Monday 27 July 2020

War Memorial Committee Meeting Held July 1920

Committee Meeting held July 1920 

The Treasurer reported that all monies raised, including the sale, totalled £235.15.9d. Monies paid to date were Sargeant's £173.18.0. Mr Nutt £10. and the Diocese Faculty £4.14.6. The printing was a further £1.1.10. - total £189.14.4. leaving a balance of £46.1. 5. Unpaid accounts were: Mr Nutt £10. Sargeant's £23.13.6. 

Proposed Mr Barrett, seconded Mr Ashman that Sargeant's be paid on condition they add the name of Peter Knight to the memorial, and "remove the ring from the top of the memorial free of charge". Agreed. A list of all subscribers to the Memorial to be published.

A final General Meeting was held on July 27th 1920 to place the accounts before the subscribers.

This is an extract from Their Names Shall Be Carved in Stone  
and published here with grateful thanks to the author Frank Bond.

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