The Story of Oliver Stannett in his own word

Oliver Stannett wrote his life story for his children He was born in 1903 at Chertsey in Surrey. His family moved to Eton Wick when he was six and he lived in the village until he married in 1925. Republication on this website  with the kind permission of his relatives who still live in Eton Wick.

Chapter One - Early Year before moving to Eton Wick.

Chapter Two - Childhood memories of Eton Wick.

Chapter Three - Eton Porny School and The Great War.

Chapter Four - A victim of a misunderstanding

Chapter Five - Starting Work.

Chapter Six - Working with Horses.

Chapter Seven - A Job on the Railway and Getting Married.

The Stannett Family - Oliver standing at front left.
The photograph is shared by Deborah High.

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