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War Memorial Meetings - March 1919.

There were two meeting about the proposed War Memorial held in March 1919 and these are the abbreviated minutes.

A Public Meeting was held in the Institute on Wednesday, 5th 1919 at 7.30 p.m.

Those present being the committee, W. Lowman, G. Buckland, J. Pert, W. Hammerton, A. Nottage, E. Woolhouse, J. Stroude, Mrs. Ashman, Mrs. McAnally, Mrs. Nottage, and many others.

The Chairman reported that the Vicar could not give a definite answer regarding the suggested site for the Memorial. The Church Council of Vestry had to be consulted. A faculty fee of £4.14s.6d would be payable to the Chancellor of the Diocese. The meeting expressed indignation that a charge be made and the Chairman was asked to write to the Chancellor asking for the fee to be remitted. The Chairman also pointed out the fact that whichever design the meeting chose it would be subject to approval by the Diocese Committee appointed by the Bishop. Proposed Mr Pert, seconded Mr Moss that one of the two suggested designs be selected. Carried.

Moved by Rev. McAnally that a collection be started and other designs be obtained. Carried. Proposed Mr Ayres, seconded Mr Nason that Mr Nutt's design be accepted. 25 For. Proposed Miss Ashby and seconded Mr Burfoot (Junior) Mr Blair's design be adopted. 15 For. The Chairman declared Mr Ayres proposition carried. Agreed subscriptions be collected by Mrs Percy, Mrs Miles, Mrs Howell, Mrs Stroude, Miss Nottage and Miss Ashby. Mr Vaughan donated £10.00 and a further £2.10s.0d. from another person, through him.

Committee Meeting held March 10th 1919

Decided to start collecting at once and open an account in an Eton bank. Agreed to display a drawing of the proposed design in the Church Porch. Mr Moss offered to frame the drawing. Burfoot to send a design tracing to the Chancellor of the Diocese. 

This is an extract from Their Names Shall Be Carved in Stone  
and published here with grateful thanks to the author Frank Bond.

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