Programme of Talks

The Eton Wick History Group has been meeting regularly since 1992. Eton Wick and the surrounding area is rich in history and the village has a heritage dating back to 1217.

Meetings are held at 7.30 pm in Eton Wick Hall, Eton Wick, and everyone is welcome. Refreshments are served, and there is a charge of £2.00 to cover costs.

Visitors and new members are always very welcome.

The 2020 programme of talks:

22nd January      

‘Windsor Castle during the English Civil War’  
with Mr Elias Kupfermann

26th February     

‘Finding the Few: (pilots missing in action)’
with Mr Andy Saunders

8th April               

‘The Fights over Cookham Commons (1799-1852)’  
with Mr Keith Parry

27th May             

‘Willie and Ettie: The Souls of Taplow Court’  
with Mr Nigel Smales

8th July                

‘The History of Natural History at Eton College’  
with Mr George Fussey

9th September   

‘A Window on Windsor’s Medieval Past: the town’s property deeds’  
with Dr. David Lewis

28th October      

‘The Cock Pit, Eton: an archaeological exploration’  
with Mr Tom Wilson

9th December    

‘A Woman of Wax: the life of Mme Tussaud, from Versailles to England’  

with Mr Tony Weston

The 2019 programme of talks:

23rd January    

‘A Phoenix from the Flames: The Fire and Restoration of Windsor Castle’
with Mr Josh Lovell

27th February 

‘St. Laurence Church’, Slough 
with Mr Allan James 

10th April        

‘An Eton Wick History Miscellany’
with Mr Elias Kupfermann

22nd May         

‘The Rise and Fall of Skindles’
with Mr Nigel Smales

10th July         

‘Failed to Return: Amy Johnson and Leslie Howard’
with Mr Tony Eaton

11th September 

‘Flora and Fauna of the Jubilee River’ 
with Mr Bill Stacey

30th October    

‘Eton Town - Now and Then’
with Jill and Peter Tarrant.

11th December 

‘The Early Days of Fire Fighting in Bray, Eton and Eton Wick’ 
with Mr Geoff Hayes

The 2018 programme of talks:

           17th January        

‘Rogues and Vagabonds, Prisons and Punishments in 19th Century Windsor’ 
with Dr. Brigitte Mitchell

28th February     

Sir Sydney Camm CBE, FRAeS. and The Hurricane’ 
with Malcolm Lock

18th April              

‘The History of Baylis House Slough’ 
with Elias Kupfermann

30th May              

Event postponed

18th July                

Frank Bond's Walk around Eton Wick
with Gill Tarrant, Paul Hodgson and Peter Tarrant.

19th September  

‘The Changing Face of Farming’ 
with Malcolm Kinross 

31st October       

'The Story of the Poppy Appeal’ 
with Mr and Mrs Geoff Hayes  

12th December  

'The Curious Disappearance of Major Glenn Miller'
with Tony Eaton.

The 2017 talks were:

18th January        

‘Eton Wick’s Vanishing Farms’ 
with Mr Peter Tarrant

22nd February     

‘1960’s Memories of Eton Wick in Home Movies’ 
with Mr John Coke

12th April              

‘Eton Wick – The French Connection’ 
with Mr Keith French

24th May               

‘A History of St. John the Baptist Church’ 
with Mr Frank Bond

19th July                

‘Exploration of a Royal Landscape’ 
The archaeology of the Little Park of Windsor Castle revealed.
with Elias Kupfermann
 20th September 

‘A History of the Apple’ 
with Mr John Nash

25th October       

St. George’s Chapel’ 
with the Chapter Clerk, Miss Charlotte Manley  LVO, OBE

13th December   

‘140th Anniversary of the sale that made Eton Wick’ 
with Mr Frank Bond


The 2016 talks were:

13th January 2016

Village Trading Before the Superstores
Speaker Mr Frank Bond

24th February 2016

Business As Usual: Advertising During the Great War
Speaker Mrs Brigitte Mitchell

13th April 2016

Mars - An Employee's Reflections
Speaker Mr Geoff Low

25th May 2016 

The Great War in Postcards and Trench Artefacts
Speaker Mr Martin Davey

13th July 2016

The Slough & Windsor Railway and the Gooch Legacy
Speaker Mr John Coke

14th September 2016

Eton Wick — Then and Now
Speaker  Mr Steven Denham

26th October 2016

The Reeve's Tale
Speaker  Mr Hugh Granger

14th December 2016

Characters and Benefactors of Eton Wick
Speaker  Mr Frank Bond

The 2015 talks were:

January 14, 2015

‘A Family’s History and Farming’
with Keith French/Peter Tarrant

February 25, 2015

‘The Royal Warrant Holders’ Association’
with Douglas Hill

April 15, 2015

‘Copper, Love & Stars’ (the story of Ray Lodge)
with Keith Parry

May 27, 2015

‘The Changing Face of Local Birdlife’
with Bill Stacey

July 8, 2015

‘Recall 60 Years On (film of the 2005 event) and Eton Wick in WWII’– a tribute to the late John Denham with Frank Bond

September 9, 2015

‘The Thames Waterway and Bridges’
with Gil Jones

October 28, 2015

‘St. George’s Chapel – Stall Plates’
with Colonel David Axson

December 9, 2015

‘History on Wheels in Films and Television’
with Mark Oliver


November  27   Social Evening        A  Review of Past Achievements

October 16        Industry’s Influence on Slough.                     Speaker …...John Denham
September  11   The History of Inn Signs                             Speaker..   Dr. Judith Hunter
July 10              Eton College Collections                                  Speaker …..Miss P. Hatfield

May 29              All at Sea                                                          Speaker ….  T. Cullum

April 17             Ted’s Country Talks                                        Speaker…..Ted Cox

March 13           Eton and the River Thames                              Speaker …...Frank Bond


January 23          The Victorian Expansion of Datchet                Speaker….. - Janet Kennish

Talks, topics and dates prior to 2000

10.11.99 Celebration to Mark the 150th Anniversary of the Slough to Windsor Railway

29.09.99 The Fire and Restoration of Windsor Castle

14.07.99 Past Manufactures and Craftsmen of Eton

26.05.99 The Changing Face of Eton as viewed through the Mark Bell Slides

14.04.99 The History Of Burnham Beeches

24.02.99 What Became of Trooper Ashman and Others? 1914/18 War

09.12.98 Group Members Exhibition

26.10.98 Archaeology of the Flood Relief Channel — The Thames Water Archaeological Unit

16.09.98 Decline of Local Farms and Horticulture

08.07.98 Local Fetes, Carnivals and Concerts

27.05.98 Village Shopkeepers — Past and Present

15.04.98 History of Local Bridges

04.03.98 Press Gangs

21.01.98 History of Salters Steamers

10.12.97 The Old Christopher Inn

29.10.97 Old Photographs of Eton and Eton Wick

10.09.97 Eton College Rowing Lake — Talk by Oxford Archaeological Unit

July 97 Visit to Eton College Rowing Lake Oxford Archaeological Unit Dig

25.06.97 100 years ago. 1897 — Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

30.04.97 The Influence of Eton and Eton College on Eton Wick

12.03.97 The Changing Face of Eton

22.01.97 Festive Evening Quiz

13.01.99 Eton College through the Archives

27.11.96 Talk by Members — Various Subjects

23.10.96 Slough—Windsor Railway

04.09.96 History of Local Council

26.06.96 History of Churches — Eton and Eton Wick

22.05.96 History of the Thames Middle Reaches

17.04.96 Canadian Red Cross Hospital, Cliveden

08.03.96 History of Dorney Court and the Village

24.01.96 Festive Evening, Local Picture Quiz

03.12.95 History of Inns Taverns and Alehouses

08.11.95 History of Boveney Church and Village

27.09.95 History of British Legion Poppy Appeal

28.06.95 Characters and Benefactors

17.05.95 V.E. Day 1945

22.02.95 Eton College Rowing Trench

11.01.95 Pubs and Punch

07.12.94 Storms, Floods and Frost

19.11.94 1914/18 War Casualities

14.09.94 Archaeology — The Earl of Cornwall

01.06.94 After Herberts Store — Cullums Garage, Eton

13.04.94 Family Tree

23.02.94 Eton Wick in WWII

12.01.94 Herberts Supply Store, Eton

10.11.93 The Commons and Lammas Lands

29.09.93 Boveney New Town and West of Bell Lane Southside Walk No. 2

26.06.93 Life in 1893

14.04.93 A Walk Round the Village — No.1

16.02.93 Floods of Yesteryear

12.01.93 Farming

03.11.92 Eton Wick — Now and Then

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