Tough Assignment - Acknowledgements, Sources of information and Foreword by Ray Rowland


My warmest thanks must first go to the members of the chapel who asked me to write this history and especially the members of the editorial committee, Joyce Stevenson (nee Chew), Peter Morris, Neville Thorman and Michael Tierney, whose enthusiasm, encouragement and practical contributions have brought the work to fruition. should also like to thank on behalf of us all Bob Jeffs whose delightful drawings enhance the book, and Philip Clack and his staff for the typing. Finally, I should like to thank Harry Cook and Mrs Chamberlain for their memories, and Peter Hardiment, Circuit archivist, and the staff of the Berkshire Record Office.


The surviving chapel records include a seat rent book, minute books of the trustees meetings, the class leaders meetings, the Sunday School and the present Church Council, account books, pulpit notice books, class books, collection books and correspondence. The oldest - an account book - dates from the opening of the chapel in 1886. These are still held by the chapel.

The memorials of Mrs Tough, which proved so invaluable in understanding the early struggles, are in private hands.

Most of the Circuit records are now deposited at the Berkshire Record Office though a few are still with the Circuit archivist. The most useful for this history of the chapel have been the minute books of the Maidenhead Primitive Methodist Circuit, circuit plans and the Circuit magazine, 'Link'. Useful reference was also made to Methodism in Maidenhead' by Peter Hardiment, 'A Register of Methodist Circuit Plans containing chapels and churches in Buckinghamshire' compiled by Colin Shepherdson, 'The Evolution of the Windsor Circuit 1815 to 1933' by Norman Nickless, 'The Souvenir Handbook of the Centenary Celebrations' of the Winkfield Row Methodist Church and 'Our Lady Trustee' by Robert Andrews. The 'Windsor and Eton Express' were also consulted for 1886 and 1930.

The Ordnance Survey maps are reproduced by permission of the Ordnance Survey.

 The original book is Copyright Eton Wick Methodist Chapel 1986. It was published with this ISBN 0 9511474 0 4 reference number. 



It is as great a privilege to be asked to write a foreword to this history of the Eton Wick Chapel as it has been to serve as Minister of this company of people over the past five years. The liveliness of fellowship and worship within these walls is matched by the loving care and outreach that goes into the village and neighbouring community, and both stem from the story of evangelism and teaching that is recorded in this booklet. It is a story of faith and vision, of spiritual foundations well and truly laid, and above all, of the commitment of individual people arising out of their love for the Lord Jesus. But the main purpose of this record, and the essential theme of a centenary is to inspire us for the future. The Centenary Year of 1986 is a time of stock-taking, praising God for all that is past, and being prepared to trust Him for all that's to come. It involves a degree of stock-taking, putting questions to ourselves.

Are we a Guided Church - led by the Holy Spirit in tasks for today? Are we a Worshipping Church - knowing the difference between "Holding a Service" and truly giving God His "worth-ship" in the whole of our lives? Are we a Trained Church - matching an instructed faith to the days of opportunity in which we live? Are we a Sending Church - like the Church at Antioch where the members were first called Christians? Are we sending people forward as Local Preachers, Candidates for the Ministry; into vocations such as Nursing, Teaching, Caring for children and the aged? May the good Lord help Us to launch vigorously into the next hundred years, as we have in the past.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Rowland

The Tough Assignment by Judith Hunter is reproduce on the website with the kind permission of the Eton Wick Methodist Chapel.

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