Monday 12 June 2023

Tough Assignment - Memorials

Over the hundred years there have been many, many gifts to the chapel of money and items. Each and everyone has been appreciated, but neither the minute books nor the memories of the members can supply a complete list, and thus those shown below, although all are in use today, are but a small proportion of the total.

Some have been given in memory of chapel members. These include:

Electric light installation                                                  1948 Archibald and Clifford Chew

Organ                                                                             1966 Annie Chew

Flower vases                                                                  1973 Phillis Hutchinson

Curtain behind the communion table                             1980 Sylvia Chew

Bibles                                                                             1983 Marjorie Morris

Other gifts were given simply because they were needed, such as:

Flower vase                                                                   1943 Muriel Badder

Piano                                                                           c1955 Mrs Rye of Woodlands Park

Lamp outside the chapel                                             c1960 Leslie Hogg

Flower stand                                                               c1965 Eva Sibley (nee Lane)

Bibles for the Sunday School                                       1982 Katherine Lewis 

The Eton Wick History Group is most grateful for the kind permission given by the Eton Wick Methodist Chapel to republish this history, Tough Assignment on this website.

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