Monday 19 February 2024

World War 2 - February

The slogan ‘Savings means Confidence’ was adopted at the meeting held for a Special Savings Week from May 6th to the 13th, called  "Salute the Soldier".  Meetings were called to make the necessary arrangements with the target set for the Eton District of £500,000.  A public meeting was held in the Eton Wick Village Hall where it was announced that the village target was £4000.  This called for a very big effort on the part of the organizers and the street collectors. The talk given by the Honourable Area Secretary was useful and inspiring but it was regrettable that more people did not attend. however a strong committee was formed to deal with the weeks entertainments. and as on previous occasions canvassing for savings  was left in the capable hands of the street collectors and leaders. After discussion the Committee agreed a programme of events for the week which included a Dance at the village hall, Parade for a United Church Service, a Concert, School Sports and a Whist Drive. 

Photographs of local men and women serving in the forces were obtained and displayed in shop windows at Eton and Eton Wick.  Eton  opened  their ‘Salute the Soldier Week’ on a novel note, no parade but a dance in the Eton College Memorial Hall by kind permission of the Head Master.  Music for dancing was by the College Dance Band with Major H.C. Streatfield in charge of the very thorough organization. The drumhead service held on Eton recreation ground on Sunday had a large attendance.

Other events for the week were a children's concert, Darts and Whist Drives and a show by the Foc's'le Follies from H.M.S. President III at the Baldwin Institute. Saturday, the final day, was attended by a large crowd at Eton recreation ground were a military band, sideshows and dancing brought a successful savings week to its close. 

This is an extract from Round and About Eton Wick: 1939 - 1945. The book was researched, written and published in 2001 by John Denham. 


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