to Alf SAVAGE and lived in Chiswick. 

Nellie married Bertie Thomas WOLFE in 1921 and lived in Sommerville Road. He worked at Eton School for Boys and served as a local councillor and Mayor of Eton Wick during his lifetime. 

Percy Raymond WOLFE is Betty's brother and my father. He worked with Tony Richardson as a mechanic in Slough. My father tells me that Anita was Tony's sister and she and Betty worked together at a Television shop in Slough and that she introduced her to her cousin Alf. They married some time later. He was divorced with two daughters at the time. My father says he met Anita at their home one day when he called round to see Tony. Tony went on to play football for QPR. Betty died in the 80's and we have not seen uncle Alf since then. My father is 90 and still going strong. 

I am Chris WOLFE and I was born in Inkerman Road, Eton Wick in 1958. We moved to Oxford in the early 60's but have fond memories of returning to Eton Wick to see my grandmother every other week. She was a lovely lady and loved her bingo. I still have my grand fathers clock, the one that was given to him by his friends at Eton School when he retired in the late 50's. It has been more than 10 years since you posted the article and maybe I'm too late. If not, I would be delighted to get in touch.

If you can help Chris please leave a comment  as he has provided his email address.

12th July 

"The Blue Bus Service" - Unknown from the USA

I took the Blue Bus every Wednesday from Windsor to Eton Wick. It stopped at The Grapes where we got off. My family lived on Common Road and at Saddocks farm. The one drive I remember well had a large mustacho, his name was Ron. Not sure of his last name maybe Cooley? Fond memories of days gone by. I now live in USA.I took the Blue bus every Wednesday from Windsor to Eton Wick. It stopped at The Grapes where we got off. My family lived on Common Road and at Saddocks farm. The one drive I remember well had a large mustacho, his name was Ron. Not sure of his last name maybe Cooley? Fond memories of days gone by. I now live in USA.

7th July 

Stanley Bond - John Bond

Just read the article on Stanley Bond. He would have been a relative of mine. Those two brothers that came from Hazlemere in the late 1880s were my Great Grandfather Thomas and his brother Roland. They formed two families in Eton Wick and about 8 businesses. Robert or Bob Bond will be known to many. He lived on Dairy Farm and held Gymkhanas there. He was also the host speaker at the Scout fete when it was held at the Wheatbutts field.

26th March

Eton Trades Index - Didcot Bob

Just restoring a Regency clock. One of the repairer's marks is "Alexander Eton" date .../72. This is clearly 1872 and 4 Market Street from the above. Great! Thanks!

23rd March

Norman Kirtland - Nigel Marsh

Interesting to read. In 1939 my uncle Norman Kirtland was working at HDA ‘ making propellers for spitfires’ He played football for the company team and also Windsor Swifts. In the early 1960s he went into business for himself. He used to make heads for garden rakes in the shed of his Council House on the Bulkley Estate, Windsor before renting a railway arch and starting with lathe and shaper before going into partnership and forming Windsor Engineering in rented premises on the nascent Vansitart Industrial Estate. He brought his partner out of the firm and transformed the engineering business into Microblast, specialist shotblasting

22nd March

Thelma E. E. Kirtland - Nigel Marsh

Hi I am writing to you in connection to a message I read on your site asking for input to the Eton Wick site and wondered if we might help each other. I cannot presently submit anything as hitherto my energies have been focused upon researching my mother and father’s families. My mother’s family had been Windsorians since the 1860s. She was Thelma E. E. Kirtland. b 1929 d. 2012. According to family legend, in 1946 her elder brother bet her that she would not enter a beauty competition. She entered it and became Miss Windsor at the Clewer carnival of that year. This is probably of little interest relevance to Eton, but her second husband was Peter Reynolds b. 1928 d. 2011. who spent the first ten years of his live in with his family in one of Emlyn’s Buildings near the bridge at Eton. Apparently Peter’s mother, Elsie Katherine Wilson (nee Custerson) b. 1900 used to be in service to one of the Masters at Eton College. As a servant I think it is unlikely that It is possible to determine which Master and in what capacity, but I wonder if can advise me how I might research this matter further? 

Although I wrote that the Kirtland’s were Windsorians, there are other avenues that I want to investigate that have more direct connection to Eton. My grandfather’s elder sister Ada Edith b. Clewer 1872 married coffee importer James Edwards at Uxbridge in early December 1904 but were living at 24 Oxford Road, Windsor by 1911 I remember my grandmother taking me to see aunt Ada, and, my late uncle telling me that she ran a cafe about five doors up the eastern side Eton High Street from Windsor bridge. It seems to me that my great grandfather had other links with Eton as his wife Emma’s Will, of 1916, which I have an the original of, was signed in the presence of Edward Hicks and David, A. Lipscombe at 73 High Street Eton. I have not yet investigated the reason why that Emma used an Eton solicitor as opposed to a Windsor one. I think that her maiden name Lipscombe has something to do with it. My stepfather Peter told me that he went to the Porny School at Eton and the went on to Thomas Grey at Slough. At the time of the 1939 Register his parents would be living at 3 Waterbeach Road at Slough on the newly built Manor Park housing Estate, Slough, then one of the biggest in Europe, at 3 Waterbeach Road. Also, that his mother worked in the workers canteen at the Horlicks factory at Slough and had Communist ideals. She died 10th October 1966 in the Canadian Red Cross Hospital at Taplow, Buckinghamshire, at the age of 66. Before I finish this message I would like to take the opportunity of reiterating that I am particularly interested in making contact with anyone who has further information about the bonded warehouse at Chalvey that was used to store American War Aid material. Best wishes Nigel Marsh

25th February

Emma Willis - John Batt 

Emma Willis owned and ran a coachbuilders and wheelwright in Eaton from 1870’s early 1900’s. Her address was 24High Street Eaton though the workshops may have been elsewhere. Is there any information and photographs of this business. My Grandfather, her nephew, worked there as a boy from 1881 to 1886. Any help greatly appreciated.

Eton Wick History Group  replied

With regard to your request for help about information about Emma Willis. John  Denham, one of the founders of the History Group investigated the street directories for Eton for the period starting in  the 1770’s through to 1939 for a talk that he gave in March 1997. There is a reference for Willis and Son; Wheelwrights/Coach builders at 124, High Street, Eton for the years 1877, 1881, 1883 and 1887. The photos that he collected to illustrate his talk do not include any for that address of business. The script for the talk is sadly not in the extensive archive that he collected together before his death in 2014.

12th February

Peter Reynolds - N. Marsh 

Hi, I thought that I succeeded in joining the group a short while ago and may have made a post. However, I can find no trace of it. My reason for wishing to join is that I am in the process of conducting family research. There are dozens of things that I would like to know the answer to. Apparently there was a bonded warehouse at Chalvey that stored US War Aid Material. I should like to know of its location. My stepfather Peter Reynolds went to the Porny School before WW2. He lived at Emlyn’s Buildings and his mother used to be in service to one of the Master’s at the Eton College. I wonder if it is possible to find out their identity?  

If anyone can assist N. Marsh with his research please click here  and send a message from this websites contact page. N. Marsh has provided his email address.

28th January

William and Emily Pickering - Lambdog

Do you know if Strugnell's Buildings are still there, if so where are they? My great-great grandparents, William and Emily Pickering lived there in 1881. Thank you.

26th January

Peerless Cars and Motors - Nigel C

Hi EWHG, I wonder does anyone have any photos or information on the Jaguar dealership that was on the Slough Trading Estate? I'm the registrar for the Peerless GT sports car that was made on the estate and we believe they took this dealership over as their showroom/sales etc. Peerless Cars was on Farnham Rd and Peerless Motors was on Bath Rd. Any info on any of these points would be most welcome. 
You can reach me on:


28th October

Clare Richardson - The Willow Tree Pub - Val

I would like to contact this lady, as I am a Crowder, and my family came from Langley Marish. April 20th, 2006 Clare Richardson The Willow Tree Pub I spent many a childhood day playing in and around the Willow Tree Pub in Eton. My grandparents Jack and Barbara Forster were the landlord and landlady for years. Freddy used to work behind the bar and Des used to lodge there. My mum and dad Alan and Diana Crowder helped out at weekends and Aunty Lynne lived at the pub as well and myself and my two sisters just used to have lots of fun. Although this was over 30 years ago i still have wonderfully fond memories of the place. I am interested to know if anyone remembers my grandparents Jack and Barbara Forster (grandpa passed away about 30 years ago) granny is still going strong and will be 100 years old on the 27th of May 2006. Also does anyone have any pictures of the Willow Tree Pub i would love to give granny a picture of the pub on her birthday and any messages anyone has for her. Thank you.

22nd October

Eton Isolation/Fever Hospital - Barbara J Evans

I am undertaking some family history for a friend and have come across an entry for 2 Day children being at Eton Fever hospital in 1911 one was 5 and one 6. The Matron was a Mrs Blake. Do you have any information about the hospital or any possible reasons the 2 children could have been there?

3rd October 

Eton Wick Youth Club - Brian Hoare

As a former Chairman of EW Youth Club in the !990’s I am concerned to learn that the RBWM council is seriously considering post Covid 19 current restrictions that could lead to final and permanent closure of the club. I am aware of some of the more recent history but can any of your members provide a longer history pleas? When was it founded, by whom. Highlights, personalities etc and any more. ammunition that could be used to support the values of the club continuance. Many thanks. Brian Hoare. 

12th August

"The Grapes", "The Pickwick", "Silk Route", 32 Eton Wick Road - Michael

Maybe someone can help. I need any information about "The Grapes" "Pickwick" 'The Pickwick" "Silk Route", 32 Eton Wick Road, SL4 . I'm looking for information about structure. When it was originally built, when was major structural /extension done. I think originally house was built around late 1600 and major extension was done in late 1800. If someone knows any information please help.

If anyone can assist click here to leave a comment.

12th August

Jade Garden - Jenny and Ke

In 2016 my partner and I learnt, from friends, that the owners of the Jade Garden were looking to retire. We were at that time looking to have a shop of our own. We met with Connie and agreed that we would takeover the business. We moved into the Jade Garden in late September 2016. As with any new venture you are never sure if you had made the right decision. Eton Wick was an area we did not know and whilst my partner, Ke and I both had experience of working in Chinese takeaways Fish and Chips was something new to us. Connie was a great help to us when we moved in, teaching us how to cook fish and chips, that staple of the takeaway in the UK. We soon settled into life in Eton Wick, something that was made very easy by the warmth and friendliness shown to us by the villagers. It is now almost four years since we moved in and we do not regret for one moment our decision to move here. We now have a son, Ryan, and we can think of no nicer place to raise a family and thanks to our customers, business is good and so we are here for the long haul. We were asked, recently would we consider moving to a bigger shop in another area and our response was, without hesitation, no we are staying in Eton Wick. 

3rd June

Aaron Lynch - Francis John Garraway

I am born in Eton Wick and currently living in Cornwall. I am doing family history and I wondered if you know anything about my Grandfather Francis John Garraway he lived at 11 Broken Furlong.

10th May

Graeme Wheeler - Sophie Wheeler Born in Clewer around 1830 - Died in Eton 1910

Hello, I'm trying to find the burial place of my 2nd Gt Grandmother and all I have to go on is as follows; Eton Burial Register 1898 - 1938 (CBS Reference PR 72/1/24). Any help would be appreciated. Regards Graeme Wheeler. 

If anyone has information that can help, we can pass this on to Mr Wheeler 

20th April 

Tony Hornby - Rev Francis Hubert Smith

Do you have any knowledge of Rev Francis Hubert Smith. He was married to Mary Gertrude Lea in 1906, by the Bishop of Liverpool, in Liverpool. A small wedding notice stated that he was from Eton Wick, Windsor. I have his war diary from 1916 when he went to modern day Iraq. I would like to see if I can re-unite the diary with descendants.

(If you can assist Mr Hornby with this enquire please let us know and we pass the information on.)

24th  February 2020

Paul Grainger - Farm Cottages home of Herbert Pithers

Hi, I am trying to locate Farm Cottages, The Common, Eton Wick. I am the great grandson of Herbert Pithers, mentioned on the war memorial in the church.

Hoping you are able to point me in the right direction. I expect they have been demolished, if so the location of where they were. Many thanks, Paul Grainger.

Eton Wick History Group reply

Hello Paul

Thank you for your request regarding where your great grandfather, Herbert Pithers about where he lived in Eton Wick. The Eton Wick History Group founding chairman, Frank Bond researched the lives of the men whose names appear on the Village War Memorial and published their stories in Their Names Shall Be Carved In Stone, now out of print. These biographies have been republished on this website and you can find your gr. grandfather’s here biography with this link.

The Farm Cottages that you mention as the Pithers’ home, Mr Bond states were on the western side of Little Common and part of Little Farm. He adds that the cottages were demolished and replaced with a bungalow for Mr and Mrs Cooley. 

Google Maps’ Streetview does not include a close-up image of Little Farm or the bungalow. There is a view across from the Common Road approach to Long Close Farm.  

3rd January 2020

Unknown - Dorney Common anti-aircraft battery 1940-45.

I can't seem to find any more information on life in the squat Dorney camp. Is there anything written about the people and life there?


20th May 2018

Wendy Wilford - Punch and Judy

My Grandparents Ernie and Emily Wilks made a Punch and Judy show from scratch. My Grandad performed with his puppets outside Windsor Castle. I wonder if anyone has memories or photos of the Punch and Judy show. 

If you would like to get in touch with Wendy please contact the History Group secretary directly or through this website.


10th August 2017

Coronation Tea, 1953

My mum - Jennifer James née Bond - is the little blonde girl with the white bow next to the lady with the kettle! She would've been 10 years old. I assume that her twin sister, Pauline, is the little girl with the party hat on behind her.

29 March 2017

Chris Cowland - Eton Wick School in the Post War Years

I attended Eton Wick school from age 4 in 1956 till 1967 when I went to Slough Grammar. I  have many memories I would love to share. If you would like to contact Chris please use the Contact EWHG button and we will pass on your message and details.


27th October 2016

Chris Cowland - Eton Wick School 

I notice your treasurer is P Hodgson. I wonder if this is Paul, who was one of my classmates at Eton Wick School. On another subject, I attended Slough Grammar School until 1970, and they have a website, the Old Paludians, that includes some pictures and names of the whole school. Do you have anything similar for Eton Wick School?


16th November 2015

Steven Denham - The Blue Bus Service

My first view of Eton Wick at the beginning of September 1960 was from the wonderful Blue Bus!

28th September 2015

Chris Cowland

Eton Wick School - memories of Mr Moss' time as headmaster.

I remember Mr. Moss very well. I started at the school in the Old Building with Mrs. Babris as my teacher, and I recall the daily tasks of lighting the overhead gaslights as the daylight faded in the afternoons, and the coveted job of filling up the inkwells before the first bakelite ballpoint pens were invented. It was quite a competitive school, and when we first learned maths we had to complete "slip tests", and you had to get a perfect score in one test to advance to the next test. Mr. Moss had his own personally taught class for the ten plus and eleven plus candidates, and like Steven says, the person who scored highest got to sit at the front left hand of the class. I remember one time when the "Three Christophers" were the top three, Chris Cowland (me), Chris Seddon, and Chris Harper. I ended up passing the ten plus, was the smallest kid starting the first year at Slough Grammar, and never looked back. Thank you for that, Mr. Moss, you had an iron hand, but your heart was in the right place.

Eton Wick School - gallery of class photographs

Chis Cowland adds I'll have to dig out my old school picture and post it. My best buddies at school were Gary Rainer, Barry Royal, and Ken Woodley, many great memories. Steven's brother Andrew was in my class. I moved to Canada in 1980 and lost touch with almost everyone. Last time I came back to England and my old home at 6 Eton Wick Road was for my mother's funeral in 1994. It would be great to touch base.

If you would like to get in touch with Chris please contact the History Group secretary directly or though this website.

22nd August 2015

Sarah Parry
Reply to Gill Edmonds

Hi Gill

I am Sarah the daughter of George Hind (deceased 2010). He married Sylvia in 1971, had 2 daughters & lived in Slough all his life. Hilda Lewis (Hind/Phillips) did indeed live at 228 Uxbridge Rd Slough. Parts of Slough came under the Eton registration district. 

Hilda & Stephen Phillips worked for Joseph Rochford & Sons Ltd which I believe was an agricultural nursery. I believe the cottages they lived in came with the job & the company was owned by Viscount Sidmouth. I remember Ivor & Mary Jane living a few doors away along Uxbridge Rd. Hilda married Stephen Phillips in St Mary's church Langley Marish Buckinghamshire  5th April 1947. 

Stephen lived at 236 Uxbridge Rd.Bert Hind - Hilda's 1st husband died 27th March 1943 aboard the HMS Dasher (good book The tragedy of the HMS Dasher by John Steele). Jemima Yemm is buried in Stoke Rd Cemetery Slough burial reg no 1333 section NC no of grave 864 paid for 25th April 1944 £3 three shillings by Thomas George Lewis of 228 Uxbridge Rd. 

I believed Doreen lived in central Slough until her death. Dad always said she had a family bible with a family tree in the front which my nan had for a while but I have no idea where it is now.  I also heard rumours that Hilda was a twin & her sister had died as a child? I hope this information is of some help to you. Sarah 

17th August 2015

Tania Thompson
Harriet Huse nee Hunt

Harriet Huse was my Great Grandmother, in 1911 she lived in Dorney and was in service for the local Doctor, John Waters. Later she moved to Eton Wick and married Robert Henry Huse who lodged and worked for a tailor in Eton. They lived in a cottage along Common Road which is no longer there. They married in 1915 and had Ivy May (1915-1919) Fred, Ellen (Nellie) and Bob. When Harriet was expecting Bob, her husband died age 43, just 2 years after losing Ivy her first child. My G.Grandmother went on to support her 3 remaining children on her own and she lived into her 80's. Harriet died in 1974 and is buried in  St. John the Baptist grave yard, Eton Wick with her husband and child. She was a strong lady.  

17th August 2015

Tania Thompson

Nellie and Fred Bennell

My 'Nan and Pop' were Nell (1920-92) and Fred Bennell (1917-87), they lived with my Nan's Mother Harriet for a short time and then moved to Tilstone Avenue, where they lived for the rest of their lives. The houses in Tilstone were new and luxurious compared to the little cottages in Common Rd. They had electricity and central heating! Pop worked on Slough Trading Estate and Nan worked at Eton College. She used to ride her bike to work. Pop had a car, even in the early days. As kids, we were able to use some of Eton Colleges' facilities like the swimming pool, tennis courts and golf course (with a permit) because a family member worked there. They don't do that any they? I grew up in Bellsfield Court in the 70's and remember the hot summers that seemed to go on for an eternity, playing hopscotch on the paving stones that are still there and the Silver Jubilee street party of 1977.  Fred and Nell had 2 children, Shirley and David Bennell. I have fond memories of time spent with my Grandparents. My Nan's brothers married and lived in E.W. Fred Huse married Bet and Bob married Rose. I believe Bob ran some sort of building business at one time(??) before moving to Banbury and then onto Cornwall. I still live in Eton Wick and my Nan and Pop and Fred and Bet are buried in St.John the Baptist church yard. I have often wondered if any one remembers my Gt. Grandmother Harriet or my Grandparents Fred Bennell and Nellie Bennell, I would like to approach Bob Bond and ask.

25th  February 2015

Steve Denham

Remembering Mr Moss

I remember Mr Moss as a fair, but strict Headmaster who provided opportunity for children to succeed. I do remember the sting of his cane on the palms of both my hands after being caught doing something that I shouldn't have. He also put me in his 11 plus hopefuls group which I remember was a competitive class as the weekly test results set each pupils seat for the following week. I recall that I only got into the top half for one week. I failed the exam and went to The Orchard secondary modern school in Slough in September 1964.

15th February 2015

Jim Bartlett

When were the houses at Broken Furlong built?

I wonder if you can help me.  I would like to know when the houses in Broken Furlong were built.  The reason is that my mother was living at number 16 when I was born in 1944, but I am not sure if the house which now has that address is the actual building.


28th January 2015

Fay Lawrie

Saddock Farm

I have been researching the Cross family of Winkfield and found John Cross and wife Jeanette lived there in the 1881 census, with their family. Does anyone have more information on the Cross's of Winkfield? John and family emigrated to New Zealand in 1885.

If you can help Fay, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we'll forward your email to her.

5th January, 2015

Caitlyn Maynard

Anderson's newsagents

Since stumbling upon some diaries that belonged to my sadly deceased granny - Catherine Anne O'Gorman - I have been intrigued as to whether anyone in Eton Wick remembers her or her at-the-time fiancé, Tony Anderson.

All I know about Tony is that he lived in Eton Wick and from what I've heard and seen on this site, I believe his parents owned a newsagents on Eton Wick Road.

If anyone knows Tony Anderson or remembers him and my granny, I would really love to hear from you. Thanks!

If you have any memories to share with Caitlyn, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we'll forward your message to her.

Roy Arnold has added:

In 1951, when the "new" shops opened we were at the butcher's, No 5 the newsagents, Mr & Mrs Anderson were at no13. their son, Gerry, and I were classmates at the grammar school. Later, after National Service, Gerry opened a restaurant somewhere along the A 303 on the road to Cornwall. Possibly near Mere????


21st December, 2014

Rob Day


Back in the 70s I was returning to Canada from Nigeria. On the flight from Kano to London, I met a chap who was a veterinarian he was bringing a student to England for studies.He insisted that I stay the night at his cottage that he shared with a mate who happened to fly for British Airways. I took him up on his offer and actually managed to find the place.It turned out to be Wheatbutts, and having read The Moon's A Balloon, I was familiar with the place when they mentioned that David Niven had lived there. We spent the next day along the canal,and lunched in a nearby town. It remains a fond memory.

21st December, 2014

Ann Ward nee Sable

Sad news re Dick Mylam

Was sad to read that Gordon Paintin had passed away. We also very recently lost Arthur 'Dick' Mylam aged 89.

21st December, 2014

Ann Ward nee Sable

Happy Memories

Have been thinking a lot recently about mine and Malcolm's happy courtship days in Eton Wick. Sadly Malcolm passed away in September just before our 37th Wedding anniversary. We used to meet with friends st the Shepherd's hut pub. Malcolm's first job was at Bond's green grocers. We were married at st john the baptist in Sept 1977 and our reception was at the village hall. We couldn't have the scout hut because Gill Bowyer had booked ut. She got married at st johns the hour before us. Happy days.

13th December, 2014

Gill Edmunds

Lewis, Rivers, Phillips, Hind

I am in the researching my family tree and was wondering if anyone had memories of my family. Some lived in Eton Wick.

My family moved from South Wales to Slough about 1913. My great grandmother was Jemima Lewis. My grandmother Eva married my grandfather in Langley Marish church, her sister Miriam married John Rivers, three children Ivor, Doreen and Robert. Hilda married Albert Hind and they had a child George. Hilda later married Stephen Phillips. I believe that Hilda and Steve lived on Uxbridge Road, her brother Ivor had a daughter Ann.

I would love to know more about the family. They may have been involved working in nurseries around the area. Does anyone know if there were nurseries? Would be grateful to hear from anyone that remembers or has stories about any of these people.

If you can help Gill, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we'll forward your email to her.

5th December, 2014

Roger Paintin

Gordon Paintin

Just to advise that my father, Gordon Paintin, aged 93, sadly passed away on 27th November 2014. He lived in Eton Wick for most of his life and leaves many friends. His family will miss him greatly.

30th November, 2014


Stannett Family

Hi my 2nd great grandfather was Mr "Hammer" Stannett the Hayward, I am currently trying to put a family tree together of my family and any pictures or information people have on his family tree would be very helpful. I have the photo of him in the field with the cows but anything else about his family would be great.

If you can help Christina with her family tree, please get in touch using the link above and we will forward your message to her.

20th July, 2014

Hilary Cruze nee Eyles


have any members photos or memories of our family the eyles. am still in contact my aunt marg reeves nee eyles and janet miles my first friend. fond memories. just moved to taunton and found a over 60s club run in a centre called the frank bond centre. it made me smile as i am still a wick girl at heart

1st May, 2014

John Huse

Some 1950s pictures

Three very old pictures.

1st one is 1957ish at Bob Bonds Gymkhana.

2nd is primary school summer camp at Wolvercote 1956. Micky Bell, David Nuth, David Cameron, Robert McCleish to name a few.

Last pic is Raggy Road teachers 1960. Miss Dixon, Miss Jones, Mr Evans, Bill Birmingham top right he taught my father in the 30s at Eton Porney.

Love your site hope these pictures bring back some memories.

1st May, 2014

June Watts (nee Ponsonby)

School memories in Eton

My family moved to Iver approx. early 40's, I attended a school in Eton called as far as I remember Hamlet of Radcliffe, till I left in 1946, does anyone remember it? Would love to hear from you, now living in Canada since 1957.

If you would like to reply to June, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message.

12th March, 2014

Mick Mitchell

The Harris Family (butchers)

Further to my last message (see below, 3rd March), I have learnt that one of my mothers sisters Rose Harris upon marrying took the Brunswick Arms next to the Guards barracks in Windsor and that they stabled polo ponies at the rear of the pub. I further found out that my mother had many brothers and sisters and that all the girls were named after flowers, Violet, Rose, May, Daisey and I think that there were others.

3rd March, 2014

Mick Mitchell

The Harris Family (butchers)

My grandparents had a smallholding in Eton wick with a well known cottage and cottage garden. Can anyone shed any light on the subject, it was around the turn of the last century.

If you can help Mick with his enquiry, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

19th February, 2014

Nina Cooley

Cooley's in Eton Wick

My father Peter Cooley, his sister Valerie Cooley and my grandparents Mabel and Peter Cooley lived in Eton Wick in the 1950's and I believe Peter had been brought up there. Mabel was from Windsor. My dad's cousin Billy Cooley was a farmer, milk man and mayor.

I've noted that Donna or Maureen on here knew Billy, and of a Stephen Cooley in the 1770's. Sadly my dad passed away in November 2012 and shortly followed by Billy in early 2013. Dad had met with Billy to discuss the family tree but all too late, so I hope to continue it and find out more about Eton Wick and who my family were and knew.

Dad had fond memories of the village, of fishing and family meals together. He later moved to Ascot to marry my mother and my brother (Laurence Cooley) and I were brought up there. We visit Eton Wick regularly.

Look forward to possibly hearing from one of you .

If you'd like to get in touch with Nina, please send a message using the link at the top of this page and it will be forwarded on to her.

7th January, 2014

Judy Young (nee Garland)

Wartime Evacuees

Hello - my son (aged 45) is attempting to put together a family tree. From his investigations we found that my father and his brother and sisters were evacuated during the war - where to, we cannot find out. They lived in central London and their names were Horace, Ronald and Irene. We have discovered that my fathers sister was injured in some way whilst away or suffered from shell shock.

Does anyone remember my family? We have no photographs older than the ones we have taken outselves. Thank you in advance.

If you can help Judy, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.


29th October, 2013

Sally Dodd (Kreamer)

Meeting friends from Eton Wick

My sister, Beverley and I have spent the weekend in Birmingham where we met up with Louise Lake (Benham). What a fabulous catch up, so many memories of Eton Wick, the school and the people.

23rd October, 2013

Dennis Rowles

Tarrants of Eton Wick

My mothers side of the family came from Eton Wick which is from my second great grandfather his father was Philip Tarrant. going back to my second great grand father his name was William Tarrant he was born in wroughton wiltshier he was born 1791, but he did return to Eton Wick he died 1874.

kind regards dennis rowles

Dennis then added:

William Tarrant was the son of Philip Tarrant and Martha Herbert both came from eton wicks, Philip was born 1761. Martha Herbert was born 1772 died 1849. Philip was the son of Robert Tarrant born 1738 at eton wicks he married Elizabeth Edwards she was born 1741. William Tarrant who was born 1791 my second great grand father had a brother by the name of Robert he was younger than William, William Tarrant marmied sarah stoneham at garsdon wiltshier. I hope I have been of help kind regards dennis rowles

12th October, 2013

Peter Stanley

Climo Family

I know this family is linked to my Hawkins family via Fanny Climo nee Hawkins and Albert Climo. I know both of these were still in Dorney in 1961 and 1958 respectively and I wonder if any of the Climos are still in the area.

If you can help Peter with this enquiry, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

29th September, 2013

Jacqueline Sparks

Eton Wick is where my heart is

I was not born in Eton Wick but my Granny lived in Alma Road in Violet cottages. Her name was Jane Slamaker and my granddad Henry James, they had 10 children. I spent a lot of my childhood there as most of my uncles lived there. My great granny lived next door in Violet cottages. Most of my family are now buried in the church yard and I go when I can. There is a tree in the churchyard with the dedicated to the Slamaker family. My mum was Mary Slamaker and she is now 88 years old the only one left now. So will always think of Eton Wick as my home.

29th September, 2013


Mystery of Hannah Howse/House

On further research in regards to my Great grandmother, Hannah HOWSE/HOUSE, Born in Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, Abt. Nov 1857, who was enumerated at Henry Howse-her G/Father's household, as 3 year old. But I'm wondering if this Henry was her Father, because his age does not seem to be old enough to be her G/father! As I have not yet obtained a Birth Certificate, I'm thinking that her Birth was registered, Dec Q'tr, 1857, Vol.3a; page 349, in Bucks.

I hope that someone may have family members from Upton Cum Chalvey, enumerated at 98 Cape of Good Hope Road, Eton, in the Census of 1861, from the Howse/Wheeler family? Names given are Henry HOWSE, Head- Agri. labourer- His age seems to be 27 Yrs, the same as Mary HOWSE, Dau(?),Laundress, also 27 Yrs; Henry James HOWSE, Grand Son(?) and Scholar of 5 Yrs; Grand Daughter(?)Hannah HOWSE, who I believe to be my Great Grandmother, 3 Yrs ; Charles HOWSE, 1 year old, Grand Son(?).

Please, may I draw your attention to No. 100 Cape of Good Hope Road, to that of George HOWSE, also Agri. Labourer and Wife Mary HOWSE,( perhaps Nee HOBBS)-Could George HOWSE, perhaps own these two houses? Therefore making these young children mentioned, HIS Grand children-NOT Henry's, as stated? Another BIG question for hundreds of people in Australia, researching this Family, is When and How did Hannah come to the shores of Queensland? One thing we DO know, is that she did not swim - though she did end up living in a subtropical climate, beside the waters edge, here in Australia. If someone knows of Hannah's life after the 1861 Census, it would be great to find out the names of her Parents/ Grandparents, because her death certificate of 1908, has information that is miss-leading.

If you can help Diane with these enquiries, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

30th July 2013


Hannah Howse

Hello from Australia - I'm researching THE BIRTH & PARENTS of my maternal Great Grandmother-Hannah HOWSE/HOUSE,Born around Oct/Nov 1857, who I've found in the 1861 census, as Grand Daughter of 3 years, in the Household of Henry & Mary HOWSE, their Son, Henry HOWSE, along with Hannah's Brother, (perhaps)-Charles HOWSE, Grand Son of the household, 1year. THE ADDRESS is given 96 Cape of Good Hope Road, District 10f; Upton Cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire. CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS FAMILY CONUNDRUM-THANKS FOR THE CHANCE TO PUT OUT THIS PLEA!

Diane has asked about Hannah HOWSE/HOUSE, or any known relatives of these Upton Cum Chalvey, families. She would be very grateful, if someone could inform her of the life of her Grandparents,Parents, and her 'where abouts' after the 1861 Census.

If you can help, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

5th May, 2013

Keith Robinson

William Robinson

I am researching my families history and I would like any information about my great grandfather William Robinson born Eton 1830/31.

I believe his father was Thomas, mother Elizabeth. The 1841 census shows household at Eton union Denham parish. William, a farm labourer, moved to West Butterwick Isle of Axholme and married Elizabeth Markham in 1858, died at Epworth, Isle of Axholme 17th January 1908.

If you can help Keith with his family history query, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to him.

1st April, 2013

Judith Fearn (nee Belcher)

Fancy dress, 1950s

Judith sent this picture of children in fancy dress, in the Wheatbutts around mid 1950s. Her sister Jane is one of the children, but who were the others?

If you can help with identification, please let us know, using the email link at the top of the page.

22 March, 2013

Wendy Wilford (prev. Hall)


My Grandparents Eddie and Emily Wilks lived in Tilsone Avenue, Eton Wick for about 60 years till about 1993. Eddie Wilks was a carpenter and did punch and judy show in Windsor, the punch and judy equipment still in family (I have photos). Would love to hear from anyone that knew them to share memories.

If you would like to get in touch with Wendy, please use the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to her.

17th March, 2013

Kenneth White

Getting in touch

Mr White is looking to get in touch with anyone who knows him, perhaps from his teaching days at Eton Wick. If you would like to send a message to be forwarded on to him, please use the link at the top of the page.

17th March, 2013

Peter Stanley

Hawkins family

Another bit of family history has been uncovered this past week in which we have discovered a connection to the Allen Family which starts around 1765, so if there are any fh seekers for this family please get in touch. Also blacksmith like other members of family in Boveney/Dorney.

(You can use the link at the top of the page to get in touch.)

15th February, 2013

Simon Craven

Betty Williams (nee Craven)

Am searching for the family of the late Betty Williams. Betty moved to the Slough area in the late 1940's/early 50's from Wisbech (Cambs). She married Clifford Williams (ex-Raf) and lived at one time in Northern Road, Slough. Her daughter (my cousin) is Margaret Williams (may now be married). She was born in Eton in December 1951. Margaret may have a sister (she did have a brother "Teddy" who sadly died in a traffic accident when young).

I would like to be in touch with Margaret but have absolutely no present details about her or her whereabouts. It's possible she used to work for either the borough or county council. Any leads would be very gratefully received.

If you can help Simon, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

30th January, 2013

Roger Paintin


Just flicking through the entries on this site and remembering some of the names and attractions. It seems an awful long time ago but happy days. My father, Gordon, now 92 has just moved out of the village after 65 years of living in Eton Wick Road. Great site and would be good to hear from anyone associated with Eton Wick School between 1964 and 1969, the fetes and easter monday football tournament.

(You can use the link at the top of the page to get in touch.)

22nd January, 2013

Robin Vincent

Eton Wick School 1963 to 1969

It was good to read Susan Thomas (nee Humphries) comments [see 12 May 2012], many of which I do remember amazingly clearly! The frogs in the garden, and all of those names plus a few others, John and Gwen Hart (Gwen previously Branwight who had a son named Dean), Lee Sanderson whose parents Avril and Jimmy are sadly now no longer alive, and the Weightman's son Nigel who I also grew up with. I also remember Martin and Malcolm Ward (the later who Ann Sable married), and we all used to have great fun on the bikes.

I am still in touch with Lee Sanderson who now lives in Cyprus, and am hoping to meet up with him very soon. Sadly since I last wrote, my mother, Florrie has died, she passed away on 30th June 2012. Both of my parents and my Grandmother are in Eton wick churchyard. I am now in touch with Martin Deebank and hope to meet up soon.


2nd December, 2012

Nigel Marsh

Family Research

The remit of the nature of my reasons for this my first post on this forum is too wide to ask specific questions, therefore, If there there is anybody that reads this notice that can remember any of the following I would be grateful if they would indicate so and I will take steps to get in touch with them via PM.

A lady named Ada Edwards (nee Kirtland) who I am told used to run some tea rooms about five doors down on the right as one would look down Eton High Street towards Slough from Windsor bridge.
Her father Thomas Kirtland who lived in Windsor and Middlesex was a pub landlord and hotelier and one of the founder members of the Windsor LV Association.
Any other Kirtland who I understand lived I the vicinity of Eton Wick or Dorney. (Many Kirtland's lived in Windsor)
Walter James Reynolds who lived in the watermans cottages near Windsor bridge on the Eton side upstream.
His wife Elsie nee Wilson (1900-66) who was once in service and went on to work for Horlicks in Slough in the mid 1950s or early 1960s.
His son Peter (Louis) who went to The Porney School in the 1930s then on to Slough Grammar before joining the BISN Co. in the mid 1940s.
Best wishes

Nigel Marsh

If anyone can help Nigel with his research, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

27th September, 2012

Christopher Hall

Eton Wick

All of my family siblings went to Eton Wick Primary School.
MARK HALL..In New Zealand

All alive and doing well. Remember so many people from the time I was at school...we travelled in from Dorney Reach always late for School because of the bus
Mr V.C. Moss head master....Ms Winder...Mrs Miles (sweetie)...Remember Stuart Newcombe Manning Howard, Reeves brothers - the list is endless. Loved Dorney Reach...lived as boy and man...Mother and father still alive living in Marlborough Wiltshire...86 and 87.

Loved the fetes in Eton Wick and playing shinty. Loved the Christmas Carol singing at the church and the nativety play. So glad I found this site...going to look for the Dorney site. Have returned to Dorney this year to manage aspects of the Olympics at Eton and Dorney Lake.(first time in 30 years) Have had a wonderful time...mail me if you remember that tall skinny know it all from Dorney Kindest thougts fondest memories.
Christopher Hall aged 59

If you would like to get in touch with Christopher, please send a message using the link at the top of the page and we will forward it to him.

29th August, 2012

William Jeffreys

Great Great Grandfather

My Great Great Grandfather William Buckthorp Jeffreys was a Police Constable who lived in Eton Wick in 1891 and became the School attendance officer on the 1901 census and is buried in Eton Wick Church.

24th August, 2012

Martin Swadling

Fond memories of Eton Wick

Lived in the wick from 1960 to 1970. Eton Wick school. Mr Moss. Mrs Miles. Mr Nash. Newly built outside swimming pool. Clearing stones off new football pitch. Explosion at swimming pool in boiler house. Canadian log roller. Shinty competitions. Rounders. Wicko carnival Tug of war Piano smashing competion. Lived next to the Seddons in Victoria road. Happy days.

24th August, 2012


Lynch / Cox Family

Hi wondering if anyone remembers Annie Cox, liked to be called Ann, married to Ernest Lynch. Sadly she passed away giving birth to a boy. They had 3 girls together, Monica, Shirley, Suesan (Sue). My grandad Ernest lived next to the pub in Eton, was always outside his house in his wheel chair.

23rd August, 2012

John Walton

Working for Jimmy Ireland

I find it amazing looking through the Eton Wick History pages from time to time. I had a message added in 12th December 2009 as I once worked for Jimmy Ireland at 41 Eton Wick Road as an apprentice carpenter between 1959-1964/5. I worked with carpenters Eddie Wilkes, Viv Williams and Jock Lockhart at different times during my apprentice years.

21st July, 2012

Mark Copeland

Eton Porney School

My mother and father left London at the start of the W.W.II and moved to Dorney where my father had job working for a Colonel Palmer, who lived in a large house at the end of Dorney village where the road bears right heading towards the Bath road. I remember an army tank smashing into his brick wall, it seemed everybody in the village came to have a good look. Us kids were well impressed.

We lived in the Colonel's " Gardeners Cottage " which is still there, there was my sister Fay who was 4 years older than me ( Mark ) and my mum Queenie and dad Frank. My dad worked for the Colonel until he got his call up papers. My sister and I went to the local Dorney school, where the head teacher was a fierce battleaxe who every body called Gaff Bennet, her grave stone is in Dorney church grave yard just inside the gate on the left. I remember Dorney post office and the baker with the tantalizing smell of freshly cooked bread, happy days!

After Dorney school I had to go by bus every day to Eton Porney. Eton high street in those days was a busy place with the bus from Windsor driving over the bridge which it does not do now. Wednesday was half day closing and the bus stopped at Eton Wick, poor little me had to walk across Dorney common on half day closing to get home from school, nobody in those days gave it a second thought!

I do remember at the Dorney village end of the common was a large shallow pool which sometimes froze over in winter, us kids had lots of fun sliding across it. I can remenber a couple of my Dorney mates, Phillip Watson we used to call him Pippi and Kenny Jacques whose family had a farm in Dorney. After the war we were moved to Cippenham while waiting for a brand new council house. Happy days all right, lots of fun roaming over the fields to the river with not a care in the world.

7th July, 2012

John Bond


Hi, I joined Eton Wick cubs in 1957. In those days the scout hut was in the Wheatbutts field. Access was from Bell Lane. The scout hut was later burnt down by some local youths I believe. My claim to fame was earning the most on bob a job for two years running. I did have one unfortunate mishap when a dog jumped straight through a window at me when I knocked on the door of a house in Eton Wick Road. I was the other side of the gate before he could recover. I believe it was a Margaret Fennell who was Arkela.

5th July, 2012

Amanda Crawshaw (nee Ross)

Scouting in Eton Wick

I am a Cub leader in Eton Wick and have been for over 17 and a half years now. I was just reading one of your books and came across something that I think is quite a remarkable achievement. Scouting has been a part of Eton Wick's way of life for 100 years this year. As far as I can tell from the book, the first Scout troop was formed in 1912, with the Cub section in 1930. Remarkable, don't you think?!

It's a shame there is no Scout troop now, but thankfully the Cub and Beaver sections are alive and kicking! Long may it continue :o)

11th June, 2012

David Johnson

Eton Wick Primary School

I attended Eton Wick Primary School from 1938 - 1944. I lived at No 76 Eton Wick Road (Formerly 1 Palmer place.) My parents were Harry (Henry) John Johnson and Nancy Johnson. I had 3 sisters - Doreen, Kathleen and Eileen and 2 brothers Tosh (Tony) and Nicky. I would love to hear from anyone who can remember me or can share a few memories. Many thanks.

If you want to send a message to David, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to him.

12th May, 2012

Susan Thomas nee Humphrey

Broken Furlong

What a fantastic site. Mum and Dad (Emily and Ron) moved to 18 Broken Furlong in 1960 when I was 2yrs old. Just seen the comment from Robin Vincent and have fond memories of his parents Florrie and Arthur and the sandpit in the garden which we used as a frog prison after collecting them from the common at the bottom of the garden.

Remembering many names from the past, Nanny and Poppy Dobson, Adrian Beck, The Redrupp family, Eileen and Jack (Francis) Shaw, Albert and Lillian Sable, Ann Sable, Pat and Mary Weightman, Mr and Mrs Bunce, the list is endless. Anyone remember Uncle Pagett and his donkey derbies.

5th May, 2012

Joanna-Kate Tarrant

Tarrant Family

I have been researching my family history and have traced them back to Eton Wick. My 6x greatfather was a Robert Tarrant and I am descended from his son Joseph and his son Phillip.

Is there anybody else who is descended from Robert's children or even Joseph's or has any information about them, it would be a great help :)

Thanks, Kate

If you can help Kate, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

Kate, we need an email address for you so we can forward any replies.

9th April, 2012

Yvonne Davies

Holtum Family

I visit Jean Stevens (nee Morris) regularly in Derby. Having told her about the message posted by John Holtum, she has indicated she would love to speak to him. My Grandmother and Aunty Jean's Mother, was Helena (nelly) Holtum.

John, if you read this message please get in touch using the link at the top of the page, as we don't have an email address for you.

7th April, 2012

Dennis Rowse


My ancesters came from Eton Wick, in this case the Tarrants. I have found a Robert Tarrant, 2 Joseph Tarrants, my link is a William Tarrant who was the son of a Philip Tarrant. William was born in Wroughton Wiltshier 1791, he was my ggreatgrandfather.

kind regards dennis rowles

12th March, 2012

Peter Stanley

Old Buildings in Dorney

Has anyone got a picture of any of the blacksmiths in Dorney and the house of Jeremiah Dell?

If you can help Peter with these pictures, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

23rd February, 2012

Joan Spouse

Mills / Spouse family

I am searching for my 2nd cousins, Sarah Jane Mills, born 3/4 of 1969 in Eton, & her sister Deborah Mills, born 4/4 of 1972 in Eton. Their parents were George B. Mills & Jennifer Lanz. George Bernard Mills, 44 years of age, died 1988 & was the only child of Allison Joyce Spouse & George B. Mills. Spouse is my maiden name & I would very much like to contact either of my cousins to exchange some family history & photos.

Both of our Grandfathers, John Spouse & William Thomas Spouse, were Engineers in W.W. I. My grandfather John Spouse was killed in Arras, France however William Thomas Spouse survived. Any help would be very much appreciated.

If you can help Joan, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

12th February, 2012

Clare Gaboury-Stevens

Coronation Photograph

(See message below) My mother, Maria Stevens, is the woman on the far right, looking directly into the camera. My brother, Paul Stevens, is the little boy below her, he is looking to the right of the photograph. I belive the gentleman at the back of the photo, wearing the cap, is Mr. Pass. Hope this helps.

11th February, 2012

John Bond

Photograph of Coronation party

I've just been looking at the photograph of the coronation party. It was held opposite my grandfather's green grocery yard on Common Road. Not far from the Greyhound Pub. It would have been in 1953 not 1952. (This has now been corrected!) The lady on the far left is my mother Kathleen Bond and next to her Betty Hood nee Bond. The small fair haired girl behind the boy with the cap is my sister Pat Bond. Directly opposite her is a small fair haired boy with his face looking down. That is Steven Blay. Can anyone else identify those in the photograph?

Click here to see the photograph.

4th January, 2012

John Noble

Alma Road Street Party

The photo of Alma Rd street party (click here to see it - 3rd picture on the page), I have that photo hanging up in my house, as I am the little boy in the front row, and my mother on the right, is Alice Maud Noble. My sister Sheila Noble is there too.

2nd January, 2012

John Holtum

Holtum family

My ancestors lived in Eton Wick and Eton since the early 1900's.

We'd love to know more about your family connections to Eton and Eton Wick - tried to contact you but the email address you provided didn't work.

2nd January, 2012

Harold Budinger

1946 to 1948

I was in the RHG's [Royal Horse Guards] and always remember the Saturdays & Sunday afternoons, with crowds of people picknicking, swimming, and just enjoying being there beside the Thames, I am 83yrs old now, but what I want to know is? can one still do those things, or have it all stopped.

People still picnic on the Brocas, but do they swim there? If anyone knows, please get in touch using the email link at the top of the page.


24th November, 2011

Robin Lockhart

Wheatbutts Cottage

My father John Lockhart, known in the village as Jock lived in Wheatbutts around 1936-1938 when he was batman {army servant} to a Captain Douglas 2nd Battalion Scots Guards who was billeted there. He met and married my mother Grace Harman and spent the rest of his life in the village. He worked as a carpenter for Jimmy Ireland until he retired at 65yrs. He frequented the Shepherds Hut and Greyhound pubs until he died in 1995 aged 88yrs. There is a brass plaque in his memory on the wall in the Greyhound stating " Jock Lockhart a Gentleman ".

23rd November 2011

Edna McDilda

Neville Reginald Howse

I have deep roots in the Howse family born in Eton, Chalvey. I've just found Neville R Howse born in Somerset. He won the Victoria Cross in the Boer War. He was a surgeon. I've been told that he met my relatives in Australia, Neville went there in 1899. I'm told he is cousin to a Jesse Howse born 1872 in Datchet Bucks. Can anyone help with pertinent info to confirm or deny his relativity to me?

If you can help Edna with this enquiry, please send a message using the link at the top of the page and we will forward it to her.

16 November, 2011

Peter Stanley

War Memorials

Have anyone seen Herbert and Frank Hawkins on any memorial in the area. They are the sons of Thomas and Sarah Hawkins of Pigeon House farm (Dorney) according to C.W.G.C site. They are related to George Hawkins of Blacksmith/Pigeon House farm via one of his brothers.
If you can help Peter with this enquiry, please send a message using the link at the top of the page and we will forward it to him.

25th October, 2011

Peter Stanley

More family history

A family will in 1794 has given us some new names to follow who are connected to Webbs and Seddings of Dorney/Boveney. I wonder if anyone has connections. The names are Chitty, Dell, Windsor, Buckland, Grantham. The family may have been connected to the chairmaking industry.

If you can help Peter with his family history connections, please send a message using the link at the top of the page and we will forward it to him.

4th October, 2011

Robin Vincent

Eton Wick School 1963 to 1969

I just came across this site, and wanted to add to the comments already posted. I remember two people who have posted so far, Martin Deebank and James Moss from my happy days at the school between 1963 and 1969. I share Martin's memory of the 10 yard swimming certificate under Mr Nash and it seemed like swimming a mile in those days! I played goalkeeper in the football team, and James Moss was No 6 centre forward as I recall? I particularly remember our game against the Lee school in Slough where we played really well but still lost! (they were No 1 in the league after all)...

Some of the names here are familiar and I often wonder what happened to some others from my class, namely Steven Cole, Beverly Ross (living in Suffolk I believe), Angela Goldswain, Heather Talbot, Gillian Bowyer and many others, so would like to hear if anyone knows of them.

I lived in Broken Furlong throughout my time at the school and subsequently in Eton Wick in the late 1970s, now living in East Sussex as well as spending a lot of time at our house in France with my wife Mary.

My father Arthur Vincent sadly died on December 8th 2002, and I often visit his grave in the church yard next to the school in Eton Wick. Mum Florrie, is still alive aged 89 and lives near Abingdon where I see her when in the area.

Anyway, would love to re-live some old memories with anyone who remembers me and please get in touch if you do.

If you would like to contact Robin, please use the link at the top of the page to send an email, and we will forward it to him.

29th September, 2011

Sharon Paice

Sharon Paice

Hiya all ive just come across this website an omg does bring back alot of memories,, im the daughter of Jennifer Paice an grandaughter of Betty Paice sadly both passed now. i used to live opposite the sheppards hut then moved down to sheepcote road which my brother Peter still lives.i moved to burnham many years ago but remembering the old times at the wick is so great such a perfect place to bring up children seing all the names on the website an remembering alot of them more by name well if anyone has any pics that they could share with any members of my family ide love to hear from you im so glad this website has been put together :)thank you

14th September, 2011

Hazel Tester (Knightsbridge)

Awakened memories

I am amazed at the things I have read. The Wheatbutts, well, my mother worked there in the 1950's and I well remember an American couple living there in fact I received a dress from them when they returned to the States and I was about 8 years old then.

My daughter recently showed me the book of the history of Eton Wick and Eton, in it I found a photo of my father dressed as Aladin with my sister at the front as some kind of flower! there is also a photo of my great Aunt Mrs P. Dobson so as you can imagine its rather taken me by surprise.

14th August, 2011

Bill Paradise

Evacuee in Eton Wick 1940-46

Just came across this this website which I find most interesting.

I was evacuated from London to Eton Wick in 1940 and first stayed with Mr and Mrs Parrot in Sheepcote Road,later moving to the Jillians family in The Walk with whom I spent most of the war years. They were very kind to me. I am still in touch with their elder daughter, Ellen.

I have so many great memories of my time in the village-being sent to Chantler's shop at the top of The Walk for groceries, my best friend Johnny Bond, Mrs Newall from The Greyhound saving beer bottle tops for us to float in the stream down on the Common pretending they were racehorses, Pass's pigs at the back of the house and helping to milk cows on one of the farms on the other side of The Common.

I remember being in the class of Mrs Miles and then Miss Rooke at the village school before my parents moved to temporary accommodation in Eton which was on the first floor of an old pub, The Cricketers, at the back of Eton High Street, overlooking The Brocas. I spent a year or two at Eton Porny school where Mr Hardy was the Head and making good friends with Michael Knight and Brian Clinch whose parents had the baker's shop in the high street. The floods of 1947 are indelibly imprinted on my memory as the school was closed for three weeks which we all thought was marvellous!

So many wonderful memories, I could write pages but will not for fear of boring readers of this website. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has recollections of me or my parents during our time in Eton Wick and Eton. I now live in Chalfont St. Peter.

If you would like to get in touch with Bill, send a message to the website and we will forward it to her.

12th August, 2011

Revd Peter Jacobs

Jacobs family history research

I am interested in Jacobs' Family prior to 1800s. can you help at all?

If anyone can help Peter with his family history, please get in touch using the link at the top of this page and we will forward your message to him.

26 July, 2011

Peter Stanley

Can anyone help?

As my family tree grows it seems that we are fully rooted in the Eton / Burnham / Dorney area and it seems we are linked to blacksmiths and farming primarily. This weekend we have found prove via wills that we are linked to Richard Sedding and Thomas and Mary Webb. I wonder if anyone has info on any of these families. Possible connection to the Neighbour family too.

If anyone can help Peter with his family history, please get in touch using the link at the top of this page and we will forward your message to him.

21st July, 2011

Richard Proctor

Dennis Swain

Elsewhere on the website there is a picture of the Eton Wick church choir in the late 1940s

Richard Proctor would like to find out if there is any link between the Dennis Swain pictured there, and a Dennis Swain listed in his grandmother's birthday book, whose birthday was on 30 March.

Richard's grandmother was Laura Proctor (nee Williams) 1872- 1936, who went out to South Africa in about 1900 from the Birmingham area.

If anyone has any information which would show whether Dennis Swain in Eton Wick church choir had any connection with Laura Proctor in South Africa, please get in touch and we will forward your message to Richard Proctor.

12th July, 2011

Helen Robson

Robson/Eton Porny

Hi and G'Day. I am travelling to Eton September to December 2011 and would love to catch up with anyone from my old schools Eton Porny 1965/66 & Dorney Reach school prior to that.

I grew up in HARCOURT ROAD Dorney Reach. Would particularly like to contact Chantler & Woodham families and Malcolm Ward my first love (age 11). Dad was Alex Robson, Mum Greta Robson (nee Charleton). They met at Eton Wick Youth Club. Grandad Dennis Spike Robson played dominoes at pub. Grandmother Hannabel Robson. I have a lovely Aunt Nancy and Uncle Alf Wiltshire & would love to meet cousins. Dad was youth club leader Eton Wick 1949 . I had an Uncle Dennis & Aunty Lynne and they had 2 sons who I would love to meet also. Did meet angel Frank Bond in 2009 and he was sensational. Please can someone contact me & make magic happen. Happy to buy cuppas in exchange for chat. Helen ROBSON Australia

If you would like to get in touch with Helen, send a message to the website and we will forward it to her.

10 June 2011

Debie Walker (nee Cook)

Eton Wick memories

I have just found your website - how wonderful - and have spent time paging through information instead of cooking tea! I lived in Eton Wick from 1973 - 1979 on EWR. My paternal family (Bond)came from Eton Wick and still have a strong presence. Frank Bond is a 'Great' Uncle of mine - followng in my great grandfathers footsteps of Fruit & Veg. Laterly run by my Uncles Tom & Bob Bond. My grandmother Ivy Bond, married Leonard Cook and subsequently my father (Barry) had hs own wholesale Fruit & Veg business with hs cousin Bran Maynard (Cook & Maynard).

I attended Eton Wick Youth Club for many years and have a photo of Frank presenting our Certificates for the Boys 5 a side football team and girls netball.

I read with interest the article on the great floods and was particularly interested in Mad Jack, who was my maternal grandfather. Sadly Mad Jack died 6 years ago - but he so often told the story of the Dorney common flood. He also enjoyed telling the story of how he used to walk across the common in front of the bus with a lamp when the fog came down.

16 April, 2011

Jennifer Harmer

Stephen Taffler


I am the Hardy Plant Society’s Historian and am researching the early life of Stephen Taffler for a memorial lecture. Steve was a great plantsman. There is a reference on your on your very interesting website to his father’s shop – Taffler’s Antiques in Eton High Street – and I wondered if there are any photos showing the shop or do you have any other information about it. Any small crumbs that you have would be very much appreciated.

If you can help with Jennifer's enquiry, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page.

14th April, 2011

Athene Tarrant

Tarrant Family


We are a branch of the Tarrant family in the United States. My husband is Bryan William Tarrant, son of Robert Valentine Tarrant and May Peck. We have four children, Sophie, Tamara, Alexander and Natasha, and Bryan and I are currently living in China where Bryan is working on hotels. Since the recession of 2008 there is no work in the US for his profession.

Thanks to Monica Peck we have found this website which is bringing back many memories to Bryan! I am working on the family tree, so if anyone has any information please let us know!

Best regards to all, Athene Tarrant

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13th April, 2011

Michael Palmer

Amerden House, Taplow

Hello, just found this web site and was wondering if anyone can help us, we are looking into our family history and wondered if anyone could recollect a caravan fire at Amerden Priory Caravan Site in February 1954 of which a 9 month old baby sadly perished in this terrible accident. We have been down to the existing caravan site and enquired but this has changed hands, which we expected. In the death record we have it names Amerden Priory but our question is would this existing caravan site be on the same site as the one of 1954 or has it been relocated due to the motorway.

We would also like to find old newspaper information regarding this. Can anyone point us in the right direction as we live in Derbyshire and find it difficult to research from here. Also, was there a chocolate factory in the Taplow, Windsor area in the 1950s. Any information would be greatly appreciated. We hope to come back to visit the area once we have gained a little more information. I myself was born at Old Windsor in 1952 and lived at Datchet on a caravan site up until the age of 6/7 years of age but when we came back last time I was surprised to see the particular site was under 20ft of water! (Queen Mother's Resevoir). Could anyone point us in the right direction to obtain a Ordnance Survey Map for 1953/54 for the area covering Marsh Lane, Dorney Reach, Eton Wick, area. Thank you for reading this letter.

If you can help with Michael's enquiries, please get in touch using the link at the top of this page and we will forward your information to him.

6th March, 2011

Phil Reader

Kathleen Triplet

First a Hi to Sally Kramer I remember you and your family well.

My Gran died recently Kathleen Triplet aged 101 originally from Donegal where they have printed an obituary in the Donegal paper which mentions her living in Eton Wick. We moved into the village Princes Close when they were first built late Fifty's. My gran lived with us and then had her own place nest to the school so lived in the village best part 50 years. See link to obituary. I lived in the village for 30 years and will have to put down some memories some time later.

6th March, 2011

Arthur Mylam (Dick)

Co-op Shop Alma Rd

My cousin Mr Paintin worked in the shop he still lives in Eton Wick

2nd March, 2011

Sally Dodd (nee Kreamer)

Alma Rd Co-op

My family moved to the village in Oct 1964, we (Peter, Pamela,Sally and Beverley) lived at the end of Bell Lane. The co op was open at that time and was close to a small factory, I think the shop closed soon after we moved in. I lived in the village until I was 18 when I went to teacher training college in south Wales.I now live in Nottingham and my mother, sister and her husband (Mark Hall) live in New Zealand.

1st March, 2011

Sue Lincoln

Alma Road Co-op

I was wondering if anyone can remember when the co-op store in Alma Road was converted to a bookmakers?

Sue later got in touch to say that the National Co-operative Archive had searched through their directories and found that a store first existed in 3 & 4 Melbourne Place, Alma Road in 1900. From 1905 it was listed as 23 & 25 Alma Road and continued up until sometime in 1965.

15th January, 2011

Peter Stanley

Tarrant Family

I am related to this family by Julia ( Tarrant ) who was married to James. Julie was the daughter of George Hawkins, blacksmith of Dorney and Boveney who died living with Julia and James (I have a copy of ther will) Julia is my great grandmothers sister. I was very happy to see a report by Monica Peck? And would love to get into a conservation with any living relative of either family.

If any of the Tarrant family would like to contact Peter Stanley, please get in touch using the email link at the top of the page, and we will forward your message.


12th December, 2010

Arthur Mylam (Dick)

Remembering Eton Wick 1930s - Christmas at Grandma's

Christmas at Grandma's

Grandma had four daughters
Each married with three children.
The summons went out to all
Come to the parental home
To celebrate at Christmas.
What father laughingly called
The gathering of the clan.
Grandma's sitting room was large
Known to all as the front room
Only used on special days.
Pictures of past relatives
Decked with homemade paper chains
Looked down with benevolence.
Uncle red faced and merry
Had early found the sherry.
The children were crocodiled
Across the road to chapel
To sing favourite carols
And hear the Christmas story.
The sitting room now transformed
With six foot trestle tables
Covered with white bed linen
Now laid ready for the feast
Three chickens filled with stuffing
By grandma, raised the year long
Proudly graced the festive board
Bowls of crisp roast potatoes
Brussels sprouts and roast parsnips
The large blue jug of gravy
Would as by a miracle
Return when the pudding came
Brimming with yellow custard.
Grandmother in white apron
Called for the grace, which she led
Then the merriment began
Father carving the chicken
Christmas pudding all aflame
Seeking the silver sixpence.
When the folk had had their fill
The tables were put away
We gathered around the tree
To open the surprises
So the happy day progressed
Under the attentive gaze
Of our loving Grandmama.

23rd November, 2010

Heidi Barrow

Searching for Benham / Maisey

My grandmother Eileen Aida Mills nee Maisey was born in a street just around the corner from the church in Eton Wick in 1929. I know not of any brothers or sisters though I suspect she may of had one or two (considering the times). I believe her mothers maiden name was Benham but I do not have any names or dates.

Eileen was a bell ringer in Windsor somewhere and married my grandad, Robert Watkin Vaughan Mills at said church when she was in her 20's(??). Her ashes were interned to her mother and fathers grave at Eton Wick Church in 1998.

That is all the information I know and would desperately like to know more. I would be most grateful for any information.

If you can help with any information for Heidi, please get in touch using the email link at the top of the page.

15 November, 2010

Reg Willsher

The Prior Family

I have read with great interest the guestbook comments and in particular have found a request for information relating to the above from Michelle Hewett in Feb 2009. (There was also another in the guestbook referring to the address as a 1920s council house and mentioning the family but I have been unable to locate this again.)

Anyway, I recall that during WW2, whilst my father Fred Willsher was serving in the Army, my mother had to sell our grocery shop known as Shakespeare Stores, in Alma Road, and after a few months of living with relatives in Leeds, we found "digs" at 3 South View, the home of Mrs Lou Prior, who lived with with daughter Daphne. An elder daughter Ruby was married to a Mr. Lane, and lived in Windsor Lane, Burnham, and had a daughter Wendy.

My mother and I shared a double bed in a back bedroom, whilst a single room was occupied by a Land Army girl Doris Bentley whom I believed worked at Kinross's farm. Lou and Daphne shared a double bed in what would have been the dining room, and for part of the 3 years we were there, 2 RAF servicemen were also there and shared a double bed in the front bedroom......! They were based on the mixed military site at Dorney Common. Yes, although it was a large council house with one bathroom upstairs, and a second toilet downstairs, it was at times cramped, especially sharing the kitchen and pantry, and of course when my dad came home on leave from the Army, or Ruby and her family came over for tea - that was wartime...!

Lou's elder sons George and I believe Guy (?) were in the Army, and had both attended Eton Porny School, as I did during the three years we lived at 3 South View. We all suffered from the Headmaster Mr. Frampton's frequent use of the cane, which I see has been mentioned elsewhere in this guestbook.

I think it was in the mid 40's that with my Mum Olive we moved to a new prefab at 5 Bell Lane, and where my parents lived for many happy years. Whilst we lived at 3 South View, my mum used to organise dances held on Saturday nights in the Village Hall, and which the soldiers etc., from Dorney Camp attended. A five-piece band with a leader who played piano, and named "Hutch" were occasionally booked, or, more frequently, Vic Clymo from Dorney Reach, (who had a "radio business" and delivered to houses in Eton Wick charged up Accumulators which worked with rather large batteries to power radios) and he had a large heavy board with a posh speaker in the centre of it. On his "posh" gramophone, he would play top quality dance music by Victor Sylvester, Edmundo Ross and other radio broadcasting orchestras.

A funny story emerged from this one evening, when the girls Daphne (Lou's daughter) and Land Army girl Doris Bentley who had been to the dance, failed to return well after midnight, Lou donned an old sheet and pretending she was a ghost and making appropriate "ghost-like noises", wandered round in the garden and along the bushes in Eton Wick Road, trying to "flush them out" with whichever soldier had walked them home...!!!

3rd November, 2010

Barbara Chapman nee Benham

Memories brought back by photo

I have loved navigating the site and have found mentions of my granddad Bert Benham and even a comment about my dad Douglas and his nickname of Brusher.

I have almost forgotten little things. I certainly remember the Lynch family and have often wondered what happened to Monica who married an Italian and went with to live there.

My family were involved with lots of things my uncle Earnie a runner for the local bookie, everyone knew him. Everyone knew the Benhams and I feel I know the village.

Does any one remember jumping in the Thames off the Chinese Bridge?

2nd October 2010

Frank Bond

Richard Jordan (1939 - 2010)

The mid-1950's to 1960's produced many fine Youth Club members, none more so than Richard Jordan. He joined the club at the starting age of 14 in 1953, developing into an enthusiastic and outspoken member until at 18 years he was drafted into the Army for two years National Service. On returning, he soon became the village youth club leader.

He married an Eton Wick lass, Carol Chamberlain, and with two young children went to Kaiapoi in New Zealand to set up home. His constant zest for involvement inevitably led to pursuing ideas in his new country including a track and a club for youngsters BMX cycle racing; saving an old dis-functionary wood bridge, and its renovation; and moving an old timber, disused rail station to an attractive riverside position a considerable distance away.

Sadly in later years Richard had been ‘dogged' by failing health and eventually on September 25th 2010 his work was done and he died. In all that he has done he will surely live on in memories, and to his family we wish them love and condolences.

This is a shortened version of Frank Bond's tribute to Richard Jordan. To read the full tribute, click here.

19th September, 2010

Russell Haggerty

Wheatbutts Cottage

I lived in Wheatbutts Cottage in the early fifties. My father was in the US air force. We moved in just after David Niven moved out (so we were told). I went to Eton Porny.

At that time the 'cottage' had a nine acre orchard, a large garden in front and a nine room thatched cottage on the left from the front door. This was down a ways from the 'carriage house' also on the left. My father was a photographer and took many pictures of the cottage and grounds. Outside the fence in back was a bicycle path and a duck and swan pond. Beyond the pond was a small dairy farm.

Imagine my surprise and disappointment to see what became of it all. This was a cherished memory for me. My bedroom looked out the front on the first floor and Windsor castle was on the horizon. I went with my mates over to the lock on the Thames and we opened and closed the lock gates for a thrupenny bit a time from the boaters.

13th September, 2010

Website administrator

Message for Graham Saunders

Graham, could you re-send your message about the Photographic History please? My reply to your email has been bounced back.

29th August, 2010

Susan Bussey (nee Graham)

Eton Wick - past and present

I moved to Broken Furlong in 1951 with my mother and grandmother and started E.W. school when there was only Miss Rooke and Mrs Miles. When the school started to grow I remember Mr White very well, he lived in the next road to me.

Reading through the messages on Guestbook, several names I remembered i.e. Hazel Pygall, Ann Sable, Martin Deebank and his sister Christine etc. I now live in Oxfordshire but am regularly in Eton Wick at the Football & Social Club where I still see people who I knew and grew up with from those early days moving to Eton Wick. Anyone who rode at the Spanish Bit on Dorney Common may remember me as I worked there with Mr Simmons (the owner) and on his death managed it for Harry Woodley.

21st July, 2010

Jocelyn Baldwin

Trotter/Trotman family history query

My ancestors came from Eton Wick and Windsor. Could you please tell me if the picture of the drummer is the uniform of the Eton Wick drum & Fyfe band about 1880. My great grandfather was a member. He was also in the Eton choir and the 1st Bucks rifle volunteers when he immigrated to Queensland in 1889. His name was Robert Trotter and his wife was Alice Kate Trotman. He was a carpenter in Windsor. I have photos of the area about this time and the references he was given when he immigrated. I would appreciate any information you could give me.

The second photo is also of either a Trotman or Trotter and I would like to know if you recognise the uniform.

If you can help with Jocelyn's enquiry, or have any other information about the Trotters or Trotmans, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page, and we will forward your reply to her.

17th July, 2010

Bob Moss

Mrs Jane Moss

This is just to let those who remember her know that my mother Jane Moss passed away on May 11th 2010 at the age of 89. She did some teaching at EW school, though obviously former pupils are more likely to remember Dad, who was headmaster for 21 years (1955-1976). Mum had become increasingly frail this year as her heart was wearing out but she retained her mental faculties right to the end; a few days before she died she asked me for help with "The Times" cryptic crossword and when I looked there was just one clue left unsolved! She is buried together with Dad in the village churchyard in Acton Turville (South Glos).

11th July, 2010

George Tarrant

(Sgt) Samuel Dyas

George Tarrant is looking for any information on Samuel Dyas, b.1824 in Ireland, d. 1912 in Slough.

Samuel was described as an Army Pensioner in the 1891 census, and he and his wife were known to have fostered several children while living in Slough, at least some of the time in Pressfield Place. When Samuel died, his funeral cortege was headed through the streets by the Slough Town Band, and the chairman of Slough Urban District Council attended, so he was obviously a well respected local man.

If you can help with any further information about Samuel Dyas or his family, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page, and we'll forward your email to George Tarrant.

26th June, 2010

Viv Williams

Youth Club Tramps Dance early 1950s

Top row from left: Bill Swain; Geoffrey (Padlock) Pardoe; [not known]; Viv Williams; Trevor Botsford; [not known]; Robert Buster Irvin

Bottom row from left: Ian Lewis; [not known]; Paddy Kavanagh; Terry O'Flaherty; Tony Flowers

Front lying down: Joe Beckett?

If you can name any of the other 'tramps', please send a message using the link at the top of the page.

23rd June, 2010

Roger Paintin


Seeing all these messages and recalling the methodist sunday school, eton wick school,five a side football and wicko carnival - its fantastic. Does anyone know what happened to Simon Tweddle, Clive Brooks, Jillian Bowyer, Denise Fogarty,Yvonne Farrell and anyone else from the 1964 to 1969 days?

If you would like to get in touch with Roger, please send a message using the link at the top of the page and we will forward it on to him.

5th June, 2010

Peter Dowell


Hello,I lived in Eton Wick from 1969-1980. I attended Eton Wick primary school under the headmaster Mr.Moss. I remember all my teachers especially Mr.NASH and Mr.MCARG. And cold swimming lessons. I worked for the great Frank Bond who taught me many things that I still use today. I used to wash Jack Knights car to earn a little extra money money each week. I sang in the choir and was an alter boy. I was a member of the boy scouts and used to play in the regular Easter Monday football competition. I lived in Cornwall close and often played in the streets with the other kids. Nick Lipscombe and Simpson. Anybody remember me,and my brother Chris Dowell. Very very happy times. The age of innocence and freedom. Does it still exist in The Wick?

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19th May, 2010

Eton Wick History Group

In memory of John Fennel

It is with sadness that we heard of the death of John Fennel who passed away on May 11th 2010.

John was employed by Bob Bond the civil works contractor, but is perhaps best remembered for his dedication to Scouting. With his wife Margaret, both are remembered for their service to the Eton Wick Cubs and Scouts to which they became in 1952, Akela and Cub Master. John, as Area District Commissioner, was in 1964 awarded the Gold Medal of Merit for outstanding service to Scouting.

Memories abound of John’s enthusiasm for Scout Fetes, Remembrance parades, collecting waste paper to raise monies to send Scouts to World Jamborees, organising camping trips and his fatherly care and advice to the young Cubs. A stalwart to local and county scouting.

He was also a committee member of the Eton Wick History Group.

26th April, 2010

Sharon Pickles (nee - Collins)

Bill (William Ronald) Copson

My Grandpa lived at 16 Northfield Road he sadly passed away in 1981 and i have never been back since but i will one day with my daughter to show her the beauty of Eton Wick and the memories i have of spending all my school holidays there... Going down to river to fish all day, helping my Grandpa on his allotment with Fred from next door and mucking out at the stables across from allotments!!

My Grandpa moved to Eton Wick after i believe he married Margaret who was an adopted daughter of Fred Summers? Sorry i cant remember exactly.. My Grandpa owned The Christopher Courage (at that time) in which i was born in 1966..My Grandma Margaret Copson passed away in 1968 and i used to visit her grave at the church yard nearest to Eton but still on Eton Wick road? I dont know the name of the church but it was small and she was buried on right hand side towards the wall...

I just wanted to ask if anyone remembers my Grandpa as he was such a funny man and taught me so much.. I had a life travelling with my parents as my father was in the army.. Thank you so much for your time and for reading all the fantastic memories of Eton Wick.

If you have memories of Sharon's Grandpa, Bill Copson, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to her.

17th April, 2010

Ken A Evans

1960 - 1967

I lived in Slough & 1960 being just married to A Maureen Cryer from Langley. We moved to Eton Wick, in to new homes cornwall close. We had two children there. It was handy for the trading estate, throe the track past the sewage farm on a cycle. I often walked our dog over to the river & taken the children to the park for swings & slide. We left 1967 to go to Crowthorne lots of things have changed since then. Got divorced, remarried Shiona who past away 2005. If we had stayed @ Eton Wick i think things would have been better, I liked it there a lot.


30th March, 2010

Ann Ward nee Sable

Memories of Eton Wick

I was sent a copy of Dick Mylam's poem [see 17 December 2009] by a friend who lives in Eton. Dick is my uncle. My mother's older brother. My mum was Lilian Sable nee Mylam. I was born in the house at 71 Colenorton Crescent which Dick mentions in the poem.

Although I now live in Wakefield West Yorkshire I still have very strong feelings about Eton Wick as being my roots. I married Malcolm Ward (who used to work for Frank Bond) at St John the baptist in Sept 1977 and we had our reception in the village hall. Happy days.

Was pleased to see some comments from members of the Paintin family. My Grandmother Violet was a Paintin, Gordon is Dick, my mother Lilian and their younger brother Andrew's cousin. I remember Roger and Jennifer from when we were all growing up. Although I lived in Broken Furlong I went to Sunday school at the methodist chapel and had Sundays at nan's in Colenorton Crescent.

10th January, 2010

Hilary Cruze nee Eyles

Chamberlain Family

The message from Louise Chamberlain/Gumm [see 27 September 2008] brought back memories as I was only looking at a picture of her grandad taken with my dad his cousin the day they joined the RAF. They didnt see each other again till war ended. Have fond memories of Aunt Betty and Uncle Jim and the twins.

1st January, 2010

Doreen Ridden

Memoir of Annie Tough

Whilst searching for some family information regarding my grandmother Lilian Bailey (nee Moore) in the "Tough Assignment" a history of the Eton Wick Methodist Chapel 1886 - 1986 I noticed a paragraph that talks about Annie Tough's memoirs.

Is there anyone who either has a copy of who might know where I could get one, so that we have a better insight into her life. She was my grandmother's sister and both of them had John William Moore as their father.

I know that there are a few people on the site who are also related to John Moore who have already contacted me, so if they have anything on Annie's memoirs could they get in touch. I am also keen to find any photos of the family as we have limited pictures. Kind regards to everyone at the History group and a Happy New Year to you all.

If you can help with information about Annie Tough's memoirs, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to Doreen Ridden.


17th December, 2009

Dick Mylam

Living in the Wick in the 1930's

I was born in Eton Wick in Gallater Cottage in 1925. Lived in Shakspear Place till we moved to Colenorton Crescent after the war. The following are my thought about that time in a poem.

When I was ten 
That hamlet by the winding shore
 Of memories it holds a store
 Hard pews line the chapel room
 Harmonium playing out of tune
 Singing hymns ancient and modern
 Good English tunes, nothing foreign
 Preacher raised in pulpit lonely
 Eulogising homilies homely
 So many half-forgotten tunes
 A childhood that expired too soon
 Three places that upheld the rule
 Loving home, chapel and the school
 Homeward sucking sweet gobstoppers
 Through that school where boys wore toppers
 Released from lessons running free
 Pinning winkles for Sunday tea
 November's fire and jumping jacks
 Grazed knees and jamjared sticklebacks
 Friday's tin bath by the open fire
 Before to bed I did retire
 Grandmother's white hair brushed to her waist
 Then bound in a bun, Victorian taste
 Sticky cakes full of calories
 Kaleidoscope of memories
 Halcyon days- gone, I know not when
 That long lost world when I was ten.

Arthur F Mylam

12th December, 2009

John Walton

Eton Wick memories

Visited your webb site to-day and felt nostalga coursing through me.

I once worked for J.T Ireland at 41 Eton Wick Road, Eton Wick from 1959-64 and made many friends from the district, worked with Eddie Wilkes, Jock Lockhart from Colenorton Crescent I think it was and Viv Williams from Inkerman Road all three carpenters. We worked on many houses in the area near Queens Road and worked on the Scouts house. There was Charlie Benham the bricklayer, Norman Sherman the painter, Tom Pryor worked in the office with Bill Stanton who ran the works when J.T was away on business usually as J.P.

When you work somewhere like in the village, sometimes things come back to remind you of what happened although almost fifty years ago, like for instance a Punch and Judy show I saw some children watching on the television a few weeks ago, I mentioned Eddie Wilkes ( a carpenter ) he was a pupeteer on a Sunday afternoon when Salters Steamers used to travel between Windsor and Oxford he would take his gear and entertain the children along the way.

I remember Ron Reider a painter and Les the van driver both from Eton Wick and the Judd's who ran the Eton Bookstore just by the bridge, was it the Barnespool Bridge ?. I do belive he was a wing commander in the second world war. And of course there was Alfy Spain who worked at Taffler Antiques along Eton High Street who gave so much of his spare time as a swimming coach, who helped to shoot a german fighter plan down in WW2. I think there was a Miss or Mrs Bell who lived at Dorney who kept goats on the grass by her house, oh the memory wanders.

Is the Shepherds Hut public house still there, had many a hot steak and kidney pie there on a cold winters lunch time. I think Mr Moss was the headmaster at the small school in the village, Frank Bond worked in the greengrocers shop and Bob Bond rode his horse like the country squire.

Keep up the good work on your Eton Wick history.

5th December, 2009

Janet Morley (now Smith)

Eton Wick and Dorney Reach

What wonderful memories have come flooding back after reading all the contributions to this website.

I grew up in Dorney Reach but had many friends in Eton Wick and quite a few of the names on here are familiar to me - Monica Peck and Malcolm McIntosh who lived a few doors from me. John Bond who I went out with on a number of occassions when he owned a (quite ancient) Jaguar car...that I had to help push-start a few times in mid-winter (Oh Happy Days!).

I also remember Mr Bond from Eton Wick with his mobile fruit & veg van parking under the street light in Meadow Way, Dorney Reach and all the mums would go and buy fresh fruit from him.
Back in my teens I used to go horse riding at The Spanish Bit riding school on Dorney Common and afterwards would visit friends at Eton Wick....Sonia Outhwaite & Pat Carr.

I was at secondary school with Sheila Emery and also remember the Webb family.
My memories of Wicko was of watching the Tug of War teams, as my uncle normally took part and we all went along to cheer him on.

Another memory mentioned by someone else was of the old Blue Bus. The last one left Windsor at a ridiculously early time, which meant we were always the first to leave the pictures, coffee bar or Ye Olde Harte & Garter. I remember being on it one night when it hit a cow as we were crossing the common...the bus came off second best!

A great website and one that I shall re-visit. Well Done all who have contributed.

20th November, 2009

John Bond

Growing Up in the 1950s

I'm hoping this message may stir up a little nostalgia and promt a few more contributions.
I was born in Colenorton Crescent in June 1949. I was one of the many babyboomers that grew up in Eton Wick in the 1950s. As a result of the sudden increase in children the school had to have a new block built. When I started in 1954 the new block was under construction as I recall. Also new housing had been built comprising of Colenorton Crescent, Boveney New Road and Stockdales Road. There were kids about my age in almost every house. In Colenoreton Crescent we had regular football games outside our house. There were always kids outside the house playing something or other.

When I went to secondary school in Slough, I realised how privileged I had been growing up in a small village and being allowed to play out all day without any of the fears that are so common today. I had loads of mates, many of whom I subsequently found I was distantly related to. When my great grandma Rosetta Cox died, the school was kind enough to spend time with a whole bunch of us who were her great grandchildren.

Even now I meet up with a number of my old village friends who I have known for over 55 years. When I tell my younger workmates that I am going for a drink with someone I have known for 55 years and who was born 100 yards from me, they just cannot believe it. How different things are today.

2 November, 2009

Lorraine Baker (nee Bond)

Gillian and Chris Marshall

I remember the day my best friend, Gillian and her sister Chris moved to Canada. We used to have the run of her house in the Summer holidays. My Mums now lives in Victoria Road. We used to live at 71 EWR Road. We danced to the music of Camalot on the wooden floor in the lounge with Gillians Mums high heel shoes on, played Gymnakana in the Garden, baked cakes in the kitchen (perhaps I'm imaging that one as we were only 10ish). I also remember The Monkees had just started on the Tv ( Black and White Tv) and I remember pretending that we were married to them. I always choose Davy as he was my favourite.

Lots of good memories of Eton Wick, still feel its my home from home. My Grandparents Tom and Mary Bond had there own fruit and Veg wholesale Buisness next to The Greyhound and all of my Brothers and Sisters ( 7 in total ) spent many a good time with them. Boxing day was my favourite with all my Aunts ,Uncles and Cousins.

Wicko Carnival was another favourite. I entered my little Sister Sharon in the fancy dress as Miss Sports Veiw one year and she won first prize, a Tea set was given to her by a famous Boxer (forgotten his name). My older Sister entered Miss Wicko in the same year but alas only came second. I also remember The Wheatbuts fete and making tiny Gardens in a cake tin. I have been to many fetes in my time but nothing has come close to the Wheatbutts and Wicko.

My Dad Jack is a cousin of Frank Bond, unfortuanlly he has past away. He loved Eton Wick and was very keen Footballer. In his later years he used to manage and coach football in Eton Wick.

25 October, 2009

Barbara Spicer

Class photo from Eton Porny School

Barbara has sent in one of her father's school photographs, of his class in Eton Porny school around or just before 1907. If you can help identify any of the other boys in the picture, please get in touch. Click here to go the picture, which is on the School Gallery page.

21st August, 2009

B Jeffries

William Buckthorp Jeffries

I found my g-g-grandfathers grave in Eton Wick church. He died in 1914 aged 70. He had been a policeman and a schoolboard man in Eton. Has anyone any more information on him or his descendants that may live in the area?

If you can help with information about Mr Jeffries, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to B Jeffries. (B Jeffries, you will need to send another message with your email address so we can get in touch.) 

22nd July, 2009

Peter Dugan

Baldwin Family (see Rebekah's message 4th June 2009)

I do remember a Mr and Mrs Baldwin, 11 Sunbury Road. If I am right Mrs was a very big lady and Mr a little man. I seem to remember in the evening them going off to the pub with a jug to get some ale. Mrs used to wear a mans flat cap.

21st July, 2009

John Walsh

Richard Jordan

Nice to see the site is visited from so far away, I was married to Lynda Jordan and we lived in Stockdales Road near Richard brother and sister in law Bob and Maud who now live in Wexham not Britwell and if anyone wishes to contact them send me an e-mail.

If you would like to contact John please use the link at the top of the page to send a message, and we will forward it on to him. 

12th July, 2009

Malcolm McIntosh

Eton Wick memories

I have just discovered the website,it's great, I can't believe how many names suddenly come flooding back, I attended Eton Wick after the Dorney village school closed. It's great to see Monica Peck on there, we grew up together, she lived a cross the street from me, I used to work on her dads farm on the weekend and holidays,she was a real tomboy, was also in the cubs, was there a teacher called Ms Winter?

29th June, 2009

Kieron Sumner

Good Times

What a suprise when I googled my name to come across this site. Our family lived in Eton Wick from the early 1950's - I was born in 1955. Mum (Jean), Dad (Ben or Freddy), Kim and Kelly lived at 40 Colenorton Crescent. We moved away when I was 9 to live in Windsor - it seemed like a hundred miles rather than just across the river. Fond memories of Eton Wick and I still vividly remember the trips. Nan and Grandad lived at 60 Colenorton Cresecent with my Auntie Cathleen. Uncle Jerry and Auntie Nora lived in Alma Road. It seems that everyone celebrated St Patricks Day when we were young and many of my friends were also from Irish families - Francis Foggerty, Kevin Kaneely, Patrick Delaney. Great friends also with the Springford boys - Paul and Andrew and their mum who had the patience of a saint.

 Now the clan has moved away, although I have not moved far, settling in Burnham with my wife and the four kids. I still drive through the village on my way back from Windsor when I feel nostalgic.
 Dad died a few years back and I read through his wealth of press cuttings. It seems he had a long career playing football for the Wick and also running in the annual race from Dorney to the Village. Kelly is now in Somerset married with two daughters, Kim is in Cornwall married with four daughters a son and loads of grand children. Happy Days!!

4th June, 2009


Peter Dugan's memories of Eton

(See Peter Dugan's message of 19th April 2009, below, and his reply of 22nd July 2009, above) 
I wonder do you remember people named Baldwin who lived at 11 Sunbury Road? Thomas and Evangeline were my great-grand parents and their son Lemuel James (Jim) was my grandfather. He moved to Ireland in the 20's but he came back most summers with his son and daughter. Dad, now in his 80's, has very fond memories of those summers and has retained a very great love for Eton.

31st May, 2009

Barbara Spicer

The Janes Family

My connection with Eton Wick/Boveney New Town is that my fathers family live at 6 Gordon Place from 1890 to 1901. The Family is Janes and my father attend the Porney School; as a child we were taken to the Brocas for a day where we spent many happy hours with Mum while Dad visited relatives in Dorney. Dad's mother's name was King and his father John Janes who was a blacksmith on Court Farm, the manager's name was Mr White. If anyone has any knowledge of the family I would love to hear from them.

If you would like to get in touch with Barbara, please use the email link at the top of the page and we will forward your message to her.

17th May, 2009

Peter Dugan

Gordon Paintin

I remember Gordon very well. I believe his Father had a cycle shop in Eton where I made many a visit.

12th May, 2009

Roger Paintin


I lived in Eton Wick from 1958 to 1980. My dad - Gordon Paintin - is still there living in the same house for 60 years. My mum - Kath - died some 12 years ago. Found memories of wicko carnival where mum and dad ran the bottle stall. The 5-a-side football on easter monday. I remember working at Sibleys the newsagents and petrol station when petrol was 23p a gallon!! I also delivered the morning papers around the village and rode the trade bike to Broken Furlong. My sister - Jennifer - married and now lives in High Wycombe. Looking at these messages and i recall Andersons shop, Clarkes fish and chip shop, Barons and of course Sibleys. Happy days.

9th May, 2009

Lynette Williams

Ernest Lynch married Annie Cox

I was wondering if anyone would remember my grandparents or know where any of our relatives are today? My grandad Ernest Lynch (born 1923 Eton) married my nan Annie Cox (born 1922 in Easthampsted, she liked to be called Ann) in 1947, they lived at 132 Eton Wick Road, where they had 3 girls Shirley, Monica, and Susan, but Annie sadly died giving birth to a son in 1957, aged just 34, sadly the baby boy passed away as well. Ernest Lynch had 3 sisters, Hilda, Eilene, and Monica. We believe Annie had 3 sisters Rosina M Cox (born 1915) Lily F Cox,(born 1920) Doris M Cox (born 1925) and a brother William B Cox (born 1927, their parents were John and Rose Cox (maiden name Roth) we believe they lived in the Berkshire area, and would love to hear from anyone who may know their where abouts or any relative! My grandfather took over his parents house after Annies death, which was nextdoor to the pub called the Shepherds Hut. I'm going to try to put a old photo of Ernest and Annie on here which we believe was taken on the park green called the Brockers. If anyone reconise's them we would to hear from you, thank you. Lynnette

Ernest Lynch and Annie Cox

8th May, 2009


Just about Eton

hi my grandad Ernest Lynch used to own the house next to the pub in eton wick i remember the pub well as a child was always in there as a family my grandad died in 1997 i think and now some of my relatives still live in Eton.

19th April, 2009

Peter Dugan


My Father was a baker in Eton High Street and when I left Eton Porney School in 1936 I spent a couple of years delivering bread in the Wick, so I know the area well.

Served many of the parents of the lads and lassies I was at school with.Am in the two photos in the Photo History of Eton Wick @ Eton. One sitting next to Maurice North. Was in the Church Lads Brigade with Cyril Smith, Alf Fellows,George Birch and others. Band photo in the book left to right - ? Alder, Albe Haverley, Alf Fellows, Sgt Alder.

My aunt Mrs Tow lived in the Walk; I believe she delivered the mail during the war. Mary Gyngell (Tarrant) lived in Tangier Lane,also Rita Pidgeon(Ray)I was in Sunbury Road so knew them well.
During the war my wife worked at G.D.Peters with Jessie Hart - went to her wedding - we kept in touch and met occasionally until she died. Attended a few of the history club meetings at Eton church hall - met some people I knew in the old days. Had some connection with Frank Bond but cannot remember what - birthday or or something like that. Hope this has some interest to you. Now living in Derby 4 and 1/2 years.

8th April, 2009

Penny Wright nee Newcombe

My father

Our family came from Dorney Reach to live in Queens Road in the mid 1950s when I was about nine, my sister, Marion (who still lives in the Wick) was seven and brother Stewart about four. My Dad, Leslie, joined the Church choir straight away. He even got me in it when I was older and I remember us singing The Messiah. Dad was always involved with the PTA and he and Phil Hudson used to do a great deal of fundraising for the school. Dad used to sell raffle tickets for a cooked chicken and there was one to be won every hour at the fete. Dad called himself 'Chicken Joe'.They also were very involved with the whist and beetle drives enjoyed by us all. I remember all the hours spent at PTA committee meetings. Mrs Hudson used to be the school secretary too.

I remember Miss Rook who was very frightening to a small girl and Mrs Miles who was not and then there was Mr Moss. He took me on the front handlebars of his bike to Boots on Windsor Hill to choose my prize for being Headgirl and I helped him choose the books for the other prizewinners and he rode home again with me perched on the front and with the bags containing all the books swinging from his handlebars!!! When I started at the school I seem to remember that there were a range of ages in that one large classroom and we sat in our 'age' groups. Once or twice a 'big' girl came and showed us what to do in our workbooks rather like the old idea of a 'Dame'school. Maybe it was only when a teacher was absent due to illness etc but I'd like to know if anyone else recollects this.

We used to race from school to the Village Hall at lunchtime along the top of the fields and Mrs Dowson and Mrs Rivers would be the dinnerladies keeping us all in perfect check when we arrived.
I went to Slough High School and then switched to Burnham Grammar and in my teens I longed for the rather rare village 'hops' and as for that 'Blue Bus' - well it was years before I got to see the end of a film as the last one at night left just before the end of any film from the Windsor Bridge stop! I didn't find out what happened to 'Bonnie and Clyde' until I was living in London and saw it again!
I live in Westcliff near Southend now with four children and a just retired dentist husband but I do visit the Wick fairly often as Marion is still there. Sometimes we walk to the churchyard and Marion tells me who has died and it is strange to see these people from my memories and talk about them - it's as if they are still around.

Eton Wick is not a pretty village but it is a lively and well-lived in one and it is probably fortunate that it doesn't suffer the curse of the picturesque villages which are full of second homes and like ghost places in the week.

I love your site and will enjoy visiting it regularly.

29 March, 2009

Edna McDilda

Elizabeth Howse

Edna McDilda has sent in this picture of her grandmother, Elizabeth Howse, who was born in Portsmouth in 1853 and married Henry Coe. Elizabeth's father was James Howse, born in Clewer in 1820, and her grandfather was William Howse, born in 1792 in Chalvey. In 1861 Elizabeth was living at Bell Farm.

Elizabeth Howse

27 March, 2009

Margaret Bannister

Burfoot photos

Margaret has been in touch to ask if anyone knows who provided the Burfoot family photos in the W.I. Jubilee Scrapbook at Eton Wick library. We think it might have been local historian Judith Hunter, but if anyone reading this can help, please get in touch using the form at the top of the page.

9th March, 2009

Richard Jordan

Vaughan Gardens

Our family moved into no.5 Vaughan Gardens when I was six weeks old at the start ot the 2WW (I was christened the day war broke out). Being a four bedroomed house when evacuees arrived from London during the blitz we were expected to accomodate people. Our family then numbering 3 kids plus mum and dad took in Mrs Tyrell and Charlie, who still lives in the village and does a lot of good work around the place. We also had a lodger and regular visits from Aunts and Uncles from areas like Ramsgate which was in the thick of things during the Dunkirk withdrawall at various times we had as many as 13 or fourteen living in the house with mum preparing packed lunches for those in the work force.(No sliced bread in those days) Bikes had to be stored in the bathroom (for fear the Jerries would pinch them) and put away in the order that they would be required next morning.

I remember as a 4 or 5 year old laying in bed under the window of the front bedroom and when the guns on Dorney Common went off the black out curtains used to flap and you could see the flashes and the searchlights against the night sky. My clearest memory of the war was when a doodle bug hit the Dust destructor chimney stack over on the Dedworth side of the river. It was a Saturday afternoon and Windsor Races were on and I remember hearing the P.A. announcer screaming over the loudspeaker system for everyone to get down. The blast blew out the windows in Mr Woolhouses Bike shop which was opposite Haywards Mead.

Mrs Cawsey taught me in the infants classes at Eton Porney School and the times tables have been emblazoned in my mind ever since. As a five or 6 year old new entrant I was caned by "Brummer Frampton" for climbing on a disused coat rack. I was most upset and to console me Margaret Wilson (who was in the top class) stretched a lump of chewing gum out of her mouth and passed it to me while I was waiting to be caned. She was a friend for life.

Most of our family left the village in the 50s but brother Bob stayed on and moved out the Slough in the 70s. Myself, Sisters Rose and Susan now live in New Zealand where mum and dad spent the last years of their lives. I still keep in contact with various Eton Wick residents and have hosted several Wick people during their holidays down under.To demonstrate what a small world we live in, my wife Carol (nee Chamberlain) operates a Sunday market stall and was recently serving a customer and casually asked where he was from he replied Windsor so Carol said so am I, he said, well not actually Windsor, Eton Wick to which she replied, so am I, he said where abouts, she said Colenorton Crescent to which he replied so am I. She asked his name Chamberlain he replied, that was my maiden name said Carol. He apparently lives at 36 Colenorton Crescent, Carol grew up at number 3. Its a small world alright.

Best wishes to everyone with fond memories of the Wick

8th March, 2009

Maurice Wilkins

Charles Wilkins of Eton Wick

My great-great Uncle Charles Wilkins, who was born in Henley in 1863, was a butcher in Oxford Road, Clewer around 1891 and later on, according to various Kelly's Directories between 1907 and 1940, at 41, Stoke Road, Slough. This is still a butcher's shop, but now a halal butcher.

7th March, 2009

Anita Richardson

HMS Hermes and George Phillips

Anita Richardson sent the picture below, which is taken from the HMS Hermes website. She wonders if anyone knew her uncle George Phillips, and if so, whether they can identify him in this picture? If you can help, please get in touch using the link at the top of the page and we will forward your email to Anita.

Anita also sent in the picture of an unknown soldier, below, and wondered if anyone can identify him. The locket belonged to Nellie Wolfe of Eton Wick - Anita believes her husband was a Councillor or Mayor. Their daughter Elizabeth (Betty) Wolfe married Anita's uncle, who gave her the locket. If you can help, please get in touch.

11th February, 2009

Sheila Carrod (nee Emery)

Years gone by

Like many others, I too was born in eton wick just like my parents before me and their parents before them. I too fell on this site quite by accident, my what a trip down memory lane i've just had. It brings it all back, your childhood your youth and the more mature years. I have fond and lots of happy memories of my time in the village. I use to listen to stories from my parents and the laughs they use to have, i too told my stories to my children. I still have relatives living there so i still get to back every so often to visit. My family were the emerys/barnetts going back further to the stannetts,wilcoxs,clarks.

9th February, 2009

Michelle Hewett

The Prior Family

Hi, I am looking for info on the Prior family who lived in the village in the late 1800's to 1900's.
George Prior was born in 1883 and i believe he was a carpenter, his sons were called George Edward Prior, and Reg Prior, daughters were called Daphne and Ruby. I am still doing research on this and dont know much detail at the moment.


(If anyone can help with this enquiry, please let us know using the email link at the top of the page)

29th January, 2009

Sarah Akhtar

Painting of Saddocks Farm

I have an oil painting which has written on the back Saddocks Farm, Eton Wick. Painted by Allan Carr, no idea of the date, it could also say (in pencil) Spring Morning. Anyone interested in this? Anyone know why it was painted?
(If anyone can help with this enquiry, please let us know using the email link at the top of the page)

23rd January, 2009

Mr Ken White

Making contact with the past

I am still waiting to hear from ex-students who attended Eton Wick School during my happy five years 1953 - 1958 there. I am now approaching 87 so hearing from you soon would be great.
(If any former pupils would like to contact Mr White, please send a message to the website and we will forward your email to him.)

18th January, 2009

Tony Dyer

Messerschmitt 410 at Radnage

Found this site when researching the Me410, I have one of the engines. The farmhouse damaged had a young Ollie Reed plucked out of it. He was traumatised by the sight of the body crewman according to his biography.

(click here for the full story of the German air raid on Maidenhead, Feb. 1994)

14th December, 2008

David Cawsey

Eton Wick History

I've just revisited the site - and read many interesting entries since my own entry of October 10 2007.
There are several mentions of David Niven's occupancy of Wheatbutts, and I have another story about this.

My cousin tells me that she and a friend learned that David Niven was at home at Wheatbutts and went there to ask for David Niven's autograph. The housekeeper said that Errol Flynn was with David Niven at that time and asked them to return later for the autograph, which they did. (David Niven and Errol Flynn were known to be great personal friends)

Two people remember being taught by my mother at Eton Porny - she was teaching there for 16 years (1940 - 1956)

2nd November, 2008

Gillian Radiff (nee Marshall)

Remembering Eton Wick

Hi everyone. My sister Christine found this site quite accidentally and I am glad she did.

Chris and I moved with our mom and dad, Dave and Betty Marshall to Eton Wick in 1961 or 1962 (my memory is not that good). They had built a new house on Victoria Road next door to the Lovell's. We both attended Eton Wick School and I remember Mr. Moss and many of the teachers. Our family moved to Canada in 1967. I have lived in Calgary, Alberta (Home of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth) since then. The last time I saw Mr. Moss was in 1973 when we went back to England for a visit.

Here are some of the other things I remember: walking across the common to reach the river, going to Boveney Lock on Sunday afternoons to watch the boats going up and down the river, walking Mrs. Smith's dog Comical after school.

I remember Mr. Cox and going for lunch at the Village Hall, the craft sales at the Village Hall where all the ladies brought their hand made items to sell.

I remember the swimming races at the pool, and the time that one of the construction workers (who told us he was the Canadian Log Rolling Champion - and he probably was) gave us a demonstration of his skills during the competition.

I remember trying to play net ball and not being good at it. I remember playing the recorder as part of the recorder group at assembly's and plays.

I remember Mr. Moss used to put an object on display and ask the students to guess what it was. Anyone remember some of the things he had on display?

In 1967 the school had planned a trip to Holland. I was supposed to go, but my family was moving to Canada and we weren't sure of the departure date so I had to give up my spot.

My good friend Ann Myhill, who lived down the road from us, and her family moved to Calgary, Alberta Canada in 1966. They stayed in Calgary for a few years and we kept in contact, but they eventually moved to New Zealand.

Thanks to everyone who had a part in putting this site together.

26th October, 2008

Clare Gaboury (Stevens)

November 5th

I remember fondly Guy Fawkes night growing up in Eton Wick. Does anyone else remember the huge bonfire on the Common, behind the Greyhound? Everyone brought there old furniture etc and we had a great bonfire - with a Guy on top of course.

I also remember the 5-a-side football games around Easter time - originally at the Stockdales Road Recreation grounds - sweets were always given out at the end of the games - courtesy of Mr. Bond!
It's great to come back and visit "the Wick" - it's a beautiful location.

24th October, 2008

Judy Donnelly ( was Humphreys)

Eton Wick

I grew up in Eton Wick and was a brownie with Mrs Warr and Enid Warr when they ran the brownies. My father ran the scouts group, my older brother became a queens scout and I think my mother was involved with the cub pack!

I attended Eton Wick C of E primary when Mr Vernon Moss was Headmaster, sang in church choir, and was married (1st time) in St John's church and lived near to the church.

Have very fond memories of my childhood and being able to go fishing and cycling and swimming in Eton College pool in the summer. The bus fare to Windsor when I reached the advanced age of 13 was threepence...old money!

How nice to see this web site, I now live in the USA, but miss home and plan to retire back to England.

23rd October, 2008

Arthur Mylam

Eton Wick Poem

Boveney 1940

Where the Thames flows wide and slow around old Boveney reach
 Here as a lad I spent my lonely leisure hours.
 On the towpath stood the old, tree-encircled church
 Where so long ago the bargee's stopped to worship
 On they're way downstream to markets in lower towns
 Willows weeping green and yellow, leaned from the bank
 Hiding the grey heron's favourite fishing place,
 Along the bank meadowsweet and tall iris grew
 Within the lane wood pigeon cooed in chestnut trees
 In the rush bed sat tight the coot on hatching eggs
 Water voles burrowed in fern'ed banks along the stream.
 Dabchicks played bob hide and seek after fish to eat.
 Circles in the stream, told where fish rose for the fly
 A family of swans would paddle deep away
 The cob, neck arched, wings raised, hissed his fierce defiance
 Thrusting against the stream to join his nervous mate
 Here I would sit to fish with hazel rod and line,
 Feather float, bent pin baited with expectant bread.
 Weir stream pike, patient, waited for food in the race,
 In those days nothing disturbed our tranquillity
 The world occupied with survival and with war.
 To manhood I grew, the bugle sounded plane
 The river and I would not know such peace again.

23rd October, 2008

Vernon Humphreys (Butch)

The Humphreys Family

Hi found this site, i read the bit by Jim Moss about the trip to Bealuei and i recall myself & my sister Judy were on that trip also.

We moved to the Wick in 1963 my father Stan was the Public Health Inspector (stan stan the sanitary man) as Bill Olney used to call him.He also was involved with the scouts, I noticed there is a picture of him alongside Ernie & John Coke.

My mother Olive was also a cub leader 'bagherra' later taking over the Guides in Eton. They took the guides to Austria in the late 60s, but thats another story. They retired to Whitstable in the 80s and after a spell of living in Normandy, they returned to Whitstable, sadly passing away 3 years ago.

My contemparys were Dino Asslet, Terry Pardoe, Pip Reader, Dicky Denham, Les Foster, Frank Fogarty, Steve Denham, Dave Fearn.

23rd October 2008

Eton Wick History Group Committee

Remembering Mary Gyngell

Mary was a founder Member of the of the Eton Wick History Group, which was formed in November 1992. She was the group Secretary who also found speakers for our yearly programme to give interesting talks on local history, whilst she was an encyclopedia of knowledge in particular on the history of Eton Town.

Remembered are Mary's home made fancy cake refreshments provided throughout the year, especially at the festive season of Christmas, which added to the enjoyment of the evening for attending members.

Her many friends from the History Group and other local organizations will miss her warm sincere friendship and the support that she gave to them.

Remembering Mary, the History Group made a contribution of £100 to her chosen charity, The Parapet Trust at Windsor Hospital.

20th October, 2008

David and Margaret Mitchell

Mary Gyngell

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Mary Gyngell a dear friend we made during the years we lived in Alma Road after we were married. I also worked at High Duty Alloys with her husband Ernie, or "Gyn" as she liked to call him.

We shared a regular Friday evening get together at her house in Colenorton Crescent and it wasn't until years later that Mary told us how they would rush around after tea, pack the children off to bed and tidy the house to convince us how little disruption having children actually caused.

Her obituary in the Express, kindly forwarded to us by a friend, mentions her interest in crosswords. She was extremely well read, knowledgeable and each Friday would present us with a word for the week. It is solely due to Mary that I know the difference between a Haha and a gazebo.

We have stayed in touch over the years and were pleased to see her during our return visits to the UK. We shall miss her, but treasure the memories of those shared Friday evenings.

20th October, 2008

Martin Deebank

Memories of the Wick

I lived in the Wick from 1963/4 until 1988, when I moved to Watford. Still manage to get back occasionally, but nowadays it's usually to visit my mum and dad's grave in the churchyard of St John the Baptist.

In my family's time in the village my dad (Harry Deebank) was a keen allotment holder and also helped with the Wicko carnival, whilst my mum (Ellen Deebank) used to run the 2nd Eton Wick Brownies as Brown Owl.

So many memories of the Wick. Taking the go-kart on the "yet to open" Windsor Relief road so that we could collect the corona bottles from the workmen and take them back to Chantlers' for the 6d; fishing for frog-spawn in the brook in common road; collecting old pianos on Frank (killer(?)) Bond's lorry so that they could be smashed up at the Wicko carnival; camping with the cubs at Perrywood camp; once again camping, this time with the school at Wolverton and going on the long boat over the aqueduct; being made to miss most of the leavers' party as Mr Nash tried to make sure that I passed my 10 yard swimming badge before leaving the school; log rolling in the school swimming pool; getting smacked in front of the whole school (along with my sister Christine) for not getting home from school until about 10pm - the chips were so tasty then and the lure of just sitting on the wall by the Village Hall meant that the time flew by.

I also seem to remember that at one of the Wicko carnivals they had some of the wrestlers putting on a display in a marquee. Does my memory deceive me or did this include people like Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus?

Looking at the names of the members of the Eton Wick History Group here are a few other things that may jog their memories (or at least their families' memories); as a child at Eton Wick school I was in the same year as Amanda Denham and used to go round to her parents' house in Queen's Road to play occasionally; as a teenager I had a Saturday job at Andron (run by Andy Hodge and Ron Savage) on the Slough Trading Estate; when I started work I used to travel from Slough to Paddington by train with a very agreeable and distinguished elderly gentleman (or so he seemed to me at the time) by the name of Mr Ballhatchet (he always did the crossword in one of the broad-sheets whilst I tended to stick to the easier Daily Express quick crossword); then in my early twenties I played football with Tim Gyngell's Castle United team for a short while.

Martin has kindly sent us some pictures of the school and cubs football teams - we will be adding these to the website soon.

16th October, 2008

Arthur Mylam (Dick)

Like to hear from you

My grand parants moved to Eton Wick in 1900 and lived in Gallater Cottage oposite the chapple.Ware I was born in 1925.Perhaps my mother will be remembered Mrs Mylam she remaraied after being a widow for so years and became Mrs Revel.

If you want to get in touch with Mr Mylam, please send a message and we will forward it to him.

27th September, 2008

Louise Gum (nee Chamberlain)


Like many others I found this website by accident. I am part of the Chamberlain family, originally from Victoria Road. My wonderful nan still lives in the village. My dad Peter and his twin brother David grew up in the village from 1944. I lived in Alma Road as a baby and then Princes Close until I was about 8. I remember Mr Moss and more so Mrs Moss because she shared my birthday 15th March. Great site well done!! I am now living in Australia.

29th July, 2008

Jennifer James nee Bond

A trip down memory lane

I found the site by accident and what a trip down memory lane it gave me! The shinty matches - I still have an egg cup, the scout fete - my uncle Ernie Coke was 'Skip' - and the celebrities we had to open it - I remember Geraldine McKewan, Beryl Reid and Stewart Granger. My father, Bob Bond, said that David Niven lived in the Wheatbutts and I remember Mrs Cawsey at Eton Porny who taught me and my twin sister Pauline in the first two years of school - does the school have reunions - I'd love to go. I also remember the Nissen huts on Dorney Common - John Ratchford lived in one I think. I also remember the dips dug into Eton Wick Great Common to make it impossible for enemy planes to land during the war and when we had snow in the winter you could get very wet if you stepped in the wrong place and fell in!

I have a second cousin - Daphne Bond's daughter - who has compiled a family tree of the Bond family back to about the 16th century - so many rolls and rolls of paper!

I was quite surprised on a recent visit to the village that I was recognised as it must be 30 years at least since I was a regular visitor - spooky! I shall have a look now from time to time to see updates and as I live in Ascot - Pauline lives in Burnham - it wouldn't be far to come for a get-together if one was ever organised.

Best wishes Jennifer

24th July, 2008

Anita Richardson

Info on relative


Does anyone in Eton Wick have any recollection of a lady named Doris VL Savage (nee Read) - her husband's name was Edwin James Savage. He died when HMS Hood went down in May 1941. They lived in Eton Wick at some time between 1923 and 1941. Mr Savage was my Uncle and only one of his brother's is still alive he is 87 and memory is fading. He just remembers that his brother's name was Edwin and he was married and living in Eton Wick sometime within the above dates.
I would be grateful for any info. Thank you

If you can help with Anita's enquiry, please send us an email and we will forward it on to her.

19th June, 2008

Jane Larcombe (nee Hill)

Gymkanas at Bob Bond's

My maiden name was Jane Hill, my Mum was Joy Keen, my Grandmother Kathleen (Kate/Kit) Keen and my Great-Grandmother was Ellen Keen (of W. Keen & Son, Montem Lane, Slough). All of us were known to Bob Bond and he knew my Dad, Ron Hill also. I have photos from the horse shows/gymkanas that were held on Bob's land in Eton Wick in the early 1960s, when I was very small. if you would like copies. If anyone wants to get in contact my email is:

If anyone else has photos or stories about the horse shows and gymkanas, please get in touch - we hope to add some of Jane's pictures soon.

1st June, 2008

Joanne Long

Lovell Family

My great grandfather Frederick John Lovell was a master grocer in Eton Wick around 1901 - the address I have is 5 Bell Lane which I believe was the Post Office, was the Post Office in the grocers shop? or vice versa?

His father Thomas Lovell was a baker and grocer at the same address in 1891, and before that the family lived at 1 Ada Cottage after moving from London.

Would love to hear from anyone with any info on this family.

If you can help Joanne, please send a message using the link above and we will pass it on.

29th May, 2008

Caroline Hallett

School 120th Anniversary

Eton Wick First School is organising an exhibition of past pupils and staffs memories of their time at the school. If you have anything that we can used ie memories, photos, reports etc and would be prepared to let us copy and use them please contact me at the school. Our telephone number is 01753 860096, or drop them in to school in an envelope marked for my attention. If you would like the items returned please could you enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

Many thanks

If you would like to send any memories by email, please use the link above and we will pass your message to the school.

26th May, 2008

Tony Downey

Fond memories

Reading through your web site brought back lots of fond memories of my early childhood in Eton Wick.

I was born in June 1956 at number 34 Alma Rd,right opposite what was the old Co-op. I lived there with my Nan, Helen Botsford,my mother Ann and my brothers Bernie and Roger, until about 1967 when we moved to Horndean Hampshire. I returned to the Wick fairly regularly to visit my nan up until the early eighties when she came to live with us in Portsmouth. Unfortunately both my mother and my Nan have passed away,and I now live in Australia, so I don't know what happened to all their old photos, I'll get onto Roger to see if he has them, and I will post them on the web site.

Keep up the good work.

Fondest regards to all. Tony Downey

15th April, 2008

Kate Martin (nee Kean)

Colenorton Crescent

After approximately 55+ years there is no longer a member of my family living in this road. I lived in Colenorton Crescent from 1953 to 1969 (when I got Married) My Aunt - Mrs Cissie Friend and my cousin Margaret (Terry) Roberts also lived in the road. Margaret has just moved out but remains in the village now living in Clifton Lodge flats.

My family have probably been around the village for more than 100 years. Margaret being born there and now 86 years orginally lived at Manor Farm, then in Shepcote Lane. I went to Eton Wick School along with Margarets son Ian. Maragret also went to Eton Wick school and both she and Ian won the cup for swimming. If my memory is correct, this was for swimming a mile and I think Ian was only the second person to win this after Margaret herself. Whilst moving Margaret we have found pictures of both events.

I have read some of the guestbook entries and a lot of names spring into my memory. Robert Moss, being taught by his father and also Mrs Miles and Ken White. Hazel Pygall, Joan Benham to name but a few.

Does anybody rememer the 'bagpipes' being played around the village at New Year? If so that was my Brother!

31st March, 2008

John Bond

Old Wheatbutts

I just read the message from Terri Reed from 29th November. I was always given to believe that David Niven lived in the Wheatbutts. He certainly lived in Eton Wick for a short time. He gave my friend Ronnie Cox a half crown which he still has!

26th March, 2008

Andy Denham


I remember the shinty competition organised every year by Mr Moss. When we first moved to Eton Wick in 1960 I was 9 years old. I was asked by my class teacher, Mr Blay, why I had not put my name forward for the Shinty competition. I had no idea what shinty was, but he assured me that I would enjoy it as, "I was a good footballer". He was right, I did enjoy it.

That first competition was held on the Stockdales "new rec" and I remember the first game I played. Being fairly new to the village I was in a team with four other children that I did not know. I believe that the captain was called John "HONKEY" Alder and he put me in goal. I enjoyed the competition and we went on to win it.

The final was held on the Wheatbutts as part of the Scout Fete entertainment. I remember being surprised at the trophys; egg cups for the runners-up and ash trays for the winners - we were still at primary school, how attitudes to smoking have changed! These trophies were made each year at the Clee Pottery in Eton High Street.

The shinty competition moved fron the New Rec to the old Rec with the final taking place at the WICKO entertainment. It was eventually held at the School itself and the competition had expanded to enclude an open section for teams outside of the village.

25th March, 2008

Steve Blay


I think I remember reading a while ago, a comment from one of the guests asking if anyone had pictures of Shinty games? If so please find attached 2 photos I have found that may be of interest? These were taken where the game was regularly played in the Haywards Mead Recreation ground. One skinny player was me (Not so skinny now I must hasten to add!) But I wonder who can recognise any of the others. It was a good game which I really enjoyed playing, but fairly unique to Eton Wick!

24th March, 2008

Doreen Ridden

Moore History

To Lindsey Fisk and any other Moore relatives I am related to John Moore and John William was the youngest child of John William Moore and Mary Anne Shorter. We are in fact related as John William's sister Lilian Beatrice was my grandmother. I would love to hear from you and catch up with family history information.

27th February, 2008

Lindsey Fisk nee Moore

John William Moore

With ref to the message below. I have looked at the family tree that my father started before he passed away and yes, you are correct the John William Moore born in 1874 had a son called Alan by his first wife Elsie Colville. Alan was my grandfather although I never met him. My father Richard Alan Moore was brought up a friend of his mothers.I guess that makes the John William Moore of Moores Lane my great grandfather.I have numerous photos of John William and his wife Elsie and also of your great, great grandfather in Eton Wick which my Dad must have uncovered tracing his family tree.
Note from website editor for Lindsay and John - if you would like to get in touch with each other directly, please send another message to the guestbook with your email address included and I will forward your message to the other person.

22 February, 2008

John William Moore

John William Moore

With ref to Lindsey Fisk (see message below), John my gt gt gt grandfather did not have a son called Alan but did have another John William born in 1874 who lived with him at Eton Wick who married a Elsie Colville and moved to Egham. Hope this helps.

18th February, 2008

Lindsey Fisk

John William Moore

I have been looking at my father's book tracing his family tree and it appears that his grandfather was John William Moore of Eton Wick. My father was called Richard Alan Moore and his father was Alan Moore who I think was the son of John William Moore.

16th February, 2008

Jim Moss


When in the UK recently, I came across some details that my Dad had written down about a school trip to Beaulieu on May 29th 1964.

Coach to the station at 8am, Train to Southampton, Boat Cruise, Time at Beaulieu, Tea, and then Home again for 9.35pm. Cost for each person - 27 shillings (1 pound 35p!). 70 children and 11 adults went. There is even the list of everyone who went!

For the record the teachers/adults were Mr. Moss; Miss Winder; Mr. Nash; Mrs. Smith; Mrs. Pearce; Miss Maclean; Miss Priest; Mrs. Stokes; Mrs. Miles; Mr and Mrs Ford.

The children were (hope I can read Dad's writing correctly!): Linda Lovell; David Longmore; David West; Tony Hester; Clive Brett; Keith Brimmer; Terry Reeves; Andrew Wynn; Derek Tyrell; Pamela Bond; Gary Stout; Marie Rawlings; Linda Wilson; Susan Myhill; Leslie Foster; Janice Brennan; Valerie Stickland; Marissa Hunt; Michael George; Graham Brett; Paul Feurings(sp?); Geoffrey Harris; Susan Lund; Jennifer Farrer; John Lynch; Alan Lynch; Malcolm Budd; Andrew Clatworthy; Imade Iyare; Stephen Delaney; Susan Rowlands; Steven Denham; Stephen Wyeth; Barbara Eyles; Clive Razey; Ann Charlton; Manning Howard; Jane Schultz; Tracey Talbot; Paulette Sharpe;Linda Benham;Kieron Sumner;Anne Harding; Barbara Harding; Haydn Ash; Graham Ford; Linda Clarke; Christine Jaycock; Kim Devonshire; Janis Valdmanis; Ian Sainsbury;Lesley King;Carol Sherwood;Kenneth Sharpe;Christopher Lovell;Christine Cameron;Patricia Brennan;Martin Swadling;Andrew Neate;Paul Gapper;Elaine Hunt;Linda Varley;Brian MacLeish;Francis Fogarty;Stephen Fearnley; Andrew Rainer; Janet Huse; Lesley Hinton; Helen Pethybridge; Steven Hinton.

Hope this brings back memories for some other visitors!

Steven Denham has added:

"This cover the top 3 years I believe, but there are some children that are not on the list, I presume that they did not go, David Fearn and his sister Linda, Brian Higgins are a start. I will have to let the memory do its stuff to see what other names I can come up with."

13th February, 2008

Carol Chew

Chew Family of Windsor

I read your articles with interest as a member of the Chew family in Willenhall in the West Midlands. It look as though they were well respected in the area.

I believe one of my husband's family moved to Windsor after the lst world war. If anyone knows of any relatives I would be pleased to hear from them, especially Pete Chew, who I believe may be related.

If you can help Carol, please contact us and we will forward your message to her.

27th January, 2008

Keith Mann

The Army Camp on Dorney Common

I was born at the Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital in Taplow in May 1948. My parents lived at the army camp on Dorney Common from (at least 1948) until about 1952 I think.

We moved to Meadow Lane in Dorney Reach and while living there I attended the infant school in Dorney. My grandparents lived at Britwell Farm in Burnham. My mum worked for Colonel Palmer picking fruit, I can remember her taking me along (before the age of child-minders).
I now live in Bedfordshire but still like to pass through when I am down that way (the Shepherds Hut is still a fine pub).

Congratulations on the web site, keep up the good work.

24th January, 2008

Doreen Ridden


My greatgrandfather was John William Moore and he was the father of Annie Tough who got the Primitive Methodist Chapel built. She was step-sister to my grandmother Lilian Moore. My grandmother was the first person to be married in the newly built Methodist Chapel.
I remember coming down as a child with my father to collect rent in Alma Road from the houses that were family owned. They were eventually sold to local residents.

I remember Sylvia Chew at a family wedding in the 60's and kept in touch with her till she died.
For Becky who wrote on this site in May 07 - Annie and Charles Tough were living at Bell Farm in 1877 after their marriage and until Charles' death in 1924 - that's all the info I have,but I havent heard of the person you were asking about.

I think Eton Wick is lovely and have come down quite a lot and taken pictures of Alma Road, Moore's Lane and of the churchyard where Annie and Charles are buried. I am also in communication with John Webb as his relations (The Groves) and mine tie up - we also tie in together with the Chews.

This is a great site and I shall continue to visit it regularly to catch up with what is happening. Keep up the good work.


13th January, 2008

Richard Jordan

Eton Wick Nicknames

Although our family moved from the Wick in about 1954 to live at Willowbrook I stayed very involved with the village through the Youth Club and ended up as leader of the club from from 1962 to 1965 with Frank Bond as my mentor and adviser.

As a kid in the village it seemed nearly everyone had a nickname, many of them were conferred by one Terry Bolton who funnily enough never had one. But some those I can remember off hand are Knocker (John Webb),his brother Skimpy (Peter Webb),Padlock(Jeffery Pardoe)His uncle Conchie Pardoe, Tosher Johnson, Brusher (Doug Benham), Glueshy(John Bond), Pip (Brian Bolton) Buffer Hood, Buffer Wells, Buster Irvine,Knotchy (Micheal Knight), I know that many of these characters have passed on or moved away from the village but I find it interesting to visit the site from time to time and see names of people I grew up with, who got up to the same sort of tricks that we used to, sadly in this day and age Health and safety requirements I am sure would preclude the digging of Long drop toilets for the camp at St Ives and trying to cook a whole Lamb on a spit over a row of Primus stoves, it was delicious but a little on the rare side when we finally got to try it at midnight. Mackeral Fishing was always a hightlight of the Camp with Frank Bond going to great lengths to photograph people as they threw up over the side through sea sickness.

The world's problems were thrashed out many a night in the saloon Bar of the Shepherds Hut to which we would adjourn after the Youth Club closed at 10 o'clock. On a regular basis Frank Bond was caught for a round of drinks to which he would say "Don't worry about it I'll put a penny on the spuds tomorrow" When we talk of todays youngsters drinking under age I was a regular drinker from the age of 15, but I don't think I ever got drunk.

Looking back at other Guest book entries I well remember Ms Cawsey who drummed into us the times tables so that they are forever emblazoned on my mind. If any one else can add to the list of Eton Wick Nick Names it would be interesting to hear of them.


Richard Jordan

January 4th, 2008

Monica Peck

Eton Wick School

My brothers Vic, Frank and myself went to school in Eton Wick although we lived in Dorney Reach as it was the nearest school. Our mum was at one time on the PTA. I remember Mrs Winder, Mrs Miles, Mr & Mrs Moss and Mr White. When Mr White moved to Canada Mr Moss arranged for my class to sing and a recording was made to be posted to Mr White. Mrs Moss taught my son when he went to school in Dorney Reach around 1973. I still have my shinty egg-cup 1964.
I am related to the Tarrants by marriage as my dad's sister married Bob Tarrant and I am also related to the Paintin family as my grandfather's sister Elizabeth Peck married Frank Paintin. I am also related to June Ellood.
I used to enjoy the Beetle game that used to be held at the school. The school dinners in the village hall were really good and we used to freeze walking there and back in the Winter. When it was the Christmas Party at the V/Hall all us kids had to remember to take a spoon into school. There was always a magician and party games. I still go through Eton Wick on my way to Dorney Reach when visiting my family. I now live near Guildford.

November 29th, 2007

Terri Reid

Old Wheatbutts

We are in the process of buying Old Wheatbutts and hope to be moved in by the end of January. We are fascinated with the house and are very much in love with it. Could anyone please either give us some photos, or perhaps memories or who lived in it and when. Is there another house called wheatbutts or is it old wheatbutts people are referring to?

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November 1st, 2007

Andy Stewart

Eton Wick Memories

Hello. I have just come across your site. I was born in Eton Wick at 21 Alma Road on 31st May 1941. My mother was Edith (Edie) Annie Stewart (nee Jacobs) also born at no 21 in 1914 along with her sister Lillian Gladys (nee Jacobs) born at no 21 in 1919. Their fathers name was George Jacobs and his wife was Sarah Annie who was a Newell before marriage. My father Cyril George Stewart married my mother in August 1938 at St John The Baptist Church.

During the war father worked at Langley Alloys by day and in the Home Guard in Eton by night. In 1946 we moved to 16 South View Eton Wick Road from there I attended Eton Wick School, and well remember walking to the village hall for school dinners. Opposite no 21 lived a Mickey Bell who later played for Slough Town and Dagenham Football Clubs.

Have just read with interest Bryan Philips entry, I remember very well visiting his fathers cycle shed/shop and seeing his taxi parked outside their house. Many years later I met up again with Bryan when we were both Sgts in the TA at Taplow.

Other memories of Alma Road were the Shakespeare Stores on the corner with Bell Lane run by the Chinnerys who lost a son in a M/c accident by the Slads. Running errands for gran to the Co-op in Alma Rd. Going to the chapel and on coach trips to the seaside with the over sixties club.I also remember going on to Dorney Common and playing in the empty gun pits.The new shops being built and the Duke of Edinburgh opening the new playground on the new estate off Moores Lane. As a sixer in the cubs I carried their first flag for its dedication in the church. I believe it was the first fete in the Wheatbutts where I won £1.10s (£1.50 today) in the air rifle shoot out. Living upstairs in the 1947 floods.

I finally left Eton Wick in 1971 to live in Dedworth. I moved from their in 1977 to the present time to Weymouth Dorset. Both my parents now lie in Eton Wick Churchyard along with my Grandparents. Also Lilly and her husband Arthur and their only daughter Margaret. My sister Jean (also born in Alma Road) lives in Windsor and my brother Ian born at South View lives in Datchet. Those are just some of my memories of Eton Wick Good luck for the future

Andy Stewart

October 23rd, 2007

Yvonne Knibbs


I didn't realise this village existed until my mother told me her mother (Constance) was born there in 1904. I do have to say that for one so small you do seem to have a lot going on. Rather shocking (or so I thought) her mother Hilda had five children and never married and Constance married when my own mother was a year old. Does the name Powell mean anything to anyone in the area?

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October 10th, 2007

David Cawsey

History - 1939 - 1946

Very interested to see your site. I lived in Eton Wick from 1939 to about 1946.

Here are a few random reminiscences and memories. My father was Harold Cawsey; in September 1939 he was the headmaster of Ben Jonson School, in Stepney, East London. They were evacuated to Eton Wick. Father ran the school in the Village Hall for two or three years, before it was amalgamated with the village school, under Miss Rooke.

Father ran the A.R.P. in Eton Wick. My mother, Ida Cawsey soon started as the infants teacher at Porney School, Eton.

Initially we lodged with Reg and Elsie Borrett. Reg was the local policeman, and used to take me fishing! We then moved into the house next door, and stayed there until we moved to Windsor after the war. Life in Eton Wick was pretty basic then - electricity had not yet come to the village. Milk came from a churn on a cart. Eggs came from our own chickens, and veg from our allotment on Moores Lane The radio required accumulators which we had to get charged weekly at the bicycle shop.

Mother and Father became great friends of the Chew family, who played an important part in Eton Wick history. They live on Moores Lane, just on the corner of Inkerman Road ( is the house still there?). Frances Chew was one of the original Moores family. She had married Archibald Chew and they had 4 daughters. The Chew family put all their efforts into supporting the Methodist Chapel on Alma Road. Sylvia and Joyce Chew continued their mother's support of the church, helped by Winnie Jewel, and the local handyman / builder, Harry Cook. (As a child, I found going to the chapel pretty boring! - but the Chews were very good to me.)

There are one or two other names I remember. There were the Badders. His end was sad. On getting off the Eton Wick bus, his coat caught in the door, and he was dragged to his death.

And of course David Niven owned the big house - was it Wheatbutts? But was he ever there? I don't think anyone saw him.

If you know anything about David Niven's house, or have other comments for Mr Cawsey, please use the form on this page and we will forward your message.

September 14th, 2007

Gerald Kennedy

Garrard Place

I noticed that there was an enquiry about Garrard Place a while ago. I was born at 3 Garrard Place on 6 May 1935. This made me a Silver Jubilee Baby, to commemorate which I received a bible from the residents of Eton Wick and Boveney, a christening mug and spoon and a one guinea Post Office Savings account from the Mayor of Windsor.

My father was Edward (Ted) Kennedy of 20 Cippenham Lane, Cippenham and my mother Lilian Maud Kennedy (nee Banham) of Shakespere Place, New Boveney. We moved to Cippenham in 1938 when I believe Garrard Place was demolished.

Dad was a keen footballer and I have vague memories of being club mascot, was the strip amber and black quarters? He later played for his works team, St Helens Cable and Rubber; his cup and league medals are with my sister in Stockholm so I am unable to give details.

As a boy I used to cycle to Eton Wick with eggs for my grandparents, going across Cippenham Green, across the fields to the sewage works and on across the Slypes(?), then a muddy footpath. Grandfather had lost a leg in Mesopotamia in the first war. I thought he was in the Norfolk Regiment, but they don't appear to have been to that theatre. He would send me to change the accumulators for his wireless and to fetch beer in an enamel jug sealed with brown paper. This was towards the church on the road to Eton; I can't remember any names or places.

The last time I was in Eton Wick was ten or more years ago, visiting my niece and her family. She has since emigrated to Toronto and I have no family remaining in the area. Hope this is of interest.

August 27, 2007

John Bond

The Bond Family

Hi, my name is John Bond. I was born in the village in 1949 in Colenorton Crescent. I come from a very large family of Bonds in Eton Wick which were started off by Thomas & Roland (Rol) Bond in the early 1890s. (Two brothers who came from the New Town of Hazlemere near High Wycombe.)

As a child I have vivid memories of the five-a-side football competition held on Easter Monday. I can remember iceskating on the frozen floodwater on the common. Watching cricket at Tarrants farm, Gymkhanas at Bob Bonds (my grandfather's cousin), picking blackcurrants after school in my grandad's fields opposite the church, catching the bluebus on a saturday morning to watch Saturday morning pictures at the playhouse. It was 2d to the bottom of Castlehill and 2 and a 1/2d to the top.

I can remember Pass's horse and cart trotting around the village, the scout fete and my regular failure to win the minature garden competition. Youth club discos, Rob Hood's group sounds fx. My earliest memory was attending the official opening of the New recreation ground when the Duke of Edinburgh opened it. I can remember seeing the soldiers as I walked around from Colenorton Crescent.

At school I was one of Vernon Moss's possibles for passing the 11 plus. Not probables I hasten to add. I passed. From the school, I can recall Mr. Blay, Miss Winder, Mrs Miles and Mrs Babris (she was my favourite). I was a regular at the chapel and regularly went on seaside trips. So many other memories...

July 6th, 2007

Kelly Johnson

Growing Up in Eton Wick!

Hi my name is Kelly and my Grandparents, Eric and Minerva Goodall lived opposite the Greyhound Pub in Eton Wick until around 1990. My sister and I used to spend all our school holidays in the Wick (we are from Leeds) and I remember having some great times! Bareback riding the horses (I think it was Teabag the horse who set off and wouldn't stop!) in the fields opposite the house and making a den in the woods as well as meeting Ernie Wise at the shops near the playground! We especially loved walking down to the lock to watch the boats go by in the summer and as my Gran worked at Eton college we were able to use the outdoor pool there as well! We used to walk to the college and one time she took us the back way - the cows weren't too impressed and ended up chasing us across the field!!

Both my grandparents have passed on now and although writing this has brought back some great memories I'm now sat at work with tears in my eyes! I've always said I would love to come back to the Wick for a visit but it keeps getting put off!! Maybe someday soon I'll be back there!

June 30th, 2007

Pam Cartwright

Lammas Hayward

I was delighted to see the photo of "Hammer" Stannett, the Lammas Hayward, on your website. He is my great great grandfather!

My grandfather remembered that he would walk to Windsor some Sundays, still in his shepherd's smock. He also remembers when Hammer met tinned peaches for the first time:- he ate them with a knife and fork, bless him!

I would love any further details or photos that anyone might have about him. Many thanks for a great website, Pam Cartwright.

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June 27th, 2007

Hazel Rees (nee Pygall)

Happy Days

Ken and Sue White have just sent me the link to this site. Its great as was the exhibition that Frank held in the Village Hall. There was much laughter when he pointed out photos of me at the Guides Gang Show, at Eton Wick Youth Club and camping in St Ives with them. I remember it cost £9 to go and I did a paper round for Bill Sibley down the Eton Wick Road to Broken Furlong and got 6 shillings (old money) a week but saved up to pay to go to camp. I could ramble on (I know I always do) but I have fond memories of the village and try to come there at least once a month to see my siblings. I also notice my niece Amanda Ross got on here before me - thats a first.

Good luck to everyone involved in this site Hazel
June 25, 2007

Mr Ken White

Memories of Eton Wick

I first went to the Wick in 1940 as my parents had moved to the safety of this lovely village. My association with this area started when I began using the Willow Tree Inn where I met Bill Mitchell, the Benhams, Robinson etc members of the dart's team. Old man Stannard was the publican at that time.

Later, 1953, I was appointed to the post of Asst. Head at Eton Wick school when Miss Rooke was headmistress and Mrs V.Miles was a teacher in the old building. Miss Winder and I occupied the palatial new part of the school. I was to remain there until 1958 when I moved to Canada.

Even at 85 I look back with fond memories of the school and have on occasions met some old pupils form my teaching days. I have given Robert Moss some pages from my autobiography and hope that these may one day be part of the school's history. I now live in Farnbough Hampshire and would love to hear from ex-students.

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June 19, 2007

Iris White

Willow Tree Public House

I recently found this group and was surprised to read so many names of years ago. My Family Mr.C. & Mrs A. Bateman together with myself and my small sister Mavis moved to the pub in 1953. My father was still working at Bell's Asbestos so my mother managed on her own during the day. I remember what great fun we had there on a Saturday night, with Mum supplying sandwiches and cakes for all and everyone enjoying each others company. And of course the many darts matches which the team won. Especially when my future brother-in-law Ken and Modge Benham were playing.

It was a very happy place. It was there I met my husband Gordon White who lived next door. We were married at Eton Wick Church in June 1954 later moving to 52 Eton Wick Rd. Recently seeing the cottage again, we were both struck by how little it had changed. The extensions and paving in the front garden was just as we had left it, in 1961. Our daughters Beverley and Jane were christened in St.John's too.

My father-in-law Mr.Percy White has the shop nearby called 'The Service House' which sold all sorts of household necessaties. My sister Mavis grew up to marry John Stacey and her children went to the local school, where Gordon's brother Ken was a teacher. Sadly, John died on 27th September 1996. I'm sure that the people of the 'Wick' will still remember him and Mavis for all there hard work in the building of the Social Club. His parents too Walter and Eddie who raised money for the scheme and who run the bingo sessions when the building was complete. I too had a hand in that, selling tickets and taking over the calling when Don could not do it.

It was a very happy place to live in those days and I miss the many people who have sadly gone. Like Mr & Mrs Woodhouse who lived next door, and the Bond family in the greengrocers I could go on but must draw a line somewhere.

25th May, 2007

Stephen Moss

Dorney Common

As my elder brother (Robert) and younger brother (James) have recently contributed, I am honour bound to add my contribution.

I have fond memories of Dorney Common, and the surrounding area, which I used to explore regularly along with my brothers and the likes of David Hudson. Indeed, I still have my 'Local Nature Diary' that I kept from 1964 to the early 1970's. On 3 April 1965 we saw a minnow and a frog in the sewage stream that ran behind our garden in Tilstone Close and I noted that "this was the first time a tidler or a frog had been seen in the sewage stream". A landmark occasion! Before this, it had been notable for its absence of any life forms apart from red worms - we used to make rafts and when they capsized became well aquaited with the contents of Slough's outpourings. On 28 August 1967 I recorded " a shoal of fish up to 6" long" - a sure sign of an improvement in water quality - or was it simply a better class of sewage from Slough? On numerous occasions between 1964 and 1973 we saw pike in the cleaner stream that runs alonside the common up towards Boveney. These were up to 2 feet 6 inches long, and often dead - "killed by sludge pollution" I reckoned. It was always a mystery where these pike came from, as I doubted they could survive swimming up the sewage stream from the Thames. Does anyone know - I presume someone put them in the stream? We also often saw water voles, heron, dabchicks, snipe and kingfishers. How common are these now, I wonder?

Dorney Common was a wonderful place for us youngsters to explore, and very unusual. It strikes me that I know very little about its history - when did it become a common and why did it remain treeless unlike so much other common land? I have found very little information on it - maybe someone would like to add something to the site - I know Eton Wick ends at the sewage stream but lets not be pedantic! Along with my brothers, I sometimes return to Eton Wick and walk across the common.

Happy memories of skating on the frozen floodwater and even of walking across the frozen Thames just above Windsor Bridge in the cold winter of 1962/63. Bet that will never be possible ever again. The death of the elm trees around the common's perimeter due to Dutch elm disease was a sad loss to the landscape.

We also visit the graveyard at the church and see names of people we knew when young. One thought always strikes me. I see names of men who sang in the church choir when I was about 10, in 1960 or so. At that time I looked upon these men as 'really old', but in reality they must have been mainly in their 40's. This does not seem old to me now as I head towards 60!

May 15th, 2007

Jessie Taylor

Paternal Grandfather

My father Peter Whitby Taylor was bought up in Eton. He died in 1980 and I never asked the questions I should have - namely anything about Laurie Alfred Taylor (his father) who was a Baker (journeyman) and lived in Sunbury Road in 1931. I know nothing of my fathers family, so please if anyone knows about either I would be so pleased to hear from you. Thanks in anticipation. Jessie

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May 7, 2007

Robert Moss


Our family arrived from Norfolk in 1955 when Dad was appointed headmaster of the village school.

My immediate memories of village life would be: football (inc. annual 5-a-side - still have my runners-up medal) and cricket on the old and new recs; or sometimes cricket on Dorney Common, when the ball would inevitably land in a cowpat at some point, causing great amusement at the expense of the bowler who had to bowl the next ball; fishing from the iron bridge; the overpowering stench in summer from Cippenham sewage works; the village fete at the Wheat Butts; playing shinty - still have my 1964 souvenir egg-cup; the Blue Bus, which never left you stranded no matter how full it was; choir practice at the church on Friday evenings; riding my bike home from Slough in a fog so thick that in the area near the viaduct you couldn't see the ground you were riding on; the "Good Companions" youth group; Mr and Mrs Clark's fish & chips and Anderson's sweet shop - these are just a few things which spring to mind.

I'm now retired and living in Gloucester, but still visit Eton Wick about once a year and am in contact with one or two former residents from Tilstone Close, eg. the Quayle twins and Diana Hudson, who lives in Germany. Best wishes to anyone who remembers me.

May 6th, 2007

James Moss

Eton Wick - good memories

It did make me smile about people remembering Mr. Moss. Even though he was my Dad, I did make it to the green seat too! The brass bell inside the front door. Swimming in the pool with Mr. Nash. Shinty, Rounders, Shove Halfpenny, Darts, Michaelmas Fair with the somewhat damaged stalls that were stored at the Scouts Hut. The Football Scheme, Tombola - all school fund raising items. Even now when I got to my children's school fun raising I draw on those ideas. The bottle stall that was always the most popular! In these days of Dr. Who, the time a Dalek came to the school. Anyone recall Shakespeare's stores in Alma Road, The Co-op that became the Betting Shop? Barron's Stores?

Was fun to find this site. I usually pass through every year just to see what has changed (live in Canada now, but have to visist my Mum who is very much alive). I know we have photos of Eton Wick between my brothers and I, including ones of the entire school from the 60's.

Anyone go on the trips to Holland with the school, or the ones to Wolverton when in Class 4? Can think of so much more, but enough for now. Will be happy to reply to any e-mails! And still have my trophy from winning the 50 year 5 a side with Andrew Piasecki, Clive Paintin, Neil Simpson and Paul Miles! All the best. Jim

If you want to contact Jim, please use the form on this page and we will forward your message.

May 5th, 2007

Becky Bishop

Bell Farm

My 5x great grandfather had a son, William who lived at Bell Farm in 1861. If any one has any information on Bell Farm or the Howse family it would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help Becky, please use the form on this page and we will forward your message.

February 7th, 2007

Sharon Oxlade (Coupland)


My mother was one of the large Pardoe clan, Maureen. I lived in Eton Wick from 1960-1980 and have many fond memories of 'Wicko'and the fun I had helping out on the stalls. I also remember the fetes that used to be held on the Wheatbutts. I remember Mr Moss and the dreaded 'green seat' if you had been naughty.


December 7th, 2006

Alfred Davis

Residents of Boveney

I am trying to see if any one remembers THE ALFRED DAVIS FAMILY. They lived at #3 GARRAD PLACE, I have been there. They lived there 19?? 1926.
If you can help, please use the form on this page and we will forward your message on to Mr Davis. 

November 25th, 2006


Paice Family

hi my family lived in 15 vaughan gardens, my mum(betty)dad(gorden aubury)sisters(jennifer ,susan,kathline,pauline, christine,karen,broher jonny.and me would be nice to hear from anyone was remembers my family...i now live in yatetley,hampshire. would be nice to hear about old times...

November 22nd, 2006

Stuart Spence

Lost contact with Eton Wick

Hi, I stayed in Eton Wick in 2001 with friends by the name of Ginni Hogarth. I meet a Lady and her two daughters that live two house down from where i stayed. Her name was Belinda with one of her daughter being George. I would really like to get into contact with them, as i have fond memories with them in the beautiful town of Eton Wick.

If you can help, please use the form on this page and we will forward your message on to Stuart.

November 20th, 2006

John Webb

Eton History

Great website, very informative and brings back many childhood memories.

My great great grandfather was John William Moore, who had built and lived in Primrose Villas. I believe his daughter was Frances Annie Tough one of the founders of the Methodist Chapel in Alma Road. My mother, Yvonne Webb was active with the sisterhood of the chapel in the early 90s.

As children in the 60s my sisters and I used to visit the Chew sisters, Joyce, Miriam and Sylvie (also descendants of John Moore) who lived in a large house on the corner of Moores Lane and Alma Road, named Bryanston.

We used to play 'hide and seek' under the railway viaduct arches towards Eton.

My grandfather was Percy Holden who owned a fishing tackle shop called Bambridges, adjacent to Eton bridge, now a restaurant called House on the Bridge.
Percys sister was a teacher of music in Eton.

My parents lived in Tilstone Close from 1982 to 2000, both now passed away. My mother used to own several houses in Alma Road which I think were sold in the 1980s, part of an estate passed down to her from the Grove family who lived in Dorney.

My great grand father owned a grocery and bakers shop in Dorney and was the village postmaster.

I now live in Dorset but regularly visit the website to reminisce.


John Webb

November 13th, 2006

Tricia Payne (nee Paice)

Tony Saunders - Paice Family

Just to say I am the Daughter of Charles & Hilda Paice of Alma Road. I have some photos of my Dad (mainly war pictures). I have less information on "Jerry's" (Aubreys's side). I would be pleased to have any up-dates. Also if there are any photo's around of my Dad in his childhood I would be very pleased to know

If you want to contact Tricia please use the Guestbook form to let us know and we will forward your message on to her.

November 11th, 2006

Sue Davey (nee Bond)

The Bond Family

Hi from Somerset! My name is Sue and some may know me as Albert Bond's daughter, Susie. I am also proud to be Frank Bond's niece & have followed with interest the history group's development.

I was born in 1955 & enjoyed village life in all it's guises before marrying in 1976 & moving to Somerset - my brother Peter & mum Joan joined us here in 1991. I have particularly fond memories of the concert party which dad was involved with ( always seemed to be dressed as a woman I recall!). I was a member of the ballet group called the Fairies that performed in the shows - as seen on page 103 of the Photographic History Book. Both mum & dad were involved in the Wicko Carnivals - dad making It's a Knockout games & mum baking for the cake stall. It was a real family affair with my sister & I wrapping toffee apples, mum having made them & dad having chopped the sticks! Not so fond memories of school sadly, as I was prone to crying! Mr. Moss had "Bond's bucket" ready for me at all times. My one ambition at school was to progress from the Beetle Drive tables (for the less bright children) to the wooden ones & I think I managed it on one occassion!

The village links spread like friendly tenticles across the country & globe. As an example, our eldest child Richard has just returned from a year in New Zealand at university & spent time with Richard & Carol Jordan who are good friends of Uncle Frank & fellow Eton Wickers. Best wishes to the History Group.

November 10th, 2006

Tony Saunders

The Paice Family

Hi all my mother is Janet Paice, her mother Betty Paice - she still lives there. I am one of the many Paice's. I spent many summers there playing as a child. I also went to Sunday school in the 70's-80's. If you have any pictures of my family I'd love a copy..Tony

If anyone has pictures of Tony's family please use the Guestbook form to let us know and we will forward your message on to him.

November 10th, 2006

Donna Rogers

Fond memories

I am Donna Rogers (formerly Hussey). I have fond memories of this lovely village - both my nan and my mum (Brookes family) were brought up in Eton Wick, my nan having a even larger family, the Benhams.

I remember the great wicko carnival and doing a milk round with Bill Cooley and his jolly whistle as he went about his day and having special friends.

I spent my time looking after my horse Squeak that was kept in a field in Common Road. I enjoyed looking at the old pictures - well done to the history group.

October 28th, 2006

Richard Jordan

Village Memories

I grew up in the village and have numerous happy memories of my years there, for the most part the Jordan family relocated to New Zealand in the 60s and 70s with my Elder sister Rose being the first to arrive in 67 Carol and I moved here in 71 followed by Mum and Dad in 72 and Younger sister Susan arriving in 73. The last member of the family brother Bob lives on the Britwell Estate in Slough having moved there from Stockdales Rd. We would love to hear from anyone in the village who remembers us and I will be happy to pass any news on to my sisters who live in Christchurch and with whom I keep in regular contact.

The Jordan family moved from Eton (Tangier Lane) where I was born, to Vaughan Gardens. The "Ring" as it became known was newly built in 1939. We were the first tenants of number 5 and lived there until the mid 50s when Dad took a job with Eton College Laundry and we moved to a tied cottage at Willowbrook. Some of my most endearing memories take me back to the time when Colenorton Cres. and Boveny New Road were being built, it must have been around 1949 or 50 and I remember the day when a huge Elm Tree that stood in the allotment area which ran alongside Moores Lane was taken down to make way I imagine for the service road that runs along the front of the estate. We were intrigued when an Irishman (Dan Collins) who also lived in Vaughan Gardens arrived with a huge Truck equiped with a winch to remove the tree. It was literally pulled out of the ground roots and all fosicing around among the exposed roots I found a real dinkum sabre with a leather handle bound with silver wire bindings.

It must have laid there undisturbed for 2 or 3 hundred years. It was my instant pride and joy I took it home and cleaned up the long curved blade with emery cloth, for the rest of the day I was Black Beard the pirate. But it was the marble season so I swapped it for a bag of 26 marbles with a kid from Dorney. Which could possibly be a good indication of my future skills as a wheeler dealer.

I later became a successor to Frank Bond as Leader of the Youth Club from about 1961/2 until 1965 when I took up Youth Leadership by going to a Youth Leader Training Course in Liecester for 12 months.

Carol (Chamberlain) and I married in 1967 and after living in Surbiton for 5 years we emigrated to N.Z. in 1971. Our children are now grown up Andrew having two lovely daughters and Claire (Belle) due to come back to N.Z. next week after living and working in Sydney for the past 5 years. We retain regular contact with the village with Phone Calls to Bondy from whom we discovered the existence of this web site. A great credit to the village and one to which I will become a regular visitor.

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers us from our days in the village. Rgards Richard Jordan

If anyone wants to get in touch with Richard please use the Guestbook form and we will forward your message on to him.

September 20th, 2006

Susan Childs (nee Myhill)

Old memories

It was fascinating to find this website completely by accident, and what a lot of old memories it brought back! My family lived at 39 Victoria Road in the early 60s, and my younger sister and I attended primary school. In 1966 we emigrated to Canada, and now we all live in New Zealand. It's wonderful to see that Eton Wick still retains much of the character and charm I recall from my childhood.

August 20th, 2006

Maureen Hughes

Cooley Family History

My 4x grt grandparents lived in Eton....when it came under Bucks....and their children were all born there. He was Stephen Cooley born c 1771 and he married an Esther Badger in 1791. He is buried in Eton. l have never visited although l shall do so in the future......but wondered if there are still Cooleys in the village? l looked up the photos and found them very interesting. It is his son...also a Stephen...who moved to London...that l know most about. Hope there are still Cooleys there!!

July 28th, 2006

Wendy Pentelow (nee. King)


Having just met up with two old friends from Eton Wick school (we hadn`t seen each other for 30 odd years) has set me thinking about the good old days in Eton Wick... I feel quite homesick! My Mum (Gwen ex- manager of Darvilles and formerly Clinches the bakers) still lives in the village and I visit regularly. I moved away 22 years ago, but it still feels like I`m going home whenever I visit. I would love to hear from anyone from my school days (1965-1971).


(If you have any messages for Wendy please use the guestbook form and we will forward them to her)

June 8th, 2006

Beryl Riley (Pearce)


I was born in Eton Wick in 1943 at 5 Oak Villas ( 8 Northfield Road). Could any one tell me who owned the Wheatbutts between around the years of 1891 and 1905 as my g.grandfather James Rackley was a gardener domestic and later on their daughter Lily was a nursemaid. Lily went on to marry James White in Eton Wick in 1906

April 23rd, 2006

Alicia Chapman

Harriet Hutton, Alma Road

My grand father is from Eton Wick, Clarence Coalridge Colin Hutton b.1911,his mother was Harriett Hutton who later married a Mr Aryres. They lived in Alma Rd. I am researching my family tree and would like to ask if either names are familiar to your group. Thanks Alicia

April 20th, 2006

Clare Richardson

The Willow Tree Pub

I spent many a childhood day playing in and around the Willow Tree Pub in Eton. My grandparents Jack and Barbara Forster were the landlord and landlady for years. Freddy used to work behind the bar and Des used to lodge there. My mum and dad Alan and Diana Crowder helped out at weekends and Aunty Lynne lived at the pub as well and myself and my two sisters just used to have lots of fun.

Although this was over 30 years ago i still have wonderfully fond memories of the place. I am interested to know if anyone remembers my grandparents Jack and Barbara Forster (grandpa passed away about 30 years ago) granny is still going strong and will be 100 years old on the 27th of May 2006.

Also does anyone have any pictures of the Willow Tree Pub i would love to give granny a picture of the pub on her birthday and any messages anyone has for her. Thank you

March 17th, 2006

Jackie Cox (Wilson)

Born in Eton Wick

Hello all, I was born in Eton Wick in 1950 (Colenorton Crs)and moved with my parents and sister Sandra to Melbourne in 1953. I've been back 4 times since 1998 and just love the village. I still have much loved family there and really enjoy seeing them and hearing and seeing all the places that we were told about growing up. I hope to return in the near future, but keep up the great work and the very informative site. It's a lovely village, be proud!

March 12th, 2006

Paul Barton

Eton Wick House

I'm doing a little family research and I have found Thomas Kingstone was in 1851 a brewer's servant sharing lodgings with his cousin James Goddin at 2 Brunswick Cottages next door to Eton Wick House. Does anybody know where I could find this location now?

February 28th, 2006

Stephen Scheding

Mystery Painting

I am writing a book about a mystery painting which was found many years ago on a Sydney street during a council throw out campaign. The painting bears a fake David Wilkie signature. The theory I have developed is that it is identifiable with a painting titled The New Road to Matrimony; or the New Marriage Act which was exhibited at the British Institution in 1823 by the now obscure Eton artist William Ingalton. I am wondering whether Ingalton may have used a local building as a model for the neo-classical white house on the distant hill. Would anyone in the group know of such a building?

Please see the new web page on Ingalton for further details about this artist and Mr Scheding's research.

February 28th, 2006

Philip Child

Upton cum Chalvey

Is there anyone related to Sam Kirkby circa 1881 still living in the area?

Does anyone have a photo of the greyhound Pub I could have?

February 26th, 2006

John Denham


Wanted. If you have connections with Eton Wick and have memories of youth club days, the Wicko fairs of the '70s, your schooldays when Mr Moss was Headmaster, Scouts Guides Cubs and Brownies, Concert party, past football and cricket teams - Can we please have your memories for a "Then and Now" project.

John Denham, History Group Archivist

January 30th, 2006

Dawn Prior

Great work

To all who keep the history alive, the stories my parents relay and my birth place Eton Wick i have loveley memories and when ever i get the chance ill drop by for a sneeky pint in the pub...Dawn Prior.Parents David Prior .Mother Dorothy Jane Prior.


December 13th, 2005

Simon Moss

Well done to the History Group

I used to live in Queens Road with my parents next door to The Denhams, John Denham has talked about the history group and the website. It has been very interesting thanks to all the hard work that the history group have put in to it and making make it a success.

September 6th, 2005

Steven Denham

Men and Women of Action

Yet again the Eton Wick History Group have produced a great piece of social history research. Their latest book, Recall 60 Years On, is a remarkable group of biographies detailing the lives of the war time service men and women who now live in The Wick. The 50 or so people reveal glimpses of their lives before WW2, some of their service and what the past 60 years have brought them.

It is evidence of just how mobile our post war society has become and how different it is to the one that existed prior to 1939. It really does show just what the wartime generation did in delivering the freedoms that we all enjoy today.

Well done. 

September 5th, 2005

John and Pat Prior

Shop closing

We would like to say thankyou to all our friends and customers who gave us a truly wonderful send off. We were overwhelmed by all the gifts and cards we received. We had a most unforgetable day - thankyou

August 28th, 2005

Pauline George

Pat on the Back for Eton Wick

Good for you, Eton Wick. You're only little, but you have a great heart and a great realisation of where you stand in the history of England.

I am a history lover myself and in those dear past years when I lived in the village, a young wife and mother, I reveled in your past. What joy 'the dig' gave me. How annoyed I was that it was timed to coincide with my holiday. Perhaps that was lucky for them. 

Now you have your own site on the internet. Of course, Banbury, my present home, has a site, all big and brash and not half as informative. They seem to have no sense of their history. They have only just put up a statue to the Finnes Lady on a white horse, next to Banbury Cross, and they seem to have as much grip on the future as they have on their past. Eton Wick is there, fighting its corner all the way. Good for you. You make me proud. 

August 27th, 2005

Linda Maley

War time exhibition 27/8/05

I thought the exhibition excellent. The map showing world-wide areas where villagers were posted during the war is fascinating, and the "then and now" photos are lovely to see. The rationing table was also very good - informative and interesting to the eye, if not "fulfilling"! Exhibitions like these help make and keep people aware of the sacrifices made on our behalf and hopefully help prevent its horror recurring.

The History Group also needs congratulating on its extensive photographic records. Truly memsmerising! I could have spent yet another hour browsing more thoroughly. Maybe tomorrow!!
Well done to all concerned.

August 13th, 2005

Steven Denham

Prior's newsagents

As a fellow news retailer who started my career at Gowers, formerly Anderson's, on the Eton Wick Road as a paperboy in 1966, may I wish John and Pat Prior a long and happy retirement. The lot of a newsagent has changed greatly over the nearly 40 years that Pat has served the community of Eton Wick, and not necessarily for the better. 

I remember Sibley's from my childhood in the village as being somewhat exotic being over the other side of the Eton Wick Road from where I lived especially as it was also the  petrol station. The paper round that I did for Gowers covered Colnorton Crescent, Moores Land and Stockdales Road, so I went by the shop 6 days a week. I must admit though that I rarely went in. 

Customers rarely see the true dedication of an independent newsagent with the 7 day a week nature of the trade, the huge increase in weight of the papers over the years and the change in control of the business with the publishers having more control over the business than the retailer. And that does not even start to mention the early mornings. 

So well done to Pat and John, your shop will be missed, but do enjoy your well deserved retirement. 

Best wishes 

Steven Denham 

August 6th, 2005

G Blair

Prior's newsagents

A message from Pat and John Prior just to say that on 3rd September we will be closing the business. John has been in Newsagents since October 1979. Pat has worked there since leaving school in 1966. The petrol station had been in operation from 1954, however for thoose who remember him, Mr Sibley had been selling papers before that in Alma Road. The shop was extended in 1966. Mr and Mrs Sibley sold the business to John Prior in 1979. We would love for customers past and present to join us for a glass of wine on the 3rd between 11am and 2pm. Regards Pat and John Prior 

July 27th, 2005

Bryan Philips

Eton Wick Taxi Service

i was born in the wick 1940 [alma rd] and have many happy childhood memories. Mum & Dad moved there from windsor in 1937, dad run a taxi service from alma rd.which started during the war years,i understand he was granted a special licence due to the shortage of fuel etc.

Everybody knew him as Reg Phillips,i remember that he was responsible for getting many a local girl to the church on time after my older brother peter&myself helped by younger brother michael washed and prepared the taxi complete with ribbons just ironed by mother.

Dad changed from taxis to bike repairs in the late 50s,ican remember many a late night repairing punctures mums scullery,bikes were in great demand then as most men & women of the village biked to their jobs on the trading estate.

i could go on and on,one more thing does anyone recall constable rayner,one of the best village bobbys you could wish to have,he lived in the original police house by the gate at the entrance to the slipes.Well done Frank & your group,my grand-daughter introduced me to this site and ironically now lives in Alma Roadrself with her mother,my daughter.Thanks for the happy memories, a great site.

July 17th, 2005

Edna McDilda

G. Blair photos

I was quite impressed with the up to date photos of Eton Wick......especially Bell Farm stables and others prefix g.g.grandfather William Howse lived at Belle Farm, Eton 1861 Census. His father Charles Howse b 1763 lived Chalvey cum Upton...I was wondering if Bell Farm is connected to the Bells of your photography.... would be pleased to hear from you...Have a good day     

Mrs. Edna McDilda 

July 6th, 2005

David Lewis

Family history


My granmother Edith Eliza Edgington nee Howell taught at Porny School until August 1911  she started as a pupil teacher then as mistress. She married a James Archibald George Edgington at StJohn the Baptist on April 18th 1899. Her father lived at 6 Hope Cottages Eton in 1881. If any one has any information of above would love to here from them. 

June 27th, 2005

G Blair

Today's photos

Well as a new comer to the village I have no memories but I like the place as does everyone has stated so far. So if you want to take a little trip down the memory lane by looking a what the "wick" is like today then I have uploaded some pictures on my website. 

If anybody wants any pictures of any special place their old house etc etc then please send me details and I will try and get back to you as soon as time permitting.

June 26th, 2005

Sandra Mills (Wilson)

Born in Eton Wick

Born in Victoria Road in 1947. Many relatives come from Eton Wick - I have a cousin still living there. I attended the C.O E. First School before moving to Aust  1953. Most of my Mum's family from the 'area'. Returned in 2000 and loved the village.

April 25th, 2005

David Mitchell

Memories of the Wick

My wife Margaret & I moved into 55 Alma Rd when we were married in 1964, (I had my stag party at the Sheppards Hut), and lived there for about 5 years. We bought the house from Edna & Dennis Nelson and I remember spending hours repointing and cement coating the front and back. We emigrated to Auckland New Zealand in 1973 where we have lived ever since with our 2 children and now 3 grandchildren.

My first memories of Eton Wick were in the forties, walking with my father, through the fields from Chalvey to go fishing for gudgeon and roach at the iron bridge.

I believe their is a connection to the Tarrant Family through my Grandmother, Emily Ruth Blay who I believe was involved in Domestic service at College in her early days, and my mother Dora Mitchell who both lived in Ledgers Rd. Chalvey. I seem to remember visiting them, as a child, at their house on the Eton Wick Rd.

David Mitchell 

April 8th, 2005

Maurice Wilkins

Eton Cottage

On 31st March I called into Eton Wick library to see if anyone could help me find Eton Cottage, where my great-great uncle Charles Wilkins lived around 1901. I knew only that it was near Saddock's Farm. By sheer good luck I was introduced to John Denham who happened to be conversing with the librarian. As a result I was directed to the farm where four friendly ladies at the stables, after considerable discussion, pointed me in the right direction. I was delighted to find Eton Cottage, complete with plaque saying 'Eton Cottage 1871', close by.

Charles was a butcher in Oxford Road, Windsor at the end of the 19th century and later carried on the same profession in Slough, at 27, Stoke Road, which was taken over by his son, Frank, I believe. Frank died in 1979.

John Denham kindly agreed to keep an eye out for any further information, but I would be delighted to hear from anyone else who may have memories of Wilkins the Butcher!

Many thanks to all,
Maurice WilkinsArduaine, Argyll.

March 14th, 2005

Pam Ley

A Visitor from long ago

Hello all,

Gosh, finding your website has brought some memories flooding back. My parents ran a guesthouse in Combe Martin, Devon, and the Tarrant family were regular visitors each year. I was especially friendly with Peter,as we were close in age, and I visited Eton Wick in the early 1960's. I can remember at the time the motorway was going to be contructed, and it was going to go right through the farm land, which was a worry to them. Of course I also vividly remember first seeing the boys from Eton College when being shown around the area. I've often thought of The Tarrant family over the years, as we unfortunately lost touch. I shall now add this site to my 'favourites' and check it again soon. 

Do please pass on my good wishes if anyone is around who remembers me. I was called Pam Darch in those days.

March 2nd, 2005

Barbara Spicer

Just saying hello

Hello there! Hello to all in the History Group its a long time since I was in your company. My dad was born in Gordon Cottages. My grandfather John Janes was one of your History Groups tradegies, which I spoke about when I visted you several years back. I have been through your site and thought it great as I recognised the pictures. Good luck

February 13th, 2005

Helen Cash

Hammer Stannett

Hello there! I am researching my family history and my Grandad came from Eton Wick. His name was Oliver Stannett and he married his childhood neighbour, my Grandmother, Mabel Brewer. They lived at no 11 & no 9 Clifton Cottages, Eton Wick, as children.

My Grandad's Father was Henry Stannett - Does anyone know if there is a connection with Hammer? 

February 8th, 2005

(formerly) Edna Killick


i lived at 1,Bangor Place, Inkerman Road until 1948 when I was 10 years old. I went to school in the village,my mother was Doris Killick. oes anyone remember me? I now live in Staines,phone no.01784 453926.

January 7th, 2005

Steve Blay


Not sure why and how I stumbled across this website this evening but must say how interesting I found this.

I first lived in Common Rd. then moved to Haywards Mead where I first experienced a bath that did not have to be filled up in the "Scullery"! I left the village in 1974 when I got married. Jean and Eric (Mum&Dad)still live there. I must see if I can find an old photo of a shinty game!

I am surprised there was no mention of Bill Mitchell (My Grandfather)who drove the "Blue Bus" for many years. I often had a free ride on his bus to Saturday morning pictures in Windsor! I also remember working in the summer Holidays on the Farms for Kinross (Painting a combined harvester by hand!) and Bill Cooley (Getting his cows in!)Anyway, well done to the EWHG. for this excellent site. 

January 6th, 2005

Graham Williamson

Down memory lane

Was told about the website after seeing Frank Bond over Christmas, and what a great website it is!
I have many happy memories of the'Wick'living at 53 Alma Road from 1955-1984 and then moving 2 doors down to no.49 before moving to Woodley in 1989. Your picture of Primrose villas are now 49-59 Alma road, my mother has lived at no 53 since 1954.

Mr Moss, Mr Nash and Mrs. Smith were just some of the teachers at the primary school. I saw the new school extension being built in the 1960's and those in class 1 were allowed to go on site with 'Fred' the foreman to see the building work on Friday mornings. I still treasure my winners school Shinty mug. My uncle, Johnny North drove a blue bus.

During my teenage years, weekends and school holidays were spent like so many other Wick boys happily employed by Albert and Frank Bond either on the round,in the shop and going to market. I was secretary of the Allotment association in the 1980's and on joining the Woodley horticultural association bumped into John Carpenter, formally of The Walk, another ex-pat!


December 28th, 2004

John Huse

Lived in Wick 1946 to 1961

I lived on army camp on Dorney common. 1947 the flood came and we had to get out.

6 Common Road was my address till 1956 when we went up the posh end of the village.73 Eton Wick Road was my address till 1961 when we moved to Maidenhead. Now live in north oxfordshire.

December 21st, 2004

Eton Wick History Group

Season's Greetings

Seasonal Greetings and a Happy New Year from Eton Wick History Group Committee.

Our first meeting for the New Year is on January 12th at 7.30pm in the Eton Wick Village Hall. Mr Matthew Saunders will speak on the 'Friends of Friendless Churches' with special reference to Boveney Church.

All are Welcome.

December 10th, 2004

Sue Woodham (nee Dempsey)

Eton and Eton Wick Memories

Hi to everyone I'm Trish Payne's (nee Paice) long lost cousin - we met again recently after 35 years. Our Paice family ancestors started to arrive in Eton Wick around 1840 and lived in the area near to The Pickwick and Greyhound Pubs.

Starting off at St. Leonard's Place My grandfather Arthur (known as Jack or Puny) was born here in 1888 and moved down to Cotton Hall Cottages, Eton Wick Road - behind the Willow Tree Pub on the death of his grandfather Charles. Great grandfather George took over the stonemason's business, as well as being sexton at the cemetery opposite.

I was born here in 1948 and the family moved to Haywards Mead in 1962. My mother was Kathleen Paice, siblings Charles (Trish's father), Elsie and Aubrey - usually known as Gerry.

The photo of the Slads under water brought back many childhood memories as we seem to have had the flood water lapping around the house most winters - due I think to the well in the garden which was fed by the Thames. First sign of the Thames flooding grand dad moved the chickens nests up onto concrete blocks.

A school memory is waiting every morning for the coach to go to Raggy Road school - we froze in the winter waiting for this to turn up. Then there were the youth club dances - most friends from school started to come over to these - one friend would run up a new shift dress after school to wear that night.

My son Gary Woodham went to Eton Wick school in the 70's along with numerous friends from the playgroup.

I moved out of the village in 1986 and settled in Langley - but have some great memories of my early life in Eton and Eton Wick -falling off the cattle pound wall into the stinging nettles, fishingin the stream on the common - trying to dry out socks before going home, out in the summer haymaking.

Would love to hear from anyone who has any memories of my family as I'm putting together the family tree - back to Swallowfield in 1769 so far.

December 8th, 2004

Tricia Payne (nee Paice)

Fond Memories

I was born and bred in Alma Road Eton Wick in the early 50's. Thanks to meeting up again with a long lost cousin also from the village I have been able to re-live my Childhood through the history book. What a super book.

I left the Village when I married in 1976. We then lived in Langley, then Taplow. 16 years ago we moved to Shropshire. I still have fond memories of Village life. Being in Fancy dress for the Wicko Carnivals, Fishing for tiddlers in the brook (Common road down to The Walk) and being chased down the road by a pig from Bell Farm.

My final activity in the The Wick was my Marriage at the Methodist Chapel (which I lived next door to) and our Wedding Reception at the Village Hall.

November 25th, 2004

Peter Stannett

Tracing family ties

Have just started to see if I can track down my family history. I note with interest "Hammer" Stannett in one of the photo's. My Father said the family came from Stoke Poges / Eton way. My Father was Frank Stannett son of Harold William Stannett - they came from Merton.

October 22nd, 2004

Steven Denham


Well done, another interesting and informative piece of Eton Wick history.

The Wick is lucky to retain the pubs it has, as the village of Pulborough in West Sussex has in recent years lost 3 to residential development.

Steven Denham

now living in West Chiltington
West Sussex

October 8th, 2004

Joyce Purvis

Eton War Memorial

What a good site!  I have been researching my family history and have found that my grandmother was born in Eton wick as was many other family members.

Please does anyone know if Eton has a 1st World War Memorial, and if it is possible to obtain a list of names thereon?

October 4th, 2004

John Denham, EWHG Committee

Village Memories

Thanks to those who have added their memories. The committee would like more of your childhood memories of growing up in the village, schooling, sporting activities and remembered events.

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John Denham,  Group Archivist.

October 2nd , 2004

Tina McEvoy (Walsh)

this is great

this is great to see i grew up in the wick as did my mother we used to live in Stockdales Road and I remember the place so well. netting for minnows in the stream, hiding in the willow trees, and 'digging people out of the common' well not people but there cars when it had snowed hard and they couldn't see the road too good...good little earner there!!!! Frank Bond and my grandad being 'chums' and getting crackling from the chippy on a Friday evening while mum played bingo in the club, Memorys, all happy ones. well keep up the good work on this.

all the best to all who know the Jordan and Walsh family of Stockdales Road

September 15th , 2004

Amanda Ross

Well done

Well done to all the members of the History Group for their hard work in putting Eton Wick on the map.  I grew up in Eton Wick and my mum and nan used to tell us stories of the "good old days" in Eton Wick. When I look at the old photos it's hard to try and place them with the village today.

Keep up the good work!

June 20th , 2004

Steven Denham

Personal History in Eton Wick

I would like to thank the Eton Wick History Group for allowing me the oportunity to put my memories of growing up in the village on their site. Does any one have any photos of shinty as I do not have any?

Also does any one else have any memories from other decades that they would like to share with the Eton Wick's current and former residents? I for one would like to see them to get a feel for how thing are different depending on when one is born.

February 16th , 2004

Clive Brades

Sir Fabian Ware

Can anybody confirm that this man, who headed the Imperial War Graves Commission, lived in Eton Wick.  I know I read it somewhere, but I cannot remember the source.  I live in Dorney Reach.

(Editor's note: if you know the answer, please email and I will pass the message on to Mr Brades)

February 1st , 2004

Amanda Filkins (nee Denham)

Eton Wick on the web

I am pleased to see that The Wick has a web site. Congratulations to all concerned. You have all worked very hard on it. Our family moved here in 1960 and we all return regularly. I know that the Eton Wick History Group would be interested in any photos of buildings or groups e.g. Brownies, Scouts, School from more recent years - 1950's & 60's up to the present day.


December 30th, 2003

Chris Walker

Good Site!!!

I have just moved here and really enjoy learning about this village this site is really good!

December 19th, 2003

Pat Curtis


Well done!  A big achievement. I am always pleased to see further historical information about the Royal Borough made available. Such a nice friendly group as well!

November 30th, 2003

Rip & Judith Hunter


At last we have succeeded in getting into the web site and very good it is.

October 5th, 2003

John Denham

Wicko Ex Patriots

Wicko ex-patriots. Where are you all in the world? Please sign in with your news and lets us keep in contact. Have you a story to tell of your youthful days in the Wick?

Waiting to hear from you where ever you are.

June 26th, 2003

Georgina Tarrant

Congratulations E.W.H.C.!

Well done to everyone who has worked hard to put Eton Wick on the map over the last 13 years.

June 23rd, 2003

Alison Davies, ex-Slough Library, now back home in Scotland

When I worked in Slough Reference Library I was always very impressed with the detailed research members of the Eton Wick History Group would carry out in order to prepare their talks.

I enjoyed coming along to the group meetings - in many ways the story of village life in Eton Wick reminded me of the Scottish village where I grew up.

Best wishes! Alison

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  1. Trying to find the years my dad MrKE White taught there, my sister an I attended as well Susan and Pat White before we went to Canada.