Tuesday 11 July 2023

100 Years Ago - Eton College Chapel Hit by a Bolt Lightning

100 years ago, the Daily Telegraph reported that a heavy thunderstorm broke over Windsor and Eton between 6.30 and 7.30 on the evening of 10th July 1923. The storm continued with violence for some time. Many Eton boys were on the river and caught the worst of the deluge. Many returned to the College boathouses on the Eton shore with their boots half full of water.

One of the spires of Lower Chapel, Eton College, was struck by lightning and fell with a crash into the chapel precincts and on the highway. Only a minute before Mr. A. Mellor, one of the College music masters, had passed by in a motorcar. 

Mr. R. H. Baverstock, of Queen’s Road, Windsor, manager of a wholesale meat company, had an unusual experience when motorcycling towards Windsor Castle. A sharp flash of lightning struck the handlebar of the machine, which stopped dead in the thoroughfare. He was thrown off the machine but was not hurt. Remounting the bicycle, he discovered it had been damaged, and needed to be taken to a garage for repair. 

The article about the storm was republished in the Daily Telegraph of 11th July 2023.

Note Reginald H Braverstock was born on 8th July,1891 and the 1901 Census records that he was living with his parents and brother in Rydens Grove, Hersham. The 1911 Census recorded that he was working as a Cleck at a Wholesale Butchers.

The 1939 Register records that he was living at 80, Bridge Road Chessington with his wife May. They had married on 14th July 1917. His occupation is shown as a salesman in the meat trade and that he was a transport driver with the ARP.

He died in 1943 aged 52.

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