Tuesday 25 July 2023

Parish Magazine - History Group Meeting Report - 'Festive Evening'

Eton Wick's thriving and enthusiastic History Group thoroughly enjoyed themselves at their 'Festive Evening' on 26th January 1996. The first half of the evening was devoted to a light-hearted Local History Quiz, which involved answering questions on photographic slides of various views in the area. Multiple choice answers were offered, which was rather fortunate for comparative newcomers, but even long term residents had difficulty with some questions, for example, would you have known why a gentleman took to the Thames on an amphibious motorcycle (he did it to win a wager!), and what was the annual event at the village ponds, which used to exist in Common Road - surely the correct answer must be the "model boat sailing competition" - but no, it was motorcycle racing (no doubt organised by the chap with the amphibious motorcycle!).

The winner of the Quiz was Dr. Judith Hunter, the local historian; however, attendance and interest in the History Group is such that her success was not easily won; it was only after a tense tiebreaker that she gained the vital point to enable her to reap the reward of a fine basket of fruit.

The Group very much appreciated the tremendous amount of work and time which Mr. Tony Cullum must have spent in pre-paring the Quiz questions, not to mention the often hilarious alternative answers which he offered; he also proved a very adept Quizmaster, with the help of Mr. Frank Bond on the slide projector.

After the competition the Group spent the remainder of the evening socialising over a splendid buffet supper and delicious punch. Earlier in the evening Mr. Bond had reported that the Group had sufficient funds, with the help of substantial donations, to cover the cost of the repairs and reconstruction work to 'The Pound' at Folly Bridge; and work would commence on 31st January.

The contract has been awarded to Mr. Livesey of Victoria Road. When the work is complete a plaque, explaining the history of the structure, will be sited inside the Pound. Mr. Bond reminded the group that the entry fee for forthcoming meeting has had to be increased from 50p to 70p in order to cover costs. 

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