Monday 26 December 2022

What are your memories of the winter of 1962/63

The Big Freeze that happened during the winter of 1962 and 1963 brought snow to Eton Wick. On the morning of Boxing Day, the village woke up to a significant covering of snow. Over the following days and weeks, the Thames froze over, and the piled snow cleared from the Eton Wick Road remained on the side of the road for many weeks. 

This video on YouTube shows how the Big Freeze progressed as it brought disruption to everyday life

Do you have memories of that winter or photographs? Please share them with us. 

The Denham children and David Fearn certainly had some fun in the snow. 

The Eton Wick History Group would very much like to have a collection of photographs showing how the Big Freeze changed the village in December 1962, January and February 1963. 


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