Monday 17 June 2024

Photographic History of Eton Wick and Eton - Eton Wick 'Unity Players'

The photograph was taken at the finale of the 'Unity Players' first pantomime in 1948, 'Alladin'. The Players went on to produce 'Cinderella' (1950), 'Dick Whittington' (1951) and 'Spring Parade' (1950 and 1951). 

The shows were written by Fred Wiggett and Tommy Neighbour. As was the case in those somewhat austere post war years, the local communities, boosted by their restless ex-service personnel put a great deal of effort into raising funds for improving local amenities such as schools, and leisure facilities for both adults and youth, and had fun in the process. 

The proceeds of the 'Unity Players' sell out productions went to the purchase of new kit for the Football Club. 

Those identified in the photograph are: Fred Wiggett (with the boater on the right), Tommy Neighbour (half concealed, 4th from the right), John Cox (5th from the right), Zena Hunt (7th from right), Eva Bond (with bouquet), Francis Alder (left of Eva), and Joan Neighbour (5th from left). 

This article was first published in A Pictorial History of Eton Wick & Eton.

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