Dorney Census 1841

The United Kingdom Census of 1841 was taken on the of 7th June 1841 and was the first of the UK censuses to include details of household members. The total population of England, Wales and Scotland was recorded as 18,844,434 persons.

Details collected include: 

Place: street name, house number or house name.

Houses: inhabited, uninhabited or a building.

Names of each person who were resident in the house on the night preceding the census. For individuals where the given names was unknown N.K. was recorded.

Age and sex of each person: Ages up to 15 are listed exactly as reported/recorded but ages over 15 were rounded to the nearest 5 years (i.e. a person aged 53 would be listed on the census as age 50 years).

Occupation: Profession, trade or employment.

Birthplace, but only if the person was born in the county where the census was taken usually recorded as a yes or no. If they were not born in the county there would be an entry such as S for Scotland or even an F for "born in foreign parts".

The end of each building is shown with two slashes // and the end of each household in a building is shown with one slash /.

The Superintend Registrar's District was Eton Union, Bucks and the Registrar's district was Eton. Enumeration District No. 6.

It should be noted that Dorney in 1841 included the whole Parish of Dorney. The 1841 record of houses and households is limited to Dorney Village, Dorney Common, Dorney Wood and Lake End with Dorney Court the only defined house.

The 1841 Census reveals that there were 61 houses, 86 households and 323 people resident in the village on the 7th June. The oldest person, Elizabeth Emery with a recorded age of 90, for the 1841 census she is likely to have been born between 1746 and 1751. The census schedule recorded no births during the first 5 months of 1841, there were 24 children recorded as 1 year old.

Click on this link to view the 1841 census transcription for Dorney. Or copy and paste this URL into your internet browser search bar.

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