Wednesday 20 February 2019

Memorial Committee Meetings - February 1919.

There were two Memorial Committee meeting held February 1919 and these are the abbreviated minutes.

The committee met at the Institute on February 5th.

Proposed and agreed Rev. McAnally be Chairman, Mr E. Ashman be secretary and Mr Howell be treasurer. Resolved Mr Percy be co-opted. Proposed Mr Moss that a stone monument 10 or 12 feet high, surmounted with a cross, be erected in the Churchyard between the porch and vestry, with the names of the fallen suitably inscribed on the base, seconded Mr Howell and carried unanimously. 

Mr Percy agreed to obtain specifications from Mr Nutt. Mr Vaughan and Mr Burfoot promised to get particulars in time for the next meeting to be held on Monday, February 24th.

Committee Meeting held 7 p.m. 24th February 1919

All present. Mr Vaughan produced a model of a proposed monument from J. H. Morecambe of Leicester. Approximate cost £90.00, also a model from W. Blair of Eton, approximate cost in Portland stone £120.00, or in Bath stone, with slabs £90.00. Mr Percy produced several designs of memorials from Mr Nutt. Rev. McAnally stated there would be a exhibition of various memorials in London, at some later date. Mr Bunce thought the committee should proceed with the matter at once. Seconded Mr Percy and agreed. Proposed Mr Burfoot, seconded Mr Bunce that the two designs be selected and submitted to a General Meeting on March 5th.

Proposed Mr Ashman, seconded Mr Burfoot that designed number one of Mr Nutt’s surmounted with cross design number three be chosen. Mr Percy to obtain an estimate of the same. Proposed Mr Bunce and seconded Mr Barrett that Mr Blair’s model be submitted.

Mr Vaughan agreed to see Mr Blair regarding the slenderness of the top portion and to obtain an estimate in Hopwood stone. 

Mr Moss expressed a view that a definite location for the monument be submitted to the General Meeting, and he thought the parishioners were expecting it to be placed on “the spare piece of ground between the Church Porch and the vestry”. Rev. McAnally agreed to approach the Vicar regarding permission.

This is an extract from Their Names Shall Be Carved in Stone  
and published here with grateful thanks to the author Frank Bond.

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